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    I have always had small breed dogs, no more than 20lbs, so buying a ‘large breed’ dog food was obviously never needed. I am thinking about bringing a new puppy in my home, perhaps 45-85lbs full grown. So at what weight is considered ‘large breed’, so that I can buy my dog the proper food that he/she will need?

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    Dogs that will be a mature weight of 50lbs+ are considered large breed. Also even if the dog will be close to 50 lbs it’s offered recommended to still feed them as tho they were large breeds.

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    And, a large breed puppy is considered to be a puppy until it’s reached about 80% of its adult weight. For most large breed puppies, that’s about one year, but is generally longer for giant breed puppies.

    Puppies cannot regulate their calcium uptake like adult dogs do, which is why you need to feed a large / giant breed puppy a controlled level of calcium.

    In addition to proper calcium, avoid over-nutrition (keep your pup lean) and over-exercising to prevent stressing growing puppy bodies.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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