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    Bill H

    I saw that one of the NutriSource foods was nominated back in August, but I’ve just had Chicken and Pea formula recommended to me for my 5 y.o., 52 lb. beagle/Am Bull dog/dalmatian mix.
    He is pretty active, daily frisbee and fetch games. Regular but very soft, sometimes loose BM. Good appetite on Horizon Pulsar Chicken (and plain white rice with poached chicken when stool is liquid). Vet determined no bacteria, no parasites, no weight loss, thought it was just a temporary thing, but it has gone on for several months.
    I was told that NutriSource Chicken and Pea would help normalize his stool.
    Any thoughts? Any reviews/ratings of NutriSource?

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    Hi Bill H-
    I’m always surprised it is not on the Editor’s Choice list as well. The administators cannot tell us why brands are not chosen, which is understandable. But. I’ve hardly ever heard a bad word about their food. Many posters on this site recommend it. I feed it to my dogs now and then with great results. Most of their recipes are a little high in calories for my chubby labs to feed regularly, however. I have fed both the grain free and with grain formulas. My dogs also do well on Taste of the Wild and Whole Earth Farms which are a little less expensive and have recipes with lower fat and calories. Victor is also another great choice. But, their prices have gone up and their availability in my area is lacking. I hope you find something that works!

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