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    Cameron j

    Hey all,
    My local petstore recently recommended Valens to me. It’s a small Canadian company. They told me it’s on the same level as Orijen, and Natures Variety in terms of quality.

    I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge with this company? I’ve never heard of them until now.

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    Josh D

    I’m in the same boat and new to actually reading dog food ingredient lists. I bought a bag of the canine pasture recipe. And am now wondering if I made a OK choice. I suspect it is decent , but would like to know more about the company and others experiences. Does Valens make their own food, or it produced by another company and just marketed by Valens?

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    John Q

    Valens is a small independent Canadian pet food manufacturer based out of Fraser Valley British Columbia. They are on par with Champion pet foods who produce Acana and Orijen which are 5 star rated foods. If you check out their website it gives you plenty of information on the company and manufacturing process. I like it because it contains freeze dried proteins as well as what is in the kibble. I also love the fact it is independently produced by a small company in Canada that focuses more on quality than quantity just like Champion foods who produce Orijen.

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    Nikki P

    We have been feeding our German Shepherds Valens dog food for over 2 years. Our vets cannot believe how beautiful their coats are, they shine and have no dry skin. We feed them the Pasture and the Fisher brand which they love both types. We have never had an issue with this dog food. It is pricey ($101.00 taxes in Can.) for a bag. With the kibble you can see pieces of freeze dried meat/fish mixed in. Their site has a feeding chart for active and inactive dogs in case you are worried about feeding them too much or not enough. We highly recommend this dog food and give it 5 stars.

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    Benhur B

    Valens is better than Orijen and Acanna. It is under rated here. Orijen gave my giant loose stools always. Acanna huge ones. I never had to add treats to his food now. The packaging is lack luster and 90s looking which is why most don’t notice it on the shelves. Price wise you can’t beat it. You get 3 pounds more for the same price if Orijen. After trying almost every super premium kibble Valens tops them all by far actually.

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