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    Hello All,
    I have a male GSD that will be 7 in June. Since he was 1, I’ve been trying to find out why he scratches so much. I’d read that allergies tend to start at a year old, but when it started I was really unprepared. Since then, I’ve done the Spectrum Blood allergy testing through the vet, twice (2009 and April 2014) I’ve done the Nutriscan test (saliva – 2014) with Jean Dodds. (She told me she disagrees with blood testing for food allergies) I’ve recently done the Glacier Peak Holistics test as well (hair and saliva). In addition to all of that, he’s been blood tested for environmental allergies and he has those as well.
    Every season he seems to have a secondary bacterial infection or a yeast infection… and I truly have no idea if it’s environment, food or both causing them. Currently his hair is growing back on his sides where he had been tearing it out from chewing, and his inner thighs and underarms are bright pick. The vet has given me a 21 day (2 per day)prescription of 200mg Simplicef. I hate to use it, as I always do, but after being given Chinese herbs from a holistic vet time and time again, I’ve never seen results.
    Can anyone give me their opinions (and not about me being crazy, I already know I am, haha) …good, bad or indifferent about these tests and their reliability? Thanks!

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    Hi, what things in the environment was he allergic too with the blood test? & what food intolerances was he intolerant too with the Salvia testing? there’s a product called “Platinum Skin & Allergy Performance” every time I put the link up my post doesn’t come up so you’ll have to google “Platinum Skin & allergy performance” there’s a good Face Book group called “Dog Allergy International Group” maybe someone else has had this happen, I know the lady that runs the F/B group has a 13 yr old & it is allergic to everything food/environment etc & she too has had all the test done she’s very up to date with these type of problems.. do you have a cat?? some dogs are allergic to the cats dangar

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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