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    We adopted our beagle when he was six-months old. At the time, he had ear issues-itching, excess wax, bad smell, etc. After the traditional vet treated him several times for the same symptoms, I figured it was related to his food. Back then I didn’t know about grain-free dog foods and simply searched online for allergy free dog foods.

    I found the Holistic Select Brand-Duck & Oatmeal and he was on that diet for about three years. In November, my dog started developing stomach symptoms similar to colitis/IBD. Just last week I had him tested for food allergies using the saliva test-Nutriscan but won’t have the results back for a couple of weeks.

    In December, I had switched his dog food again, just to get him off of the grains. The holistic vet I took him to said to feed him a limited dry dog food until his stomach issues are resolved. He recommended Acana Grasslands and my dog has been on that diet close to eight weeks. While his symptoms have not disappeared, they are much better than before. My only concern is that the Grasslands formula has duck in it too. Doesn’t this seem like an unlikely choice?

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    I have a dog who can’t have chicken but does fine with duck. Go figure

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    They use duck because most dogs are not exposed to duck, so it could be a novel protein, that is a protein that your dog has not been exposed to, so it won’t be allergic to it. Obviously that’s not the case with your dog, so I don’t know why you would be encouraged to use it unless it was an oversite.

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    No advice, but I find it odd that your vet wanted you to use a limited ingredient diet and then recommended Acana Grasslands, which has lots of ingredients in it. If I were to use Acana I would use their Duck and Pear food, which is one of their 2 limited ingredient diets…the other being the Lamb and Apple. These formulas contain one protein and one starch (oatmeal) and have way less ingredients than the other Acana formulas.

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