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    Yvette B

    Good day

    I am looking around trying to get as much info and advice possible from RAW experienced people with regards to this case:

    Some history: my dog Keiser ( Pembroke Welsh corgi) has had issues with his tummy from his pup years, after 8 months of struggling we finally moved him over to RAW feeding, the results have been great, almost a year later and he is happy and healthy with no more issues.

    We were informed a month ago that his brother Gatspy has developed tummy issues, where his small intestine laps over itself (intussusception) he had to have an emergency operation at which point they removed a piece of his small intestine. He was placed on a wet food diet and then moved to Hills ID kibble after, three weeks later he was back at the vet and he had the same issue again, they had to do another emergency operation and needed to shorten the intestine a bit more. They recommend placing him back on the wet food and Hills ID kibble, now from my experience the best thing I have ever done was to switch my dog to RAW, I would like to recommend this move for Gatspy as well, however every Vet in the area I have spoken to recommends that he goes for the operation where they attach his intestine to his stomach wall to prevent the intussusception from occurring and he stays on the Hills ID.

    I have spoken to an animal nutritionist (she does not specialize in dogs, but she does understand the digestive tract) she did voice concerns with regards to the rate of digestion if fed RAW food due to the shortened small intestine he now has, he might not get the right nutrients.

    The other Vet voiced concerns that the dog might develop electrolyte issues if being fed RAW.

    I just need an experts advice with regards to this specific case. And time is of the essence as we do not want another case like this, don’t think he will be able to get another chance at surviving.

    Other than this case, he has had no issues previously and his is a happy dog.

    Please could you give advice as a RAW expert on what would be the implications and if this would help Gatspy if he is switched to RAW?

    Looking forward to your reply,

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    Hi Yvette-

    You said: “I just need an experts advice with regards to this specific case”

    Unfortuntely no one on this site is an expert, however it does sound like you’ve already gotten expert advice on your dogs specific case.

    There are other options as well such as consulting a veterinary nutritionist. Another option would possibly be a homemade cooked diet vs a raw diet. You would still retain the same benefits of a raw diet but the cooking process may help aid in digestion with his condition.

    Another idea might be to consult a raw feeding vet and see if they agree that a raw diet would be optimal at this point. This type of vet would likely be a holistic vet.

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