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    Megann D

    Okay, please go easy on me….I’m new at raw and I am very confused about my puppy’s reaction to raw. He is a 4 month old standard poodle.
    We started him on raw bone in chicken (wings, leg quarters, breast and feet) after reading about raw for weeks. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find chicken backs near me. Anyways, we’ve been feeding him for about 2 weeks like this. By now, I thought he would be more adjusted, but its not getting better. He has soft serve during the day and then at night for the last 4 nights he has been waking us up crying to go out around 3-5am and having what I believe is “cannon butt”…aka diarrhea. A few mornings he also vomits bile (I think hunger pukes?). He loves eating his food, and other than being a little extra tired he seems pretty normal. He’s eating his food still, and drinking water.
    I’m wondering if its just that the chicken itself doesn’t sit well? Like maybe too much sodium or something, or just doesn’t do well with chicken in general? I am also wondering if he potentially could have giardia? Early on he was having a bit of blood in the stool. I am considering taking him to vet if this doesn’t get better soon though! Has anyone had this happen or have any advice?
    I really want to do raw, but its been kind of horrid so far!

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    STOP IT!
    Of course, take him to the vet, asap, only a veterinarian that has examined your dog can diagnose and prescribe treatment.
    Please, make an appointment today. Stop listening to people on the internet.
    Dr Google is not only inaccurate, but dangerous.
    Give us an update, if you remember. Good luck.
    Ps: Do you eat raw meat? How do you think you would like it……….

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    Megann D,

    Properly balancing a homemade diet is a challenge for an adult, I wouldn’t advise it at all for a pup. The one pup I personally knew that was raised on a raw homemade diet ended up anemic, with poor growth and needed orthopedic surgery to correct the limb abnormalities that developed. The owner had fed raw homemade for years… but always to adults. You have one chance to grow your pup’s structure. Why risk that?

    Raw chicken is a great source of Salmonella and Campylobacter and while adult dogs with mature immune systems may be able to tolerate this bacterial challenge, puppies often surcumb to illness

    If you insist on feeding a rawdiet to your pup use a product that has been high pressure pasteurized and has passed feeding trials for growth.i.e.Nature’s Variety

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    Addy J

    I have a 5 month Presa Canario pup. She was diagnosed with Giardia at 11 weeks. We were told by the vet to put her on panacur c for 6-7 days. We were also told that the only way to get it was via contaminated water or fecal matter contaminated by it. I asked about our older dog drinking out of our pups water bowl and was assured that our older god would be fine. I was also never told about washing toys, disinfecting or bathing my pup after her treatment. She is now on her 3rd treatment because she is coming up positive for giardia yet again. After reading all of this I have now lost faith in my vet. I’m shocked that these preventative measures weren’t discussed with us. The good news is she continues to gain weight. She went from 36lbs to 49.6 in 4 weeks. She is on a steady diet of earthborn holistic and had crazy energy. I don’t want this pup having further issues down the road with this parasite. I have ordered Kocci free and probiotics as well as added garlic and carrots to her food. I will treat her with panacur for 5 days then try retreating her after 10 days rest from treatment. Any other suggestions are welcome.
    Question has anyone tried using grapefruit seed oil in their dogs food to help combat this nasty parasite?

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