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    rileys mom

    I currently feed my Sheltie puppy (Riley) Earthborn Holistic Grain Free – Meadow Feast. I am very happy with the food but I have been reading a lot about the benefits of a raw diet. I can’t afford to have him on a completely raw diet, but I would like to add some raw food to his kibble. I have been looking at Primal and Nutrisca freeze dried raw food. Would it benefit Riley to have a little bit of raw added to his kibble?

    If I do add raw how much of his kibble should I replace? I am currently feeding him 1 cup a day split into 3 meals. He is about 10lbs and 6 months.


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    Replace gradually until you no longer are feeding kibble. (don’t worry, his teeth will be fine!)

    Look into a raw dehydrated food, they have these at the pet food store and many are sold online. Usually you can get a discount code for shipping. Believe me the extra cost is worth it and will be made up in trips to the vet later. If you can get one that’s grain free too, even better!

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    Nature’s Variety Instinct has a frozen raw Bites product that thaws very quickly and would easy and convenient as using some freeze dried foods like Nutrisca freeze dried bites or Vital Essentials freeze dried nibbletts. Raw and freeze dried foods have calorie/serving information so you might just figure out the amount you want to feed that way. X amount of calories in raw and X amount of calories for kibble.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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