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    Deb D

    Mr. Sagman, we can’t thank you enough; just your comments about the *********** Project was worth the price of admission. (We’ve been agonizing over whether or not to believe them.)

    We are rescuing an abused 7 year old German shepherd. (I know you understand the sense of responsibility and obligation we feel toward this creature.). She’s been starved and neglected so we are going to have to give her top nutrition once the vet releases her. Naturally, well-meaning folks are advising us to feed as they think best. Unfortunately, no two agree. I’ve purchased a book, “Dog Food Logic”, to bone 😀 up on how to read dog food labels, but your research and watchdog 😀 service are just what we need. We’re reviewing your Editor’s Choices but one food doesn’t seem to appear on the website: Abady. Maybe it is too regionalized to meet the criteria of this endeavor, but just thought I’d ask if its absence is significant?

    Many thanks for your service.

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