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    Chloe K

    Hi there! I have a 12 week old German Shepherd boy and we just started a week ago on raw – We are currently feeding him a premade diet which is costing me a fortune so I would like to look into creating my own meal for him.

    So far I’ve learned:

    “2.5% of Bears weight (40kg) 1kg

    45% Raw Meaty Bones – 450g
    45% Muscle Meat – 450g
    5% Organ Meat – – 50g

    Your goal is to have no more than 20-25% actual bone in the diet.
    25% of 450g is 112g”

    This is what I have written down, I would like to feed him 2 meals a day when he is older, so that is 25g of offal per meal? Is that right? That seems like such a low amount?

    Can I feed raw chicken and raw beef in the same meal?

    Can I feed him say 125g of Turkey and 125g of Chicken for one meal, with 25g of beef liver? Is this okay? Should I do this?
    How often should I really feed him fish? Twice a week? I think I would like to feed him a whole fish? Gilapia or Whiting Fillets are these a good choice? If not, what are some good choices? I’m trying my hardest to find Green Tripe in Australia but it’s proving difficult, I would like to add some veggies in his diet, which are the BEST? How often should I add them? I know I have to juice/blend them or else he won’t get the full benefit.

    I am from Australia so I weigh things in grams and kgs
    Is Kangaroo a good source of meat also? What about Kangaroo heart and liver?

    Here is a picture of my little guy 🙂

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    (link for a homemade diet)

    He is adorable!

    Consider what the homeopathic vets have to say http://www.vitalanimal.com
    Check out the blogs, etc.
    Best of luck

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    Chloe K-
    For sure he will be the most handsome boy at puppy school! Another thing that you will want to consider is the extremely important appropriate calcium levels for a large breed puppy. There is an article about it on the review side of this site. Have you checked it out?

    I don’t want to “squash” your hopes of feeding him raw, as I know it can be the healthiest way to go. But, I’d be nervous about getting the calcium part right to keep the handsome little guys joints as healthy as possible.

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