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    Erik P

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve got a 6 lbs Chihuahua that’s about 5 years old (best guess). He’s got no specific dietary needs, other than the fact that the bites need to be super small. By comparison I have a 9 lbs Chi also and he has trouble chewing the kibble she uses. I’ve searched around in here but everything I can find is specific to dogs with certain dietary needs. I just need the best food with super small bites. Can anyone recommend something? Thanks!

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    Are his teeth okay (you can’t tell by looking). When was his last dental exam? Dental x-rays? They can have root remnants that need extraction, this can cause pain, not visible until the cleaning is underway and x-rays are done (general anesthesia) They are usually in and of the vet clinic the same day, within a few hours.
    I ask because I have had several small breeds and none of them had any trouble eating kibble regardless of the size, unless they had periodontal disease and needed a professional dental cleaning and extractions.
    That being said, some dogs do better if the kibble is presoaked in water prior to serving, or maybe the dog would prefer soft/canned food.

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    Erik P

    He just for whatever crazy reason has really small teeth. His last wellness exam was in July and they didn’t mention the need for a teeth cleaning. He can usually work with the bigger pieces, it just takes him much longer. So he ends up with the other dogs hovering over him while he’s eating. He was eating Wellness Trufood Small Bites which were the perfect size for him. They’ve changed their product line now and it’s hard for me to get the new blend where I’m at, so I’m just trying to find an alternative.

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    What stores are near you? Can you order from chewy.com? You could try wellness core small breed. Or the wellness complete health also has a toy breed formula with tiny pieces for dogs 10lbs and under. Not a huge fan of blue buffalo but they carry a couple toy breed foods as well with tiny pieces. Whole earth farms has a small breed that is pretty decent with little pieces as well.

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    Hi Erik,
    have a look at “Canidae” Pure Formula’s, Petite Pure formula’s & the All Life Stages formula’s rotate between a few different formula’s with different proteins, all the kibble size are nice & small & as soon as teh dog bites the kibble it crunches & breaks, breaks very easily..
    I do the kibble test for my boy cause he has IBD he needs an easy to digest kibble, no hard kibbles that just sit in his stomach & don’t digest then he vomits them back up 6-8hours later, you get a glass/cup of warm water & drop in about 2 kibbles in the glass of water, a good easy to chew & digest kibble will float to the top of water & only take about 15-40mins to go soft all the way thru, Canidae only take 20mins & the kibble swells & is soft all the way thru…
    if your other dog is around 7yrs old the Canidae Pure Meadow Senior is a really good kibble it has 3 meat proteins, 1st ingredient-Chicken, 2nd-Chicken Meal, 3rd-Turkey Meal, then 4th-Sweet potatoes + all the supplements needed as they age…or look at Canidae’s other “Pure” formula’s, click on link below scroll down a bit & on your right you’ll see “View All” click on the pages…

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    Fromm’s Beef Fritatta Veg is tiny; it’s even smaller than their Gold Small Breed. Their website has pictures of all the kibble so you can compare sizes on there.

    The only small breed formulas I’ve tried are Fromm Gold, Earthborn Holistic and Authority so I don’t have a wide sample size, but the Beef Fritatta was the smallest I’ve seen so far and it’s not even labeled for small breeds iirc.

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