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    Scott S

    Ive been feeding our girl the racheal ray 6 ingredient all natural stuff for a good while. Well she started having bile issues, not eating, etc maybe 2 weeks ago. Took her to the vet, they gave her fluids and 2 meds, one for nausea the other to stimulate her appetite and told us to feed her boiled chicken and rice. We did that, did the meds, tried to reintroduce some whole foods dry food, she started getting diarrhea all over the place 2 days ago. Took away the dry food, no more diarrhea. Are we stuck on boiled chicken and rice now? Is something else going on?

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    I don’t think anyone here is going to be able to tell you if something else is going on for sure with your pup. Did you transition slowly back to her regular food? Also, did you buy a new bag of food? There is a chance that you might have got a bad bag of food. Those bags go through a lot before they get to our houses. It could have been stored improperly somewhere along the way.

    If you are interested, it might be a good time to try out a new food. Have you given your vet a call for their recommendation? Make sure she stays hydrated! Best luck to you. I know it’s stressful when you can’t figure out what is wrong and how to make it better.

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