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It was Deana. She’s fine now. Cut her back to 1/2 a tablespoon and that fixed it. Everyone is doing wonderfully! I’m not usually the type to buy into the “cure-all” hype, but my 9 year old, who has had arthritis since he came to me at 2 (old injury) is running and hopping like a pup. Everyone’s poo is NORMAL! I have one that I’ve battled runny poo off and on forever (and we’ve exhausted all medical reasons). Never diarrhea, never solid–regardless of food, eliminated foods, medicines, supplements, etc.

Good luck on that treadmill. A trainer friend of mine (she rehabs former fighting pitties, actually) relies heavily on her treadmill and swears by it. Never can get any of mine to use it. Well, Grammer does. He rides it like a carnival ride. Run run run WHEEE! Fling off the end into the side of the couch. Run Run Run WHEEEE!

Recent Replies