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First of all, thank you both so very much for your responses. I did transition him but I don’t think I did it as slowly as you recommend. I also did not realize how much the change would affect. This is totally my fault for not being better at researching all this. I must admit when it comes to figuring things like this out, I am not the best at it, as you can tell by what I have already done. I am going to put him back on the Muenster as suggested and then do the very gradual changeover as you both recommend. My poor dog.

I changed his dog food because he had been having allergy problems and I thought going to a different food might help. It appears I went from one extreme to the other in too quick a fashion. I noted you mention chicken is a protein with high allergen. I assume you are saying this could cause the change in his stools. Would it also be something that would cause the increased itching he had been experiencing? Our vet has him on a Claritin-type product, as well as a fish oil. His itching has gotten much better. I think what I may have done is started too many things at once. I should have just gone with what the vet suggested to help alleviate the itching and see if that fixed the problem frst before I also changed his diet. I do, however, want to switch eventually from the Muenster. So, I am going to give the Nutrisource a try once I get him back to normal.

I can’t believe I did this – so stupid of me.

Thank you all so very much for your help.


Recent Replies