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I have been using the Mercola on Jasper for about a month now. I started out at the Theraputic dose…twice a day. I saw immediate improvement. He no longer had the upset tummy and no longer had the need to go out and eat grass so he could vomit! After 2 weeks, I changed to just giving once a day in the morning. He is still doing well! I am so relieved. I do like that it is a powder and I just mix with a little plain yogurt. I am thrilled with this product, but it really is pricey. I see that Mom2Cavs recommends Herbsmith, which I found that a local natural pet food store sells, and that InkedMarie recommended Swanson’s. I didn’t realize that the Dr. Langer’s by Swansons was for humans. If I switch to Swansons, do you break open the pill and pour it over the food? And if so, how would I figure the correct dose? Jasper is a larger Cavalier and weighs about 27lbs.