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mlp576….it’s interesting to me that you would use this “highly touted” probiotic/whole food supplement but use Pedigree as your food…hmm. I have used lots of different brands of pre/probiotics/enzymes. Some that I like (and I feel worked for my dogs) are:
1. Mercola Probiotics. Their enzymes not so well as they are animal enzymes, which seem to make my dogs have loose stool.
2. Total Biotics and Total Zymes.
3. Naturvet Probiotics and Enzymes with Prebiotics.
4. Holistic Select Solutions.
5. Ark Naturals Gentle Digest – pre/probiotics only. No enzymes.
6. Fresh Digest/Optagest. My favorite product. These have worked the best for my dogs. They contain prebiotics/plant enzymes.
7. Vetri-Science vetri-mega probiotics
8. Geneflora
9. Animal Essentials

Recent Replies