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Yeah it takes one person to say their pet got sick from a food…and my radar goes up. I asked my vet a yr. ago about the product The missing link…and he or his vet tech of 10 yrs. knew what I was talking about. But also think the 2 & 3 star foods are a good choice. I’ve been going there 9 yrs. and have drifted off to other vets – but aren’t any better. I do trust him on alot of things..because if I know it’s not natural or I know my pets don’t need…I tell him no. I’ve learned a lot from ppl here and other pet sites. I had to giggle when you said unhappy customers tell waaay more ppl about their crummy experience than they tell about the good ones…thats so true lol. But that’s their loss. Glad Abby is doing better.