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Pickles Mom

Hi Hound Dog Mom,
I am very happy to discover this thread! I have a 13 month basset hound puppy who is currently 50 lbs. His breeder was feeding him Canidae Life Stages when we brought home our puppy at 8 weeks and stayed on the same food until he was about 8 months old. We switched to a grain free Canidae brand, and then to Taste of the Wild grain-free “Pacific Stream” because of his itchiness.
After reading many of the posts I am concerned that 1) he was never eating puppy food; 2) the calcium level is too high in the foods we have been giving him; and 3) he was switched to adult food too early. I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts about what do to. I am considering changing his food to one of the brands on your list; however, I do not know if he should be eating large breed puppy food or large breed adult food (and the food needs to be grain-free and chicken free). We love our hound and want what is best for him. Thank you in advance for your advice 🙂