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I do about a 50-50 mix of high quality grain free kibble to homemade. Homemade as follows:
5 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs
3 – 18 count cartons of large eggs
various veggies (usually a couple of sweet potatoes, green beans, a little broccoli, peas, carrots, zucchini, spinach)
Flax seed meal
I cover the chicken with water in a slow cooker, and cook until I can shred it. Then I cook the veggies and lentils in that water. I scramble the eggs. I cook the shells in the oven for a bit to cook any remaing egg particles and then grind them to a powder. I use 2 large foil pans to mix – the kind for a steam table. I layer the chicken, veggies, eggs, lentils – this way I know I have about the same amount in both pans – then sprinkle with the ground egg shells and the flax seed meal. Mix it all together by hand (think mud pies) and freeze in containers. I’ve tried tons of recipes and my dogs thrive on this. I feed my 12 pounder 1/4 cup homemade and 1/4 cup kibble twice per day, y 60 pounder 3/4 cup each twice daily, and my 85 pounder 1 cup each twice per day. I also have a 116 pounder – a very overweight lab who is lethargic and has symptoms of thyroid problems (hair loss, rough coat) but the vet could never find anything wrong with him. That is when I figred the heck with crappy food. Since feeding him this way, his coat is shiny took about 2 months), hair is growing back, and he is losing weight slowly. I feed him as the 85 pounder, but give him 1/2 cup of green beans too in order to make him feel fuller. Hope this helps.