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Hi DieselJunki,

From what I’ve come to understand, if a dog has a testicle that hasn’t dropped at a very early age, it’s probably not going to drop ~ there’s a limited window of opportunity and the door is only open for so long (both literally and figuratively). If your vet is suggesting that you wait to see if it drops on its own, I’d consult another vet for a second opinion. My dog has two small incisions because the undecesended testicle was located and removed through laparoscopy. Traditional surgery techniques that I watched on YouTube had the poor dog’s belly sliced wide open… extremely, unnecessarily, invasive surgery. Also, I was hoping to wait until sometime after 12 months of age because of the benefit to the endocrine system; and my holistic and traditional vet stated that it would be exceptional unlikely that my dog ended up with testicular cancer within the first year of life anyway. I couldn’t wait any longer because Sam,my Golden pup, was starting to show some marking behaviors and he’s way too rough with his older sister, a Cavalier.

Recent Replies