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I have a question similar in nature about 3 star dehydrated vs 5 star dry. I am currently feeding Sojos Grain Free Fruit and Vegetable Mix to my two youngest dogs. Currently there is no review for that Sojos product, but there is one for the Complete Formula, which I actually do rotate in. The way the review reads, the food is great and has great ingredients, the only problem noted is that it is under the ideal amount of protein. I am actually using the Sojos, but instead of adding the 1/4 cup of meat indicated on the package, I am actually adding in just shy of the amount of raw meat that I would be if I was feeding them only raw (3% of their body weight…they are very active). To me, this is a great way to bump up the Sojos as a 3 star food, closer to what would be considered a 5 star in my mind. Has anyone else considered this?