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Hi there-

My crew eats all varieties of the Acana, and Ii generally don’t have problems with it. They will however get funny stool if on the Pacifica for too long(soft). While a higher protein food can cause the gas, imo, so can a food that does not agree with them. Some of my crew get the sulfur gas on lamb based foods(and they are lower protein than the Acana) and recently on Merrick grain free-that was coupled by vomiting as well for a few of them. My new policy is that I need to breath the air and it simply must be sulfur bomb free, lol. When it happens, I have not found that it clears up anytime soon, so I simply nix the offending food from future rotations. You might also consider going with a variety that is lower fat as I find that affects my dogs’ stool. The lamb/apple is only 15 or 16 percent, whilst the other two are 17%.