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j D

I can’t see a way to edit my post #189903. I though wanted to add about my toddler comment. How dogs are like toddlers and that in daycare setting there was a standard that anything that could fit into a toilet paper tube was a choking hazard. To be clear, many dogs mouths are larger than that of a toddler and thus the toilet paper roll standard wouldnt apply. It was more of an example and a visual in terms of a toddler but the concept could also apply for dogs but should be considered in slightly different way…

Meaning, if your dog can fit it into its mouth, it can likely fit it into its throat, being a rawhide or any other item. Ive seen xrays of dogs who have swallowed whole, all kinds of unusual things. NOT good. That said, something like a rawhide or even a toy could start out at one size, SEEM harmless and end up another size as it is gnawed and slobbered on. and or the dog may at first see it as something worth chewing, then instinct may at some point tell the dog “enough chewing, time to swallow”…

And thus it is imperative to monitor dogs at all times meaning EYES on them and their mouths AS they chew. And before giving them anything to chew on first ponder a bit about any potential hazards w/the material, the contents, the ingredients, the texture, etc to wonder a bit, if it in any way could be a hazard or could become a hazard, and then imperative to also watch as they use whatever it is and keep watching every time.

For example I gave my dog some toys earlier this year. I know his behaviors w/toys and am comfortable letting him play w/certain toys BUT this time he found a new way to “love” on his toys, he began gnawing off the felt decorations of a dinosaur plush toy. Because I was watching him, I could see that this was going to pose a choking risk and so I took that toy away and cut off the felt decorations of that and the rest of his toys because this became a NEW hazard for him, a new “behavior” for him and it was upon me to recognize this and act accordingly. I now when purchasing toys in the future will keep this in mind and either not purchase toys that have those extra parts or be willing to snip them off before giving him those kinds of toys.

I care about animals so much , so I wanted to be responsible by adding these notes to hopefully help clear up my earlier comments.