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Hi Aimee. I will consider your suggestion of reporting my experience with this CBD Oil, but I’m not sure I feel comfortable doing it. I don’t necessarily think that the CBD Oil I was using is a bad product. I just think that my dog’s liver was particularly reactive to it. Maybe this is a sign that he is in an “almost” liver function status, and this drove him over the edge.
When I was reading CBD Oil studies in dogs I did see that some dogs (but a very small percentage) did react to it with elevated enzymes. And I remember one report that said one dog had to be pulled from the study early because of that. But it seemed like this didn’t necessarily get reported in the summary. So people just reading the summaries of reports wouldn’t realize that some dogs are very reactive.
When my dog’s enzymes first spiked I immediately thought it was probably the CBD Oil, but my vet thought that was unlikely. And I imagine if someone were doing quick research on CBD Oil for dogs they would not conclude that adverse liver effects were very possible for some dogs. It will probably just take more, larger, studies to bring that out.
Just my food for thought. M&C