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Mutts and Cats

Hi Aimee. You must have enjoyed a few days off from my questioning. I have been experimenting with the caloric distribution comps to make sure I have it down. Not sure if I do or not. I’ve been running the comps using data from a couple companies (Instinct and Nulo) who have very thorough data sheets, and even provide the % calories from protein, fat, and carbs to compare with my comps. I’m finding that I sometimes match pretty closely to their % calorie figures, and sometimes not. And often my total for % calories from protein, fat & carbs is not 100%. I wonder if one possible explanation for the differences is that they are running the computations using exact numbers from a sample, instead of min protein/fat, max moisture, etc. Anyway, my understanding of this stuff is coming along, and my brain is getting some good exercise.

Thanks for the additional comments on copper content. From what I have seen out there it has been 100% beef recipes that have had really high copper contents. And I think the highest ones were companies who are also adding a copper supplement. This is just from a few (quite a few) companies that I explored, so of course is not a scientific study. What I concluded is that many companies are developing a standard vitamin/mineral pack that they dump into every recipe instead of making a custom pack for each recipe. The 3 companies you mentioned must tailor their packs to the specific recipe. The responsible thing to do.

My dog had a seizure this morning, followed by another one 20 minutes later. This has never happened before. I can’t help but wonder if stopping the CBD Oil caused this change. Just when I was starting to feel hopeful . . . M&C