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Hi Mutts and Cats,

I’ll give you my perspective on the other issues you brought up.

Transparency. Like you I’d judge this on the company’s actions not on what they claim.

You asked why wouldn’t a company disclose % protein from meat? I think it could be a difficult question to answer and one that could open a company up to litigation. I previously brought up what is “meat” from the perspective of an AAFCO definition and what is meat from a consumer perspective may be different. And then there are organs, are those “meat”? They have been referred to that way. Is smooth muscle from intestines “meat” ?

As a manufacturer buying a commodity how are they to know how much of the “meat” is striate muscle and how much is connective tissue? Or how much of meat meal is organ vs other tissue, is smooth muscle meat? It might be easier for a company to answer what % of protein comes from animal tissue. But since the quality differs widely I’m not sure of the value of knowing this.

In general I’d consider the bioavailability of AA higher in muscle and organs higher than from plants, but It all goes back to formulation. What is the dog getting out of the food.

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