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Patricia A

Hi Aimee,
As I wrote to CFC. They emailed back requesting photo so just sent. I did notice on extreme bottom corner under the Stella & Chewy’s 2019 Manufactured by Stella & chewy’s and address there is black printed # 22051. So going back to email cause I don’t believe I got that in photo.
So first off am I correct in fact that the calcium/DMA for large breed puppies require LESS so All life stages is NOT appropriate to feed actually in ANY brand . Large breeds would be large breed puppy specific . Then by their own statements contradicts when advising that their their non puppy all life stage formulas would not contain ENOUGH levels Calcium/DMA.
So it should be a statement advising of the opposite actually? I don’t understand all the calculations Aimee. But their statement leads me to believe that my “adult” dogs are not getting ENOUGH calcium/DMA from their formula for All Life Stages. Since statement should of read “TOO MUCH calcium/DMA for growth of large breed puppies”.
I know nothing about large breed puppies but read that it’s incorrect to think they need MORE calcium/DMA for growth for many reasons listed.
So is their formula meeting requirements for calcium/dma for all life stages besides large breed? How are other brands different in these levels?
When I call I want to know what I”m talking about. lol

Recent Replies