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Patricia A

Aimee I have to admit my brain cells are trying hard to understand your calculations . You’re a wiz at this, however what I CAN take away from this is I was right in questioning their feeding guidelines at the very least.
I so wanted to trust this company since they enjoy the food as a topper. But as you said now my concern is the quality control also if they fall short on their own understanding of nutrients and calories in their food. I also don’t like that I called three times a few days apart only to get recorded message of how important us pet owners are to them and that they will call back ASAP. Never one call back after leaving messages.
This is what is on DFA under best freeze dried. Also why I chose in rotation .
Vital Essentials is one of only a few commercial diets that meets AAFCO nutrient profiles by conducting actual feeding trials on live animals. A real gem and a rare find. Enthusiastically recommended.
So even added on top of kibble you would not recommend at all?? What do you think of Small Batch. I was upset that they add garlic. I feel like your my personal dog nutritionalist here. lol Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions .

Recent Replies