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Katherine B

I’ve been using Maeve dog food for about 5 weeks now. My main complaint with them is their terrible website and the fact that it’s hard to reach someone. They offer text support but nobody ever texts back, I do get emails back but it takes usually 2 days. The food is not consistently packaged, I have to open the bag dump it in a very large bowl and mix it otherwise they’re getting layers of food. This last batch doesn’t have hardly any chicken it’s almost all beef and very rich, my dogs have thrown it up a couple of times but this could be because of how quickly they are eating it. Otherwise I have noticed increased energy and gratitude from my fur babies. I’m going to try it for another month and see how it does. Cleaning up after all of this raw food is really gross but so far I think even with all of the trouble it might be worth it. For my 14 lb and 26 lb dogs it will cost me around $2,800 a year. I’m also giving them the vitamin bars every other day. I hope this helps.

Recent Replies