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Michelle M

Can we bump this thread? I’d love some thoughts.

My dog has a complicated history and very special needs. She’s got megaesophagus (big esophagus that doesn’t work) and achalasia (a tightening of the stomach opening), and a sensitive intestine. This means her food has to be blended, not too voluminous, and fed upright (which has no bearing on the food but I’ll mention it anyway).

The only thing that’s worked to solve her intestinal issues is hydrolyzed food, more specifically Royal Canin Hydrolyzed wet food. And it has done a great job, her protein levels, which have always been low, are better than they’ve ever been.

Now, I’ve been doing research and just discovered this stuff has carrageenan. Not good. But I’m scared to change it since her very delicately balanced situation is doing very well.

I notice that the dry version of the same food does NOT have carrageenan, but doesn’t dry food come with its own problems? What are the ingredients to look out for? I could theoretically soak this food so it’s wet and blend it that way so she could eat it.

Can you guys please help me out and give me your opinions on carrageenan, and on dry dog food in general? I don’t know what to do. I don’t feel like vets, even the most excellent ones, don’t really pay a ton of attention to dog nutrition, and well tell you that any prescription brand is fine, when really, they have junk in them.