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Hi JB-
It depends on who you ask as to whether it is acceptable to mix two foods like that to achieve a lower calorie meal.

I’m on a few different canine nutrition FB groups and there is disagreement even between experts. Some say that if you do not feed the one formula close to the recommended amount, the meals might not be complete and balanced.

Others say, that since both formulas are complete and balanced, that is is fine to mix the two.

Honestly, I am doing that right now with a couple of my kitties that are a little chubby. I’m having a hard time finding their regular Royal Canin food so I’ve been mixing the new formula with a weight management recipe hoping they lose a little weight.

I’d like to believe that I am not shorting them on any nutrients!

If Aimee is around, maybe she can comment on this. I value her opinion on these type of questions. Good luck!