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James P

Mary, I applaud you in that you are trying to help your pups live a longer life through better nutrition!
I would suggest you do your own research and make your own decision as to what is the best food you can feed them.
Though we all hate to admit it, sometimes cost comes into that decision as well, and that is something each one of us has to decide.
I can tell you what my wife and I do for our 4 Miniature Schnauzers, 2 are 15, 1 is 11 and 1 is 9.
We feed 3 different foods mixed together. Schnauzers have issues with too much fat in their diet, so we mix together two low fat dry foods and top it with a fresh food, like Farmers Dog.
The reason we mix is because I do not trust pet food manufacturers and if we do get a product that has a serious problem, it will only be 1/3 of their diet and it should reduce the problems my dogs get from it. I also expect that some batches of dog foods that go out will be of more inferior quality than other batches of that same food. Mixing reduces the hit my dogs take on their nutritional intake.
Also, we change protein sources every couple of years. Chicken for a couple of years, then Turkey, etc. If any of our dogs have allergy issues to that protein source, then we change back until allergy issues subside and try a different protein source.
Good luck to you in your search!!!

Recent Replies