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Astra F

We just had our Miniature Schnauzer tested for food sensitivities as we needed to find the cause of her atopic dermatitis.
I strongly recommend getting blood test done although pricey about $280 (NY) it will pinpoint some of the key triggers.
Low and behold Lola is pretty much allergic to everything, with beet pulp being the highest allergen. Vet reccomended Royal Canin Hydrolyzed dog food. I checked the ingredients and saw that Beet Pulp is one of the main proteins. I contacted RC and found out that the Beet Pulp is NOT Hydrolyzed and they recommended Royal Canin Ultamino. My vet apologized as he was not aware of that the beet pulp was not hydrolyzed. We are going to try the Ultamino this week. My Rottweiler’s had all types of skin issues and was always sick on the best kibble I could buy and eventually put on a “raw diet” and was never sick. The healthiest he could be.

I too wish there was an alternative to Hydrolyzed Prescription dog food as I would prefer to prepare the food myself but I have to try the Ultamino first as that seems to be the only option for her.
Below are her Lab Results sharing for those who are in similar situations with their dogs. I will keep all posted how she does.

Mites & Mold IGE Detected
Beet Pulp F409 2557
Liver, Beef F252 1636
Kangaroo F410 1602
Flaxseed Ground H2 1293
Milk F293 708
Beef F241 329
Lamb F251 192
Chicken F265 186
Venison F264 185
Fish Mix F01 144
Barley F56 138
Duck F266 135
Turkey F346 133
Eggs F271 121
Soybean F209 121
Oats F154 117
Pork F258 116
Pinto Beans F61 115
Rabbit F259 111
Corn F102 100
Rice F200 98
Wheat F235 96
Brewers Yeast M67 Neg
White Potato F191 Neg