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Taylor R

UPDATE ON SCARLET! She’s 9 1/2 years old, still on the potassium bromide and doing really well! She gets annual bloodwork to make sure her levels are ok but we haven’t had to increase her dose in the last year. Her seizures are very well managed and infrequent. She occasionally needs an increase in the meds when she starts having breakthrough episodes. By breakthrough I mean very minor and short episodes, I give her an extra dose when that happens and resolves in 20 minutes or so. If that happens more than once or twice in a month, we see the neurologist and we up the dose which we do about once a year now. It took some time to get the dose right. She gets annual bloodwork. She is 9 1/2 years old. I hope that helps and you find a vet that works for you. One piece of advice my vet and neurologist did give me was that if the dog is positively reacting to anti-seizure meds, it can’t be anything but a seizure disorder. I get a lot of messages that vets tell them it is a gastro issue and put dogs through a whole ringer of diagnostics/mri/dietary changes because this is not how seizures typically present. But they are focal seizures. Potassium bromide is not harmful and relatively inexpensive. If it works you know it’s not gastro. I hope this helps please keep me updated. Scarlet has been taking the potassium bromide and has required dosage increases over the last 4 years but it continues to work really well for her.