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Hi there!
Here is a nifty calculator I use on a regular bases. This calculator applies different set of factors Vets uses to figure out particular dog’s daily caloric needs. I’ve used different calculators in the past, and this app is more versatile and accurate than others.

Tabby – since Boss needs to loose significant amount of weight, if I were in your shoes, I would start out with setting the initial weight goal as 65 lb. and base his daily caloric needs based on that. So for example, you would put 65 lb. as the current dog’s weight, and pick the activity level, and not the weight loss option. One of my dogs needed to loose significant weight a couple of years ago, and I made a mistake of using the “weight loss” option right off the bat. It’s really harsh reduction of calories. Try it and compare how much less the recommended daily calorie is for 70 lb. weight loss option and 65 lb. dog, moderately active option. I believe the “weight loss option” is pretty harsh meant to be used only under a vet’s close supervision because that’s pretty much the very bear bottom caloric needs of a dog.

A safe weight loss for a healthy dog is 3-4% of body weight per month. For Boss, it’s 2.1 lb. – 2.8 lb for the first months.
That’s 11 oz weight loss per week pace at most.

If I were in your shoes, I would also consider switching to feeding less calorie dense formulas (I aim to find a formula that has 360 kcal per cup or less, but not extremely low fat kibbles during weight loss). The reason is that when you use a high calorie kibbles (400 kcal/cup is considered calorie dense) and fee it less, it often ends up not meeting the all of the nutrient needs. It sounds like an oxymoron, but less calorie dense kibbles end up containing more nutrients per calorie of kibble than high calorie kibbles when you have to restrict calorie intake.

Figure out daily calorie needs of your dog:

I just did a quick search, and DFA has one, too!

Good luck!