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Ashley D

We have been dealing with these “episodes” with my boxer for about a year. We have had bloodwork, xrays, ultrasounds all come back “normal”. We see an internal medicine specialist who thinks it might be GERD or IBD, or a protein allergy. We have him on Prilosec, gas-x, metaclompramide (I can never spell that one), a steroid, and cerenia as needed. We also feed him a hydrolyzed protein food. We feed him 3 times a day, by hand so that I can control the speed he eats better. For a while his episodes subsided from multiple times a month to once a month…but the last couple of weeks they have become more frequent again. I have a follow up appointment with the internist, and I think the only option at this point is an endoscopy.

I have read so many other dog parents going through this with no real official answers. My boy is going through an episode now, it is winding down because the cerenia is kicking in, but we are on hour three. I feel so helpless.