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I’ve been taking some curcumine suppliment for years now for the pain management for my knees and for my senior dogs with surprising success. I have a condition known as Patellofemoral syndrome, which have no known corrective surgical treatment similar to late stage osteoarthritis. A chiropractor gave a bottle of curcumin suppliment that he has been using for free for me to try. I was like, you are kidding me, right? None of the strong prescription meds worked for my pain, and you think a supplement made of a spice in curry take care of it?!? But it was give to me free from a chiropractor who had been helping me for my paint, so I took it. Within a couple of month of taking it everyday, my pain was completely gone! So some years back when my Dane x Lab. who started to limp the same supplement I was taking. He stopped limping, too.

Anyhow, the reason it works is because curcumine is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It won’t stop from my condition or arthritis to worsen or cure it. But it helps with pain because the join pains are caused by inflammations. You need to look for the supplement with Bioperin in it because the body cannot absorb curcumine without the presence of bioperin (black pepper extract). I am 130 lb., and I started off by 3,000 mg of curcumine/day everyday. After my pain was gone, I reduced my dose to 1,000 – 1,200 mg /day. I give my Dane x Lab. who is 90 lb. 1,000 mg/day, and I haven’t taken him back to the vet for laser treatments. I hope this helps!