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Cherie G

I sent a note here in 2017. My Bischon was a rescue and only adopted her at @ 3 yrs of age, so I didn’t know what she ate or drank prior to. The evening I started to foster her (before adopting) she was urinating blood and very often. I called the rescue and she had surgery the following day. Her struvite was as large as a small egg! She had surgery to remove it and I was very careful with the recommended food and a lot of water. I put water in her food 2x day and also would add a little chicken broth or beef broth occasionally to get her to drink more water. The food suggested is the same as your vet advised and I kept her on that for at least a year and then started to stray away because of the cost. After 2 years I had an xray taken and she had no stones. I am going to go back on the recommended foods just to be sure. I believe the water is very important/ Cherie