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Eszter K

Hello Everyone,

I hope this forum is still active, I’ve joined hoping for some advice, sorry for my English it’s my second language. In a nutshell my 6,5 year old dog swallowed a chestnut and he needed a surgery to remove it, 2 days later he needed another surgery as his small intestine perforated and his belly filled up with fecal liquid. During this second surgery 80% of his jejunum removed, this was 10 days ago today. Since then he needed another surgery as his outside stitches opened up due to the fecal liquid absorbing in his fats. Seems like he is healing well now he has an appetite, he seems to take enough water and all in all he seems happy. I know we’re not out of the woods yet but we hope he will fully recover.
Currently he is eating Calibra Gastrointestinal cans around 200g 3 times a day and he is getting Agroferm probiotics +multivitamins and he is still on antibiotics hopefully only for 2 more days. It seems like he is doing well with poops generally 3 times a day soft but formed occasionally diarrhea.

Our vet says he needs to eat the canned food for 2 weeks then we can slowly change to home cooked food and slowly increase the portions as well.
He dropped from 30 kg (60 lbs) to 26kg (57 lbs) in 3 weeks but we don’t know yet if he will keep dropping weight.

He is always hungry, I’m not sure it’s because he had part of his small intestine removed or if because we dropped his portions.

I’m unsure what I could cook for him, I know it should be high nutrition and we have to blend it. Our vet said lamb would be the best however in Hungary lamb is quite expensive. I want to feed him well and quality food and not wanting to save money on it but looking for alternatives. So if you could give me advice about what should I cook for him would be really appreciated.
I’ll also check if there is a nutritionist we could see however I’m not sure that’s a thing here unfortunately.

Thank you very much.