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Carolyn B

I can’t believe how old this post is, really hope you found a solution for Timber!

I’ve had two huskies and both were intolerant to chicken, beef, AND lamb. Even boiled chicken and rice would give them diarrhea. I found that unique proteins like venison, bison, quail, etc do not bother their digestive system. And they thrive on fish-based kibble. I wonder if you have tried something without chicken, beef or lamb? It’s not as easy to find kibble without it, since those are the cheapest and therefore most common in dog foods. I fed both of my dogs orijen six fish.. very pricey for kibble but huskies don’t eat as much as most dogs for their weight, so it was $90 a month for two dogs. Not that bad.

Also, 50 lbs is not small for a well bred Siberian husky. People breed them bigger.. but breed standard is 45 to 65 lbs for a male. My male had champion lines and he was just over 50 lbs at a healthy weight. My female was around 40 (breed standard for females is 35 to 55).