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Make an appointment with a board certified veterinary dermatologist, asap. The blood test that you paid for is notorious for being inaccurate.
The dermatologist will most likely recommend a prescription (hydrolyzed) food trial. The dog will not react to any of the ingredients. You could ask your general practice vet about it while you wait for the appointment with the dermatologist.

Food sensitivities tend to fluctuate. Environmental allergies are more common and if you are not seeing results from the treatment that your general practice vet has provided, time to see a specialist.

The most accurate testing for allergens (not food) is intradermal skin testing can only be done by a dermatologist.
ASIT (allergen specific immunotherapy) is the treatment for environmental allergies that has the least possibility of side effects, it’s not even a medication. It allows the dog to naturally desensitize from allergens.

I hope the articles you will find at this site and the comments that follow them help: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2015/10/evidence-update-evidence-based-canine-allergy-treatment/

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