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Victoria M

Thank you so much again! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been sick 🙁

I ordered and received the Farmina Light. I remember looking at it a couple years ago after the Taste of the Wild food I had her on for a long time decided not to agree with her anymore (I knew it looked different!) But I was trying to steer clear of chicken which I always thought she was sensitive to – if she was back then, it doesn’t seem to bother her now(?)

I’ll start slooooooooowly adding the Farmina to the W/D food. She never did well on prescription food – with the exception of acute bacterial upsets – and that was canned stuff for only a week or two before it turned on her. There’s a whole lot of carbs and junk in that Hill’s. I have a much better feeling about the Farmina! Hope Bella’s tummy feels the same way 🙂