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Victoria M

Thank you both so much for all that information! It is a LOT to try and balance out and I definitely can’t do it alone.
Gimme good ol’, reliable cancer any day – at least treatment is pretty specific. 🙁 I’m so exhausted – Bella is doing better than I am at this point!

She currently is on Enzymediane and weekly B-12 injections. I am feeding her ~90% Hills W/D and 10% cooked food:
99% lean ground turkey, homemade beef bone broth & riced, frozen broccoli and cauliflower medley. If things ever settle down I plan on upping the amount of fresh food and decreasing the kibble.

Her vet does not want her on grain-free food. She has a mild heart murmur that he’s afraid might get worse or turn into DCM. He’s also worried about raw food and her compromised immune system. (Can ground pancreas be cooked and still work?)

I was really hoping there was a simple, decent commercial food that checks at least the major boxes that maybe I missed in my research. I had her on the Annamaet Lean and also tried Nulo, but both had legumes as first three ingredients, and ….eew! Major gas, bloating and horrible blow-out diarrhea resulted.

I looked around for a veterinary nutritionist, but don’t know who to trust. They all want quite a bit of money for just a consult. I may reach out to the vet that used to do her acupuncture and see if she recommends anyone.
I’ll also try Just Food For Dogs.

Thank you again!!
Victoria & Bella
New Hampshire, USA