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Patricia A

So I read each protein on back of back and calories with the Stella’s freeze dried. In order of least to most
Chicken 50 k kals per patty
Venison blend 53 k kals per patty
Rabbit 53 k kals per patty
Turkey 58 k kals per patty
Pork 58 K kals per patty
duck 60 k kals per patty

Primal Freeze driedis harder since you have to do some math. They don’t have calories per nugget. So you have to divide the 3 1/2 nuggets, 2 1/2 nuggets etc = so many calories .

Turkey/Sardine 38 calories Per nugget
Pork 44.5 per nugget
duck 52
Maybe someone good with math can figure out primal venison to compare calories to Stella’s venison.On bag it says 3 1/2 nuggets equal 150 k kals. So I got as far as 75 calories for 1.75 nugget.