Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 (Dry)


Rating: ★★★☆☆

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Dog Food receives the Advisor’s mid-tier rating of 3 stars.

The Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 product line includes one dry dog food, a recipe claimed to meet AAFCO nutrient guidelines for adult maintenance.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 23% | Fat = 15% | Carbs = 55%

Ingredients: Lamb meal, brown rice, ground rice, dried plain beet pulp, natural chicken flavor, poultry fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), sodium chloride, potassium chloride, dicalcium phosphate, zinc proteinate, l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), vitamin E supplement, choline chloride, iron proteinate, zinc sulfate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, niacin supplement, d-calcium pantothenate, biotin, sodium selenite, vitamin A supplement, riboflavin supplement, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin B12 supplement, calcium iodate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (source of vitamin B6), vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 7.9%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis20%13%NA
Dry Matter Basis23%15%55%
Calorie Weighted Basis20%31%49%
Protein = 20% | Fat = 31% | Carbs = 49%

The first ingredient in this dog food is lamb meal. Lamb meal is considered a meat concentrate and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh lamb.

The second ingredient is brown rice, a complex carbohydrate that (once cooked) can be fairly easy to digest. However, aside from its natural energy content, rice is of only modest nutritional value to a dog.

The third ingredient is ground rice, another name for rice flour. Ground rice is made from either white or brown rice and is considered a gluten-free substitute for wheat flour.

The fourth ingredient is beet pulp. Beet pulp is a controversial ingredient, a high fiber by-product of sugar beet processing.

Some denounce beet pulp as an inexpensive filler while others cite its outstanding intestinal health and blood sugar benefits.

We only call your attention here to the controversy and believe the inclusion of beet pulp in reasonable amounts in most dog foods is entirely acceptable.

After the natural chicken flavor, we find poultry fat. Poultry fat is obtained from rendering, a process similar to making soup in which the fat itself is skimmed from the surface of the liquid.

Poultry fat is high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid essential for life.

However, poultry fat is a relatively generic ingredient and can be considered lower in quality than a similar item from a named source animal (like chicken fat).

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With two notable exceptions

First, we find no mention of probiotics, friendly bacteria applied to the surface of the kibble after processing to help with digestion.

And lastly, this food contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 looks like an above-average dry product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 23%, a fat level of 15% and estimated carbohydrates of about 55%.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 65%.

Below-average protein. Near-average fat. And above-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

Free of any plant-based protein boosters, this looks like the profile of a kibble containing just a modest amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 is a plant-based dry dog food using just a modest amount of named meat as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 3 stars.


Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Rachael Ray Dog Food
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Notes and Updates

07/01/2017 Last Update

  • Cassandra Redding

    My dog can not process large amounts of protein

  • Cassandra Redding

    My dog hated science diet would not eat it stool was watery. Try the royal canin one over the science deit. That’s how my poor Shizue is. The groomers always try and say I’m a horrible dog owner because his skin gets so red an inflamed and bumpy cuz of allergies (I can’t go too long with out buzzing his hair or it makes it worse but man it’s so expensive at times) I would have to tell them he’s on medication for it.

    My dogs has been doing great on this dog food so far (just 6) he also has liver problems and can’t process most dog foods.

  • Cassandra Redding

    My pup has liver problems and has had multiple seizures on other dog food. Up until recently I had been feeding him royal canin specifically for his breed and that was the only food he could eat with out getting sick. His poop was never healthy looking and he was always hungry on the royal food. Since the price of it keeps going up I decided to try a different dog food I spent over an hour reading the labels and all the dog foods at the store and finally settled on the Rachel Rays just 6. I switched him over slowly. No stomach issues he’s not scratching at his skin as much (he also has bad allergies and yeast problems) and his poop is so much healthier and he’s not eating as much. I can say so far this was the best choice!

  • Patty Obryan

    5 STAR RATING for Rachael Ray Nutrish JUST SIX from my SIX terriers!!
    What a relieve I finally found a brand they can eat without issues!! It is so good to see them feeling so much better!
    I have fed them some of the top rated brands including Merrick, Dr. Fosters, 4 Health, Kirkland, Taste of the Wild, Purina Pro Plan just to name a few. I thought because they all had a 4 or 5 star rating that they would be a good choice for my dogs. With each new brand I tried, 2 of my female terriers were itchy and scratched constantly and chewed and licked their feet obsessively, one would pull her hair out on her back while the others skin turned bright red. Another one of my dogs had constant yeast issues on his face and chin. With countless trips to the Vet, prescribed creams, shampoos, ointments and shots only treated the symptoms with temporary relief.I was so frustrated, I thought I had nothing to loose to try a brand with limited ingredients that did not include peas, flaxseed, potatoes, sweet potatoes and countless other ingredients that may or may not agree with them or that are really necessary. It took them a day or two to adjust to the change, but immediately, I noticed all of their symptoms improved. I am so happy that I gave this brand a try despite all of the negative reviews about this brand. I did notice that I only read negative reviews about Just 6 on dogfoodadvisor in this thread. All other sites related to this brand have great reviews about it. I am not sure why that is. Sorry for the long review, but if you are as frustrated as I was and searching for a food to try that your loved one can eat without issues, I would give this one a try. 5 stars and much relief at our house!

  • Sarah May

    Just Six….Made six dogs sick!!!!! I switch over slowly but it just didn’t go well with them. I just threw it out on our hunting property and knew something would eat it but NO! It’s been two weeks and nothing has touch it!!!! There has been no raccoon’s on it or coyote’s, nothing and I have cameras out there and they just sniff and go. Pretty strange if a wild animal wont eat it????

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    “Dogs with idiopathic epilepsy typically have their first seizures between the ages of 6 months to 6 years”. “Though idiopathic epilepsy can occur in any breed, it is considered an inheritable disease in many breeds and in some breeds a genetic basis has been identified”. “Therefore, dogs diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy should not be used for breeding”. Commonly affected breeds include:
    Labrador retrievers
    Golden retrievers
    German shepherds
    Irish setters
    Cocker spaniels
    (excerpt from) http://www.pethealthnetwork.com/dog-health/dog-diseases-conditions-a-z/canine-epilepsy

  • Lynda Carol Wilcox-Cope

    This Dogfood is Horrible………our Too~Cute dog had a Siezure we almost lost her. She’s been on Phenobarbital for 10 mths. She’s never been sick the only thing I change dogfood less than week she didn’t like it . I had put the dog food on chair when picked up ther was a Big Oil Spot came through the bag…….& absorb in chair material

  • Andrea Utsava Erhart

    try grain free (Fromm is very good) or a vegetarian formula. Yeast ear infection will also be better w. a vegetarien diet.

  • Andrea Utsava Erhart

    Blue Buffalo is bad food. Just got the just6 dogs like it, stool is good/works great.

  • Andrea Utsava Erhart

    try grain free (Fromm is very good) or a vegetarian formula. Yeast ear infection will also be better w. a vegetarien diet.

  • Kat Ethridge

    I moved to a small town in NC where there are no specialty pet stores. My 2 Labs (both 2 years old) have been on Natures Recipe for the past year and have done great. Unfortunately, I’m an hour from the nearest Petco and I didn’t have time to get their food shipped. So I went to Food Lion and after looking at all the choices, I chose Rachael Ray’s 6 Ingredient Lamb. Within a few weeks of this temporary change, my Chocolate Lab woke up very wobbly on his legs. He had stopped eating so my husband and I added some wet food to the dry. He ate it like crazy. Then by day 3, he was even more unsteady to where I actually had to pick him up off the floor, he’d stopped eating again and had diarrhea. We took him to his vet and he had a 103.6 fever and had lost 7 pounds since his annual visit 3 weeks prior. The vet diagnosed him with an intestinal infection (apparently he’d had a lot of dogs come in with this after Hurricane Matthew). He gave my dog 2 shots…1 antibiotic, 1 anti-inflammatory. By the next day, he’d done a 180! He did great Friday and Saturday but then by Sunday, he was even worse than before. I took him back in on Monday and his fever was back and he had worms in his stool. I was referred to NC State Veterinary Hospital.
    We took him there immediately where he was put into ICU for 3 days because his sodium levels were high! We thought we were going to lose him on the way to the hospital.
    While he was in the hospital, the vet there recommended we get out Black Lab tested just to make sure. The results showed that his sodium levels were so high that she was surprised he was alive! He was admitted to the hospital for 5 days as well so they could bring his sodium levels down gradually.
    The food is the only thing that changed for them! The vet said I may not have given them enough water but in my heart-of-hearts, I know it was the food! I even called their vet in Florida to fill her in and she was as shocked as we were!
    Nearly $5500 later, both dogs are back home. Our Chocolate Lab continues to have neurological deficits while our Black Lab has very subtle deficits. These could take weeks, months or years to correct if at all completely!
    I will NEVER recommend this food to anyone!
    I kept a Ziploc baggie of food and cut part of the bag in case I want to have it tested. I am definitely going to contact the company to make them aware.
    Oh and when I mentioned this to friends on Facebook, one of my friends switched her dog to this food and he was dead in 3 weeks!

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    There are many skin conditions besides allergies that could cause the symptoms you describe, all the more reason to get it diagnosed correctly.
    If your regular vet hasn’t been able to get a handle on it, maybe he could refer you to a veterinary dermatologist.

  • theBCnut

    My dog with food issues definitely has skin issues due to food. He has red greasy itchy skin and thinning dry coat. He would get staph eruptions occasionally. So some food issues do cause skin issues. As long as I don’t let him get into the foods he is sensitive to, he has NO issues of any kind, so for him, it is definitely not environmental in any way.

  • Bo

    My wife and I tried to do the right thing with our husky lab mix and feed her Blue Buffalo. Her stomach did not like it one bit. She was gassy and had very soft stool for about 2 weeks. Maybe the protein content was too high, or maybe she just had a food intolerance, but whatever the case may be, as soon as we switched to Just 6 all of the GI issues went away… and almost immediately.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    You’re welcome. Go to forums. Maybe you’ll find something helpful.

  • Robert F.

    The odd thing is that when I took him off the Science Diet, the skin itching, and raised pimple like scabs, went away. I live in the country, Michigan, and I just have concerns, and yes he does get ear infections. I appreciate your feedback… I will follow up with a vet dermatologist… thanks so much

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    If it has been going on for 1 year/4 seasons and the dog’s condition has not responded to treatment, I suggest going to a veterinary dermatologist. His skin condition may have nothing to do with the food as food allergies are rare and food sensitivities tend to fluctuate. Food sensitivities tend to cause GI disturbances such as vomiting and diarrhea. Environmental allergies usually show up as pruritus (itching) skin infections, ear infections…..and get worse with age for dogs.
    I would get the dog properly diagnosed then you can evaluate the treatment options presented.
    PS: Mail-in saliva and hair tests don’t count as diagnostic tools.

  • Robert F.

    Hello Everyone, I have a Schnauzer, who is 6 years, who has quite the skin problems, with not only food, but when he is groomed professionally, I have to provide them with a hypoallergenic shampoo. His vet is sold on Science Diet, which he has terrible reactions to. I think I might try Rachael Ray Nutrish and see how he reacts.

  • Amateria

    Someone somewhere most likely on the actual website maybe who knows ūüėõ wrote that this food most certainly contains more than 6 ingredients, guess they didn’t realise that vitamins need to be added in.

  • InkedMarie

    ALL dog food? Not even close. China wasn’t putting anything into the dog food; the manufactuter chose to get ingredients from China.

    This is the Dog Food Advisor, not Rachael Ray food. Go to their website if you want to contact them.

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    AFTER POSTING MY COMMENT I started reading previous comments. I don’t believe most of what I read. I did not switch gradually as others did. It was a switch from people food to the Nutrish. There was no problem at all with my dogs ability to tolerate the sudden switch.
    I think if you have fed your animal the same food for years then switch to something else and suddenly your animal has some horrible sickness it CANNOT be the Nutrish. Things don’t work like that. The diseases and illnesses mentioned develop gradually over time. No way would any legitimate Veterinarian say the disease came on instantly after switching to this dog food product or any other dog food.
    Some people are jealous of others success so they try to ruin it, and still others are looking for a lawsuit to get rich quick with. Do not believe those comments. Think about what they are claiming and use a little commonsense. You too will conclude that those comments are bogus.
    Just saying.

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    About 10 years ago all dog food was pulled from the grocer’s shelves because dogs were dropping dead all over the U.S. due to some ingredient China was putting in it all. For weeks we had to feed our dogs from our food and every news show gave out recipes to help us. Since then I have tried every dog food available for my dog, Sassy. Sassy would not touch any of it and even though the Vet said not to give in to her and that she would NOT starve herself, she would not eat any of it, from the very expensive to the cheapest dog food, she would starve herself.
    It has been a couple of years since I tried to get her off people food and I saw your commercial for Nutrish. I decided to try it but expected the usual result. I am so happy to report that Sassy loves Nutrish! I gave her just a few bites of chicken breast and veggies along with one cup of Nutrish. She sniffed the Nutrish then quickly ate her chicken. She gave me such a look because she was still hungry. But she ate one bite of Nutrish and walked away, then a minute later she crunched away every bit of the Nutrish.
    For years Sassy has suffered from frequent diarrhea from eating people food but since she is switched to Nutrish her bowel movements are consistently normal and she seems to more active and happy. She just turned eleven years old in January and I feel certain that with this change of diet that I will have her around a good long while.
    So THANK YOU RACHEL RAY for creating a food for dogs that is both healthy for her and tasty as well.

  • Amber wilmouth

    Sounds a lot like pancreatitis. My mom’s dogs both had the same symptoms and we transitioned slowly. Long story short they are on prescription medicine for the rest of their lives and they are only 7 &8 years old.

  • M Poss

    After reading all of the comments on RR dog food products and other comments posted on various dog foods posted on this website – questions arise on the validity of many negative feedback comments.
    A vast amount of these dramatic, heart-wrenching and oh so painfully intense stories and the repulsive turn of canine events are largely due to the Owner’s lack of knowledge with a slow infusion of the new to current dog food items. Some of the people complain that their dogs ate a few morsels and then started to act funny. Many others describe canine deaths linked to this dry food product. Seriously?
    I’ve noticed repeated stories told verbatim with different sender’s names commenting with different dog food items..
    Wish there was a way of validating real comments from the fake ones posted from rival canine food companies

  • Susan

    I’d say she had an intolerance to an ingredient in the Kirkland kibble, after eating the same flavour over & over she has reacted to something & now you have her on a limited ingredient kibble that probably doesn’t have the ingredient she was reacting too before…

  • Andi Mortenson

    No, I have not looked into that – My dog has such a tender tummy that she doesn’t tolerate changes well. We do occasionally switch flavors within a brand. It’s odd…when we adopted her 18 months ago at 7 years old, she was really (25lbs!!) overweight, and had only ever been fed table food….she didn’t appear to understand the idea of dog food, or being fed from a bowl! Now she gets sick from small changes…go figure!

  • Andi Mortenson

    I agree, I did go to a different Costco because that occurred to me, but it was still in Colorado Springs, so may well have been the same batch.

  • LabsRawesome

    It could’ve been a bad bag. Maybe the food wasn’t stored properly. Who knows? Have your ever looked into feeding a rotational diet? It’s really not good to feed the same food all the time. Being exposed to the same protein and ingredients can cause a dog to become intolerant of their food. I use foods from several different manufacturers with different protein sources ect. Here’s some info on diet rotation. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/frequently-asked-questions/diet-rotation-for-dogs/

  • aquariangt

    The Costco line of foods are manufactured by Diamond, and very likely given how close you got those two bags they were from the same lot. Diamond has a history of QC issues, so I wouldn’t be overly shocked if something was wrong with the bag

  • Andi Mortenson

    it was our 9th bag of Kirkland Natures Domain with no previous problems. It was the 9th bag that she started to get sick on within a week of me opening it and starting feeding her from it. We took it back and exchanged for another bag thinking that bag was tainted somehow (bad batch etc) and she was no better after 2 weeks on the 10th bag. Believe me, I was a big fan of Natures Domain too…but sometimes things change. I addressed it with my Vet, who recommended Natures Domain in the first place, and she indicated I wasn’t the only one with the problem.

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Andi, if you only have 1 dog the 35lb bag of Nature’s Domain was likely going rancid before your dog could finish it all. Once opened kibble is only good for about 2 weeks.

  • Andi Mortenson

    Since switching my 9 year old Aussie Cattle Dog ,who has a very tender tummy, to Just 6 dog food…her health has improved, We had fed Kirkland Salmon and Sweet potato dry food for several months until she started experiencing loose stools in large quantities, bad gas, vomiting, poor energy, and very itchy ears and paws. We decided to gradually switch to another recommended food, Canidae,, then Taste of the Wild (that made things much worse, and lasted only a few days), and Diamond Naturals, each switch being gradual and waiting a few weeks to see if there was any improvement…no difference and we were at our wits end. I tried Just 6 because of the simplicity of the ingredients. Within a few days her stomach upsets and gas and sloppy stools disappeared, and have not returned, and her ears are clean, no more scratching and chewing her paws. Say what you will about it, but I have a happy, healthy dog on Just 6, and intend to continue feeding it.

  • Judy

    While grocery shopping on the dog food aisle, I noticed that the Rachel Ray DF was on sale. I am very picky about what I feed my babies, so I read the back ingredients. I usually buy Newman’s Own and have had absolutely no problems. However, this one moment in lack of judgment, I bought the Rachel Ray Limited 6. My scruffy terrier has been ill for two days now. He is being treated with rice and boiled chicken, the cooked broth and a soothing anti diarrhea medication from Pet Smart. My husband recommended that I look online to see if there were any other concerns and I am shocked at the response. Same symptoms of upset stomach, scratching and diarrhea. I will throw this bag away and go back to Newman’s Own. I understand that she takes some of her proceeds and gives it to the shelters, but her DF hurt our four legged friend who is like a part of our family.

  • Lukedwards

    I’m sorry to doubt you, but sounds like either a bad batch (which happens to human food also) or simply coincidence that they got sick at the same time you switched their food over to this. I only say this because I’ve had several people I know very well have the opposite happen when they switched over to this. Your comment is the first like it I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to try and say it’s the best, of course there’s better, but it does seem to be pretty good considering the price.

  • Nicole Gallagher

    I just had the same thing happen to me! It is soooo disgusting. That smell has filled my whole house. It is the nastiest, foulest odor I have ever smelled.

  • Gina S

    I had been feeding RR for about a year and had noticed my older dog lose wieght and not as energetic, my lab had constant stomach issues. And then without warning my older dog had a seizure and we thought well maybe its related to her old age, but the very next morning my lab had a seizure too!! We knew it had to be poisoning of some kind. And the only thing they eat is RR! Immediatly switched them to NOW dog food and gave them some canned pumpkin to help rid them of the toxins.

  • Dori

    I’m in the state of Georgia. A long way off from Buffalo. Katie didn’t vomit too much just once in a while but all her issues went away when I switched her foods. She was very itchy 24/7, she had horrible bad breath, awful gas could clear the house out let alone a room, always having diarrhea or very loose stools, yeasty gunky ears, terrible tear stains, her eyes were always blood shot. Her hair was really rough and she was shedding like crazy. She’s a Maltipoo and they are not suppose to shed. She doesn’t shed any more and her hair is now soft and shiny. I’m sure there were some other issues but I can’t remember them all anymore. She was always on antihistamines. No longer on any med. As to the local pet food stores, none of them are chain stores. They are all either small boutique type dog food stores or only local to the Atlanta, GA. area.

    The only time she’s itchy anymore, and only a little, are with her seasonal allergies.

  • ssweetlady

    where you from if you don’t mine me asking ? im near buffalo ny ,but in the suburbs, what stores do you go to that are more smaller pet stores , that way i can see if there any of those in our neighborhood, not sure what area you from… and you never answer my other question miss Dori …was you’re dogs also thowing up or just itchy and licking and chewing paws ? and my dog never throws up right after she eats it’s alway’s mostly hours after , so do you think it’s more food allergy or gastro ? my vet was going to have us do a upper gi xray with having her drinking something then a upper gi xray test on her, but he said to try the food things first and do one step at a time…

  • Dori

    You would have to google your neighborhood or using your zip code and ask for local pet food stores. There’s no way I would know what local pet food stores are in your area.

  • ssweetlady

    And i really don’t wanna order the food because i’m not sure how she will do on it and don’t wanna waste the money even if i can ship it back which will coast money to that it will be more a pain in the butt and she throws up on certain foods she eats i wonder how she would do on the food that is in the pet store ,what other small pet stores is there since we go to pet smart or petco ? and when you click on my picture it doesn’t show like face book next to my picture ? and do you have fb ? and was your dog throwing up at all to ? or was you’er dog more itchy and licking more ? with her throwing up alot of the foods you think it might be more of a gastro prob ? you you think it’s more of a allergy reacting ?

  • Dori

    The only one of the commercial raw foods that I feed that you can find at a store like Petco or Petsmart is Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw. All others can be found in smaller pet food stores in your area. The freeze dried foods I mentioned can probably be found on line at sites like chewy.com or the manufacturers own web site.

  • ssweetlady

    thank you for getting back to me and what places can we fine them at ? we have had her on taste of the wild and chicken

  • Dori

    Hi ssweetlady. One of my dogs has had a lot of food intolerances and environmental seasonal allergies since the age of 9 weeks when she joined our family. After trying a lot of different foods, kibble and canned I finally went the commercial raw route. I will say that when I switched my dogs to grain free that did make a huge difference for Katie but she was still having food issues. I feed grain free, I avoid corn, poultry of any sort (all fowl), no poultry fats in the foods either, I avoid soy, white rice and white potatoes. Try to avoid all night shade plants as they are all pro-inflammatory which feeds allergies and intolerances. Katie has been for the most part asymptomatic of food issues for approximately 3 years when I made the switch to commercial raw. She is now 5 1/2 years old. I find that for me it’s much easier to find foods that she doesn’t have issues with in raw diets than it is in kibble and canned foods. Foods I feed are Primal Raw Frozen Formulas and Primal Pronto Raw Frozen Formulas and Primal Freeze Dried. Nature’s Variety Instinct Frozen Raw, Vital Essentials Frozen Raw and Vital Essentials Freeze Dried, OC Raw Frozen Foods, Nature’s Logic Frozen Raw, Answer’s Detailed Raw Frozen. The one kibble that I can feed her but only rarely is Nature’s Logic and only their sardine formula, it does contain millet which is a pseudo grain but doesn’t seem to bother her at all if fed on rare occasions when I’m not around and dear hubby has to feed the dogs. I feed my dogs a rotational diet. I rotate between proteins in a brand that she can have and I also do the same with all the brands on my list. I’m to the point now where I can give them (I have 3 dogs) a different food for each meal. I feed them 2 meals a day. Commercial Raw Foods are more expensive than kibble but when you take into account that you feed less of commercial raw than kibble and all the money you save on vet bills, it’s actually a huge savings. Before all this Katie was at the vet practically every week, she also had an allergist, dermatologist, nutritionalist. She was on Atopica (really bad side effects when given long term and who knows what it does short term), prescription antihistamines and also over the counter Benadryl. It’s been years since I’ve had to give Katie any meds whatsoever. I do add canned sardines in water with no salt (buy at the local grocery store). I split the small can with my three dogs and I do this twice a week. She gets Vitamin E soy free three times a week 100 i.u., great for the heart, liver (terrific antioxidant) and it’s an anti-inflammatory which works well for allergies and helps with any arthritic pains and issues. The only treats I feed them all are small pieces of fruits and veggies. No store bought treats of any sort. Apples and cucumbers should be peeled as their skin are full of bacteria and sprayed to within an inch of their lives due to worms and then waxed so they look pretty in the super market. Be careful not to feed any seeds or pits as they can be toxic to dogs. You can either steam, puree or feed the fruits and veggies raw. I feed them raw as they like the crunch and I’m only using them as treats, not necessarily for any nutritional value. Of course, as you are already aware, no grapes, raisins or onions. I think that’s all I can think of right now. If you have any questions, please ask and I’ll help if I can.

  • ssweetlady

    Hi Dori what kinda food do you feed you’re dog ? my newfi has been having problems with food we tried a few different bags already and she was throwing up from it and scratching and itching and licking her paws, the min she eats her food she goes right to the floor with her butt in the air and rubbing her face on the floor, we found one food that she doesnt throw up on but still licking her paws and rubbing her face need some advice she has been to the vet and tried there food to as well not throwing up from that either but still the licking and the paws

  • mikes85

    We’ve been using this food for a while and have had no issues whatsoever. She has a clean bill of health from our vet, and a very nice coat and healthy teeth.

  • theBCnut

    Double what mine get too. Angel is 13 lbs and active and gets less than 1 cup and Gideon and Micah are 45 lbs and active and get 2 cups.

  • Couponista

    I feed my dogs dry RR Just 6 mixed with Variety canned dog food (Sunday Brunch Lamb and Brown Rice). I personally feel that it is a solid combination of mid to high quality dog food at a price point that works for my budget. I have a 12 year old schnauzer mix and 3 year old pointer mix and they are both in excellent health. That’s what is most important to me. I’ll look into the zero grain….thanks for the suggestion.

  • aquariangt

    I don’t consider Blue a very good product either ūüėČ and DEFINITELY overpriced. Many people have a lot of problems on that food. Dry Matter Basis brings it up to 23%, but 22% is even worse. Rice is both the 2nd and third ingredients, not oatmeal. Brown Rice I’m not necessarily against, but to have that much of it? As BCN said below, this just brings the carbs up. As I said above, I wouldn’t consider this to be poison, and I would encourage this over many, many products available at similar locations, but if you want to feed her products, go for Zero Grain. In the price point, there are better options out there

  • Couponista

    You said this isn’t a good food which implies you have specific knowledge about what is or is not good dog food. A three star dog food is a “good food”. I have fed my dogs what many consider the best food and MY dogs didn’t tolorate it well. For example, blue buffalo is considered a high quality food. The lamb and rice formula has 22% protien. This first ingredient is deboned lamb, second ingredient oatmeal. It is a fact that meat in meal form contains more meat vs water. I’m not saying it is a bad food. However I have compared many foods side by side and brand name at a higher price doesn’t always mean better.

  • aquariangt

    I didn’t even look at that…I’m glad people are aware of some of the red flags that are in the cheapest of foods, but all these foods that advertise “No corn, wheat, soy! #1 ingredient is meat!” when there is so much more to it! I just check the website, and while I didn’t see a kcal count, the feeding guide says to feed a 12-25 lb up to 2 cups! What does that tell me? Nutritionally Weak. That would be double what Dani and Liesl get volume wise

  • theBCnut

    55% carbs!! Lamb has nothing to do with it.

  • theBCnut

    55% carbs!!! Why not just cut to the chase and feed them candy!

  • aquariangt

    23% protein, not much meat-1st ingredient is meat, that’s it, I don’t love ground rice, menadione, some generic ingreidients.

    How am I a self proclaimed expert? Did I say something about being an expert?

  • Couponista

    This food has No corn, wheat or soy.
    No poultry by-product meal or fillers
    No artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives.

    Maybe some animals cannot tolorate lamb. That doesn’t mean the food is bad. It means you need to find the food that works for your dog without abruptly just changing their food.

  • Couponista

    Please quantify how this is not a good food by giving specific examples of bad ingredients since you are the self proclaimed expert.

    This food has No corn, wheat or soy.
    No poultry by-product meal or fillers
    No artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives. So what exactly are you claiming is bad about this food?

    Maybe some animals cannot tolorate lamb. That doesn’t mean the food is bad. It means you need to find the food that works for your dog without abruptly just changing their food.

  • Couponista

    My dog couldn’t tolorate Blue Buffalo, Nutro and other “high quality” food. But has done well on RR Just 6 for over 8 years. My dog is 12 years old and healthy! Many folks complaining about RRJ6 have one commonality, “I ran out of food”. Who doesn’t know better than to suddenly change your dogs food!!!!!! Unless you transitioned your dog properly to this food, I’m sorry but your bad experience is NULL and VOID! You were being lazy, took a short cut and your dog suffered the consequence.

    Lamb meal is the first ingredient which is a higher quality meat protein than dog foods with meat as the first ingredient. I.e. chicken meal is better than chicken as a first ingredient.

  • Lisa

    I had switched 2 of my girl’s over to this food, different breed’s of dog’s..Both got extremely sick from Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food. Started with vomiting the entire day, very lethargic could hardly move, bloody diarrhea, my one girl was laying on the couch at night and panting I called the vet to talk to her about it and she had said she was probably in pain as a dog at rest normally does not pant. I ended up taking her in and she was dehydrated needed fluids they put her on a special diet of soft food, it was several day’s of her being very ill and I thought she was not going to make it but was lucky and she is still here with our family. I just wanted to share what happened with my girl’s in hopes it will help another family and not have to go through what we did

  • Dori

    Please read a lot of the reviews on Rachel Ray Nutrish here and on line. A lot of dogs are having similar issues for a while on the Rachel Ray diets. I doubt you’ll here back from them.

  • Jim Giarrusso

    Opened a container of Rachel Ray Nutrish. I was blasted by a foul odor, and realized the container was 100% liquid that looked and smelled like diarhea. Called the manufacturer. Left a message and my phone number. Two weeks, and not a word. When I say this food is crap, I mean it quite literally.

  • Kelsadey

    This dog food is awful!!! My dogs have not been getting their daily nutrition and they are starting to eat anything they can in the house to make up for it including, trash, papers, books and scarfing down snow outside. They are not chewers! They have no energy and have just been acting weird. It’s not a coincidence that both my dogs are acting the same way! Don’t get this food and do more research, a mistake I made!

  • A Crusoe

    BEWARE!! I am at the vet right now. This food has caused our 2 year old st Bernard to have pancreatitis! This food is a silent killer of dogs. DO NOT FEED THIS FOOD TO YOUR ANIMALS! This is the second time we have had our animals to the vet since we started using this food 3 months ago and we confirmed their health concerns were directly related to their diet! I feel awful for feeding our pets this deadly food!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brittany Weitekamp

    Terrible dog food! I bought this food for my dog over a month ago. She liked it at first and was it eating it normally. About two weeks later she would only pick at it and started getting sick to her stomach often- which she never does. I thought maybe she ate something else without me noticing. Two weeks later she STOPPED eating altogether. She wouldn’t touch it. She started biting her back leg until it started bleeding. I thought at first maybe it is an allergy. Until I bought her another brand of dog food which she devoured as though I’ve been starving her. I don’t know what is in this food that made her so sick but I’m working to get rid of her terrible open sore now and getting her healthy again by NOT feeding this horrible stuff.

  • Heather Orner

    This food is poison! I started feeding my 9 year old German Shepherd this food two weeks ago thinking I was making a healthy choice for her. She began panting and drinking water excessively within the first few days, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then the pacing and needing to go out 4 times a night began as well as biting at her back end until she was bleeding. I thought she had allergies. A few days ago, she become super attached to my finance and would not come inside after she was let out. I found her standing in corners of our house just staring. I did some research and found all of the bad reviews on this dog food. I took her off of this food and put her on a bland diet and my baby is back to normal! This food needs to be taken off of the shelf IMMEDIATELY! I have e-mailed the company and have not received any replies yet.

  • Janel

    I started feeding my Boston terrier and my French bo this food about 4 years ago at first we thought it was great it was affordable no allergies everything seemed to be fine with it but then about a year ago my Boston out of no were has a seizure so he’s been on meds to control seizures ever since but then about a month ago my French bo had a seizure and thought how could both my dogs have seizures and though how weird then I thought the only thing similar is there food Rachael ray just 6 and that is what caused both my dogs to have seizures I am so mad and angry never ever feed your dogs Rachel ray brand of dog food!!!!!! stay away there are way better dog foods out there

  • Emily Craig

    Same with mine. It is a bad food that needs to be taken off the market.

  • Emily Craig

    Made one of my dachshunds very very ill. This food is poison.

  • Pop_Korn

    I have been feeding our dogs this 2X a day for many years. They love it and all 3 are very healthy, even Ayla who is 14. My neighbor feeds his dog Rachael Ray Nutrish also and his dog is doing fine and loves it.

  • Donna Walker

    Gail, It’s Sept. 9th and I was wondering how your baby is feeling? I have a neighbor that fed her dog this garbage and her dog had similar problems but her dog is a big Siberian Husky. I hope Sassy will be OK. I read a book called “Food Pets Die For” by Ann N. Martin that had some really good info if you need to do some research for a Healthy Dog Food. You don’t have to spend alot of money to feed your baby and with the correct info you will find some really great foods out there.

  • Dolores Hess

    I bought Rachael Ray dog food & had a terrible experience. I was feeding my dog this dog food for about a week & noticed that her hair was falling out, almost like when a bird moults & looses it’s feathers. She was also sluggish, had no energy, loosing weight & after a few days didn’t want to eat the dog food, I had to put something on it to get her to eat. The more she ate, the worse she got. I switched to Blue Wilderness dog food & within a few days she had started to gain weight back & her hair stopped falling out. I would venture to say this “Rachael Ray Dog food” has no nutritional value what so ever. Please don’t do this to your dog!

  • Gail Huskey Kelly

    I pray that your dog will be okay.

  • Gail Huskey Kelly

    My heart breaks for you. Please pray that my little Sassy can recover from this horrible food experience.

  • Gail Huskey Kelly

    I am so sorry for your loss. I am right now in such distress watching my little shih tzu, Sassy, in the same distress that you have described.
    Call and call and call repeatedly and they will finally answer the phone.They had the nerve to tell me that there have been no issues with this food.

  • Gail Huskey Kelly

    I agree with Donna. I had my shih tzu on a vet recommended regime of Purina One wet food – chicken and barley. She was doing great. We received the RR Just Six sample package in the mail. My picky little eater seemed to like it. She ate a handful of it. By the next morning she was very ill with vomiting and diarrhea. I call the Nutrish folks and they told me to take her to the vet. I did. The vet ran a CBC, checked for intestinal parasites, etc. No toxicity indicatated in her blood work, no parasites, but one very, very sick little girl who cannot even keep down water. They gave her shots of serenia and famotidine and injected subcutaneous fluids. She has also been given 1/2 a tab of flagyl. It is now Sat and she can keep down a little water but has very bloody drops of stools and is extremely lethargic still. I am thinking she has some liver distress. We are praying that we can make it until Monday to get back to the vet. and don’t have to make the emergency clinic visit. The Nutrish folks asked me to keep them informed about her condition. And yes, thank heavens for the Care card! I have been so emotionally distressed about this. She is my baby.

  • shadowdancer

    PB produced the worst smelling coat, breath, and stools in my BC mix I’ve ever experienced – our local petsmart had closed and the store was out of zero grain. Ended up throwing it away. I honestly can’t give a completely unbiased opinion, since the moment his regular food came in stock it hit the trash. He was on it less than a week – but foods are individual, so it may be fine for another dog.

  • Karen Lane

    We tried all those too, except Lamaderm. It’s nice to hear of another food that we might be able to fall back on if this ever changes formula!

  • Karen Lane

    When I got my dog he was 6 months old and was on prednisone because of chronic bowel trouble. The vet said we had to find a better food and get him off the pred so I started homecooking his food until his bowels got better (6 months) then started trying all the best (most expensive) foods looking for something he could eat. ALL of them made him sick until I lucked into this one. I am seeing that most of the comments where people had bad luck with this food started out with “ran out of food so I …” and then report bowel trouble. But running out of food and switching suddenly often causes bowel trouble in dogs no matter what food you are switching to. So if your dog has sensitive tummy, I highly recommend you try it. But for dog’s sake transition them SLOWLY. ūüôā

  • Toni Shannon

    I have 2 German Shepherds also. Same thing. Diarrhea all over the place. It has to be the RR dog food because that is the only difference in their diet. I’m throwing it out today.

  • shadowdancer

    My pei mix has the problematic skin and digestion issues common with the breed. This and Lamaderm are, thus far, the ONLY kibbles she can tolerate. And I say this having tried BB Wilderness, Wellness, Canidae grain free, Simply Nourish, and most of the other top brands, It’s either this, or rice with chicken or pork (no turkey) and pumpkin, sweet potato, and cottage cheese. Her stools are solid now, if more plentiful than on homemade – and her coat is filling back in from the allergy alopecia she had to almost everything. So for us, it’s one of very few limited choices we can make – others irritate and inflame her intestinal tract (she has FSF which is an inflammatory disease).

  • aquariangt

    I mean, while not poison, this isn’t really a good food. Definitely nothing I would touch. If you want to shop at walmart, lookup pure balance, a better option for people who are restricted to shopping at that location-I haven’t used it myself, but it looks better than this does

  • Lisa Stock

    WOW! Its not like shes straight opening a can of poison and giving it to her dog. I feed both my dachshunds “RR Just 6” and have for years with absolutely NO problems. You are extremely negative and should concentrate that toward the brands like Purina, Alpo, Beneful, and Kibble N Bits. SMH

  • Jackie Hoover

    RR food made my bichon very very sick.

  • Michelle Taylor

    I found it on another website, thanks ūüôā

  • Crazy4cats

    Have you tried checking out their website or emailing them for the information?

  • Michelle Taylor

    Why does this food not have a Kcal count? I hope my dog can lose a few pounds on this food

  • Donna Walker

    Hope you have a care card for the emergency vet visit your baby will likely need. There are so many other Healthy choices to make and you went cheap. Hope you don’t have kids lest you feed them poison mcdonald burgers and fruit loops:(

  • Lori Hughes

    Due to time constraints, i.e. laziness, I didn’t feel like driving
    across town to Petsmart to buy my Yorkie-Maltese’s usual Nutro Ultra
    *Senior. If you’re familiar with it, it’s around $16 for 4 lbs. She’s
    been on it for 9 years ever since my vet recommended it when I first
    adopted Tink. Well, I’d received a coupon in the mail for the “new”
    Rachael Ray dog food, which is hilarious to me, for some reason. In any case, Sprawl-Mart was closer and I went there and looked at the food. I read all of the ingredients and while I’m no professional dog
    nutritionist, it looked pretty similar to the ingredients I recalled
    from the Nutro. Besides which, a 4 lb. bag was just $8. With the coupon, I only paid $6 and some change.

    Tink has always been a picky eater. She won’t eat if she’s alone, she won’t eat when you first put the food out. She waits all day long to eat until I’m actually in the room with her. I put out this RR food (the dry beef and whatever) mixing it with some of her Nutro Ultra and she went to town. I mean that little chick ate the entire bowl at one time. She has NEVER done that. She pooped and peed regularly that day and the following. I gave her another bowl for “dinner” and she did the same thing. It’s only been a week, but I haven’t noticed any issues with her digestion and elimination. No passing gas (which she does regularly), nothing out of the ordinary. I thought this food was brand new until I Googled and found this page. Maybe they’ve adjusted the ingredients or formulation, but my baby loves it. She’s been on the Nutro Ultra, and in between times her vet recommended either Hill’s Science Diet chunks for her teeth or some other expensive “scientific” dog food, but Tink hasn’t ever enjoyed her food the way I saw her enjoy this RR stuff.

    Crossing my fingers that she won’t suffer a negative reaction to it.

  • bassetmom

    If you don’t slowly switch over 7-10 days then a dog will have gastritis. You did not mention if you did a slow switch

  • Kim Sunn

    . We love this dog food. We have bulldogs. They are well known for their digestive problems and passing gas. Since changing to RR dog food 4 weeks ago, we have had no problems and the passing gas is now almost non exsistent. Our old English bulldog has even lost 3 pounds. We love the fact this is all natural !!!

  • Shawna

    I’m so very very sorry for your loss Joe. You, your human family and your two remaining fur-babies are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  • dchassett

    Joe, I just wanted to say how very sorry for your loss I am. It’s devastating to lose a dog under any circumstances but this is just a tragedy. Please be well. This is so sad. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  • Crazy4cats

    I’m very sorry for your loss. It is so painful.

  • Joe Barbera

    last weekend we ran out of dog food so my wife went down to the local publix and picked up a new bag of RR Nutrist. withing 2 days of the new bag 2 of my 3 dogs got violently ill and the 3 rd would not even eat it. My BABY our 3 1/2 pound fully grown Pappilion DIED in less than 10 hrs from severe vomiting and bloody diarrhea caused by poisons/toxins in his system. we under went a encropsy to determine his actual cause of death and are awaiting the tissue/feces results that I am SURE will be from poison in the food seeing it is the only thin he EVER ate no table scaps here. Our family is so beyond destroyed at this time the pain in unbearable. I have tried to contact the company on the bag multiple time to no avail. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT

  • Jack Bandit

    My dogs have had diarrhea ever since I tried this food. Going outside 7 times in the middle of the night to do his business and that’s when someone is actually up to let him out. He never had a problem going in the house until we switched to this food. My other dog seems to have the same problem, but not as bad.

  • Yaoo

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  • Yaoo

    He is a skunk1who put me in the trunk

  • Annieshelley

    I miss my friend and this is crazy. I was so careful with taking such good care of her and always fed her such healthy food. I went through a lot of the same things as you Noelle!!
    I feel so bad for giving her this product which I thought was healthy.

  • Annieshelley

    My dog got violently I’ll – it seemed as if she had some kind of fit and a few months later she was diagnosed with liver damage. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it but she was healthy until then. Broke my heart as she didn’t make it!

  • losul

    Hi Hudson. It could be alot of things but the food is definitely amongst the possibilities I would consider, and wouldn’t take chances. Has it gotten possibly moldy or rancid?

    Unfortunately so many people only post once and then never follow up, so you might not get a reply from Noelle.

  • Hudson

    My dog is having similar issues but he has been eating this food for about a month. He usually eats Nurtro, but we were out of state when he ran out of food so I ran to the store and grabbed this. Do you think it has anything to do with that? Or maybe he should have shown signs earlier into eating the food? The Vet is not sure what is wrong with him.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Since he vomitted that quickly, he may have been a little too excited to try it and ate it too fast. If you want to find out, you could try feeding small amounts or mixing it with water so he can’t scarf it down so fast. But on the other hand, I can certainly understand a reluctance to risk it, too.

  • Sara

    My HavaPeke is a pretty picky eater, so when he went at this food right away I was pretty excited. However, that excitement ended pretty quickly when less than 5 minutes after finishing his dinner he threw up every last bit of it on the carpet. On to something else I suppose…

  • lucinda

    I have been feeding my diarrhea problematic cocker just 6 for 4 months now and NO MORE DIARRHEA!! Thisfood has been a godsendforus and iwill continue to use just6 ,,i also add cookedchicken and brown riceto it at times for something different, still no diarrhea, AND A BEAUTIFUL SHINEY COAT, NO MORE DRY SKIN EITHER! Believe me we went thru hexx, trying to find the right food, all the fasting and substuting, etc…it took me months, but!!! Just6 WORKS FORDOGS WHOHAVE UNCONTROLLABLE DIARRHEA!!! Enuf said hopethisWill help someone

  • InkedMarie

    I’m sorry about your dog.

  • losul

    wow, you scare me with those issues. Have you called an emergency clinic?

  • Betsy Greer

    You aren’t still feeding him the RR are you?

  • Noelle

    Ran out of the food I usually feed my 12yr old lab and ran to the store to buy something to feed him while deciding whether i was going to keep feeding him the same food or switch to cooking food for him. He has allergies and food sensitivities. The RR Nutrish 6 Lamb and Brown Rice food looked like a fairly safe choice. He has been eating this food for maybe a week and is now having health issues. I’ll be taking him to the vet in the morning. He has not eaten any food or drank any water for 48 hrs now. He is lethargic, stiff and off balance. His eyes are extremely red and oozey. He isn’t excitable, he doesn’t wag his tail. He is very tired and looks very sad and uncomfortable. He went outside for a few minutes yesterday and hasn’t gone out at all today. Not sure if this is related to the food. Will find out in the morning. I just find it odd that the food is the only change he’s had. After reading this review on the food, I am concerned that I have harmed him by feeding this food to him.

  • Pattyvaughn

    You need to head over to the forum and read what the real issues are when feeding giant breed dogs, not the myths that ignorant people refuse to let die. Look under Diet and Health Issues for a thread called Large and Giant Breed Puppy Nutrition. Read the first few pages and check out the links. On page 15 you’ll find Hound Dog Mom’s newest list of foods that are appropriate for giant puppies.

  • Trina M

    We have a 5 month old Mastiff puppy that came to us as a picky eater at 11 weeks old. When we brought him home and initially gave food provided by breeder he was throwing up bile. We slowly transitioned him to RR Just 6, not only does he love it, but there are zero issues with his stool and or vomiting of any kind. He is growing just as a Mastiff should , great shiny coat, and all the energy you expect a puppy to have and more. We selected this brand based on the fact that our previous fur son and also a Mastiff had a lot of allergies and was always itching/licking his paws etc. the protien ratio in RR Just 6 is vertualy spot on for our GIANT breed as we want him to grow to his massive size slowly as to prevent issues with his joints later in life!
    So happy to have found this brand on dogfoodadvidor prior to bringing our pup home!!!
    LOVE IT!

  • Pattyvaughn

    I would guess that if other foods started him itching again, that there is something else in them that he is intolerant of.

  • Becky May

    I feed my beagle hound mix the lamb and rice formula,because he has a allergy to corn and chicken,I tried the other brands of food. He would just bite his back and wouldn’t eat the other brands of dog food. Now he is eating it he likes it alot,Perry is 5 yrs.old and he is a recuse dog. I love him! Now he eats all up.

  • Ebonee

    My dog did the same thing! I think the food just needs to be transitioned well because after about a week, he got used to it and didn’t have any problems.

  • Sansie

    As long as the food states it meets AFCO for all life stages, an 8-month-old GSD can be on an adult food.

  • lynda

    Did you transition slowly. My dog does great on this food as she has allergies

  • Melisa

    I seriously doubt it’s the food….but an ingredient In the food that is disagreeing with him. Take him to the vet and find out WHAT is making him sick.

  • Royboye5

    I have an 8 month old , 75lb German Shepherd pup. I put him on adult food over the last couple of weeks and he is energetic and non-stop playful to the point of “pain in the butt”. Last week I bought RR food from my grocery store. I am worried sick about Luke. He has NOT ONE TIME gone to the bathroom in the house since he was 9 weeks old. Even if I sleep in on a weekend he has been a champ. Patient with self control that would cause anyone over 40 to envy him. Two nights ago Luke had diarrhea ALL OVER THE FOYER. I woke up to a horror. So I watched him all day yesterday and fed him onlyRR dry food with no treats all day. I realize that a change in diet may cause a certain amount of change in stoole, but again this morning another horror. Luke tried his best to go near the front door in the most indiscrete place he could find. But there were piles and pools of diarrhea all over the place in the foyer again. I’m at the end of my rope and Luke will sleep on the screened in porch tonight and until I can GET HIM OFF OF R.R. Dog food. Which will be immediately! I’m disgusted.

  • Samantha Ramey

    I was planning on trying that one too. ūüôā

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Samantha, you should try Rachael Ray Zero Grain. It has better ingredients than Just 6, and a higher rating. A 15lb bag is around $23 at Walmart. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/rachael-ray-nutrish-zero-grain-dog-food/

  • Samantha Ramey

    This was my question! I bought it for my Pit, He’s an allergy goldmine! Started switching him yesterday morning, and his hives are healing up and he seems more comfortable. I might switch him off of this because of some of the ingredients, But I think I’m going to stick with this brand for a while.

    And our vet told me to go for fattier, no soy, beef, or the like foods. He’s ultra active and they said this should help him with weight gain. Just can’t keep him still lol

  • Guest

    You are right about the bathroom. I had some left over “cheap” dog food that I didn’t want to throw away. So I mixed it with the “good food” and my dog’s bathroom schedule went all out of wack! She was waking up 2 hours early and having to go potty or having accidents on the floor when I woke up. The only thing that changed was her dog food! So I’m throwing that crap food away today!

  • David Slatter

    get a life loser!

  • Pattyvaughn

    If your dog still has a sensitive stomach, he is still missing something in his diet. Try adding kefir from the dairy case. It has a better probiotic mix than yogurt, and should help with that tummy.

  • LabsRawesome

    You should try RR Zero Grain. It’s around $22 for a 14lb bag. No grain (obviously) and no Menadione.

  • Sharonda

    High ingredient dog food is meant for owners who rely solely on dry food. If you mix your own ingredients (as I do): boiled chicken, rice, cottage cheese, olive oil, chicken broth, etc – a mid-grade dry, as long as it agrees with your dog, is fine. Don’t let people judge you for not spending 60 bucks a bag, ESP if you cook for your dog. A well balanced meal is important, not the cost. My GSD has been on every dry food imaginable and so far the only two that agree with him are RR Just 6 lamb and rice AND natures recipe lamb and rice. He hates blue buffalo, he got very sick from TOTW and canidae was okay for him. Point is, if you can cook – its cheaper and healthier. If you can’t, get a higher quality for your buck and honestly I have a dog with a very sensitive stomach who is beyond picky and he’s been on it for weeks and is doing great

  • jodi

    We have had our rescue dog for almost four months and this is the only food that didn’t give her diarrhea. She came to us eating wellness plus then we switched her to chicken soup. She started with this and have since switch to the healthy weigh with turkey and rice since she’s a porky little dog.

  • Mermaid1963

    Our WM (75 miles away) no longer carries the large bags (28 lbs) so check before you go.

  • Mermaid1963

    I also have two rescues who were actually being fed Taste of the Wild at the shelter. They had large poops (fillers in the food will do this) and the cost of TOTW is prohibitive so I changed to Rachel Ray Nutrish. They both love it and I am disappointed it is not more locally available where I live. I like it and will continue to feed it to them.

  • dbldee236

    i have a 120lb rottie who eats everything you give her,she never says no. i brought just 6 dog treats and to my surprise she took it and spit it out on the floor..first time that has ever happen.

  • C.Young

    They sell it at Walmart

  • C. Young

    My dog (black lab) loves it. It has been three weeks since I switched from Acnea (very expensive) So far she is still the same engergic, shiny fur lab.

  • abby’s people

    My dog gets diarrhea whenever we abruptly change her food (to anything). If we introduce it over a few days mixed with her current food we don’t have issues. RR Just6 has stopped all her skin and stomach issues. I think like people it has to do with the dog.

  • Eldee


  • Pattyvaughn

    Some people don’t need capitalization and punctuation as much as others. You can attempt to ignore it, or you can attempt to translate it. But please don’t feel the need to correct it, we’ve all moved on to the next one…hundred of them.

  • Flanire

    Where are your periods and capitol letters at the beginning of your sentences? It makes your posts very hard to read and even harder to take you seriously if you can’t figure out when to end a sentence.

  • voxleo

    Interesting – my dogs are always trying to get the cat food, and recently my cat had his head in the dog dish for their natural balance synergy which they don’t seem particularly interested in… I wonder why the cats are into what the dogs are not so keen on but they can’t get enough of the cat’s?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Since you’ve stated this so many times, please tell us why it matters. Dog food manufacturers manufacturer dog food, that doesn’t make them all equal, which seems to be what you are implying. The ingredients are what makes quality, not the name of the manufacturer.

  • Cassie Hale

    This food is only for adult dogs. I asked. Please review the Zero Grain that just came out! It looks awesome, and no Vit. K!

  • Cassie Hale

    Basics . . . Sorry!

  • Cassie Hale

    Made by makers of Back to Baisics, a 5-star food on this site!

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  • My dogs absolutely love this food. They are both rescues and came from the shelter with dull greasy coats, callouses from sleeping on cement, and had gas that could clear a room. After three months on Nutrish, they have thick shiny coats, no smell, no farts and they are happy and healthy. We couldn’t be any happier with Just 6.

  • Many dogs and cats are experiencing the same symptoms you are describing with Blue. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are getting a superior food because you are paying an inflated price. Blue is in for the profit just like Purina.

  • I feel like I’ve said the same thing a million times…

    It’s not necessarily the BRAND of food that’s the problem, but a particular formula or ingredient in that food. For example, if a dog can’t handle chicken then it doesn’t matter how good Acana is… the dog can’t have their Wild Prairie formula because it has chicken in it. Same with Orijen’s Adult formula. But that doesn’t mean that Acana Pacifica or Orijen Regional Red won’t work.

    So there’s no reason to knock other brands.

  • My dog, a 9 month old Lab-Terrier mix, loves the Just 6 Lamb and Brown Rice recipe. She eats it all and makes nice solid poops after eating it unlike other “premium” dog foods. Plus you can download a $3.00 off coupon from the internet. It is kind of hard to find though, my local Shoprite carries it.

  • AM12

    My last rescue had a number of allergies and was on a RX diet, when we rescued our Old English Mastiff, i tried her on the food because it was grain free, very high quality and very expensive. She only ate when she was starving and it gave her diarrhea. Every expensive food we bought her held no interest for her and gave her diarrhea, I’m not sure if any of you have a 220lb dog but diarrhea is NOT fun, on a whim I bought this at my grocery store, she LOVES it and no diarrhea. I can’t say I’d buy it for another dog, but every dog is different and for our mastiff it works.

  • Alot of foods without grains are gluten free. There’s Instinct LID, Nature’s Logic, Solid Gold Sundancer to name a few. Pick a couple to add variety to his diet.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’m glad you found something that works for you. It’s so frustrating when you can’t find something that works for your dog. Please consider continuing the search for foods that your dog can tolerate. It’s healthier for your dog if you rotate through a few different foods. That way if there is an area where your food is lacking, your dog won’t be on it for overly long before switching. No food is perfect, but you can get the best nutrition for your dog if you keep looking.

  • Joy Suits

    After having numerous issues with diarreah with our new puppy with numerous vet bills to match – we switched to RR Just 6 and instant CURE! No Gluten….yes – we determined that our dog must be gluten free. He loves the food. The hardest part is finding a store that carries the larger bag sizes for our growing Austrailian Cattle dog! We Love this food!!!!

  • Yves

    yes willing to order online. Thank you for the suggestions, really appreciate it!

  • LJ Chemnel

    to save $ I started to mix a little Just 6 in our dogs portion of Taste of the Wild and my dogs whoeat anything began ignoring their food, yesterday,right after eating, our lab, who never had food issues suffered full body tremors, eyes swelled shut and vomiting; rushed her to Vet, she was treated for severe allergic reaction, stomach/intestine inflammation: 4 hrs and $295. later she’s home and stable on a chicken / rice diet. the Just 6 was Just Thrown Out; our dogs will never again be on low end food & we’re sticking with homemade real food with once a day portions of Taste of the Wild High Prairie no matter the $: never try to save money on dog food: it can kill your furry babies!!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Whole Earth Farms, Pure Balance, Victor, Eagle Pack, Healthwise, NutriSource, Hi-Tek Naturals.

  • InkedMarie

    There are a couple I’d look at: Fromm, either the Gold or Classic line, Earthborn and Dr. Tim’s.
    Would you be willing to order food? If yes, that makes it easier to make suggestions.

  • Yves

    Just bought this food yesterday. My family’s dog, a small female boxer, was on Iams and I was telling my mother for awhile that it was crap food. She also has an allergy spot and I’m convinced it’s from her food (maybe not but can’t hurt to try). The vet had given us a sterioid spray and antibiotics to treat it but the spray makes her CRAZY. If it’s a food allergy it would be a lot easy to just stop it at the source. Anyway, I liked that there was no corn or wheat in this food, and it was only a tad more money than the other foods. She ate it with no problems so far, and seemed to like it.

    I know it’s not a high end food, but my mom was laid off from her job (and I just moved home from college and don’t start my new job until next month) and money is tight. Dog food is not our priority bill, but we love our dog and don’t want to feed her complete crap either. This food seems ok, if anyone has any other reasonably priced dog food suggestions, please share!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Four weeks is not long enough to see changes in health unless the food is drastically wrong for your dog.¬† And since every dog is different this food may even be an improvement for your dog, there’s no real way to know except give it a try for a while.¬† Just remember to pay attention to how your dog is doing in about two more months, or even better, consider finding a few different foods that you are comfortable using and rotate diets.¬† That way your dog gets a variety of different nutrients instead of always getting the same ones.

  • Kgthekid03

    I have had my dog on this for 4 weeks after she wouldn’t even sniff her blue buffalo. She loves it and I have not noticed any change in health or behavior. Good in my book.¬†

  • Aaack! Gross! I presume you’re joking, right?

  • Diana95610

    Bought RR treats today…Three dogs wouldn’t touch them…so I ate them myself.

  • Electrcguy

    28lb bags is the largest that walmart carries

  • Dje5418

    We have three dogs on RR Nutrish and while their gas is gone everything else is going wrong… Vet visit after vet visit for vomiting and uncontrolled diahrrea.¬† They have had blood work, xrays, antibotics etc.¬† After another night in the ER with our Weim we are getting off this ride.

  • This dog food has caused my dogs to have more smelly bowel movements and they act starved within 4 hours of having been fed the recommended amount and same amount of other preferred brands. ¬†Additionally, I cannot find on the package where this dog food is made. ¬†Package states Lamb Meal was “sourced” in New Zealand and¬†Australia,¬†distributed¬†in Mead, PA. ¬†Where is this food prepared and tested daily. My Yorkies ( all four) are having abnormal reactions and I have concerns.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    ChihuahuaMeme –

    Milo’s Kitchen treats are on the list that are making dogs sick/die. There’s a class action lawsuit against Milo’s kitchen: http://www.topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/2166-milos-kitchen-chicken-jerky-dog-treats-class-action-lawsuit-

    I would strongly encourage you to avoid feeding you dogs any treats of food made in China or containing ingredients sourced from China.

  • ChihuahuaMeme

    I see they are on the list I am horrified. How can they call them Natural with no preservative, dyes, etc and the dogs are dying. No more for my 7 dogs. 

  • ChihuahuaMeme

    Which Chicken Jerky Treats are making dogs sick/die? I just bought some natural ones from China called Milo’s Kitchen.

  • melissa


    If your dogs are pooping 4-5 times a day, the food is not agreeing with them, and imo, its time to move on. Lower quality foods(fillers) will cause many dogs to have excess stool production.¬† Most dogs seem to “go” 1-2 times a day, and not excessive in volume when the food is ‘working’

  • Rhonda2398

    I just started feeding my 2 dogs Just 6 about a week ago.  They are now both pooping 4 to 5 times a day.  How long does it take a dog to get use to a new dog food?  Any suggestions?

  • Alnnay712000

    I have 2 pomeranians, one of which has issues with colitis. I’ve recently switched her to¬† Just 6 and she absolutely hates it. Both of my dogs hate it. They won’t touch it unless I soak it in chicken broth. A friend of mine who also has pommies said that there was a recall on this food and she will absolutely NOT feed it to her dogs. I’m thinking that I’m just better off throwing it in the trash and buying something else. After reading about the problems others are having with their dogs, I’m scared to give it to mine!

  • Jennyhomaker

    I spend more money on vet bills on my dog when he eats high end food switched him to reacheal ray no vet in months before he was in the vet every two months with Tummy problems my book im stick to racheal ray

  • Bob K

    ¬†Harborzgiggy¬† – What a crock.¬† There are many stores that sell quality dog foods.¬† Moving from a 1 star rated dog food to a 3 or 5 star rated dog food is a big jump.¬† You don’t have to spend $3.00/lb for a quality product.¬† Perhaps you should visit Menards, Farm & Fleet or local chain pet shops like Petco or Petsmart.¬† Purina One Beyond has a very good rating for a popular big box store retail chain and even
    Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 (Dry) is rated 3 stars.  Certainly some dog foods are better than others but a 3 star dog food that is readily available and affordable is a huge step in the right direction for better dog nutrition compared to the 1 star rated foods. 

  • Harborzgiggy

    Pretty much a good rule of thumb here is, if a dog food is sold in a grocery store or department store, its crap food. (*Unless a market such as Whole Foods, is selling the Holistic Food.) Purina is crap , and yes 25 yrs ago we used it, cus we didnt know better. I dont feed anything to my dog that is not 100% made from ingredients I could not ingest myself! Wholesome ingredient ,NO CHEMICALS, PESTICIDES, BY PRODUCTS, etc.etc…..Most people have no idea of what they give their children, nevermind their dogs.¬† I use to sit in dog food seminars all day,…learning of the different products. People think because their vet sells science diet and iams, its good stuff. Well its not…The vet gets a big cut when they push that stuff. The best choice in any pet food, is the real All Natural, Holistic and Organic foods. I’ve yet to see a dog have skin, teeth, and digestive problems with Holistic foods….Unless of course they have an allergy to something such as chicken which does happen.¬† My shih tzu, has been raised on totally organic and holistic protein, raw vegetable, (no grapes, onions , or mushrooms, obviously)…he¬† ..is 7 yrs old and the vet is amazed at his skin, ..and his teeth, his teeth are puppy white, without one spec of plaque………Just like people , quality of food is without doubt so important to over all health.¬† Give your dog crap like ol roy and benefil…and the others, and he/she’ll go to the bathroom several times a day instead of once…because the nutrients are not absorbed.¬† Google the levels of Dog Foods, to see where your food¬† ranks….You’ll be surprised……….I pay a bit more for my food, but its so worth it….

  • melissa


    there is no one best food for all dogs. I have several, and I feed different foods to a couple of them, simply as they do not do well on what the others do. Many moons ago, I fed Purina 1 to my dogs. They did very well on it, and lived long healthy, uneventful lives. Then, one day, I noticed some getting dry skin, and put them on proplan-they did fine, but I was not happy with the ingredients once I had started researching.

  • Andrea

    I don’t think Wellness is the best brand-they used to be really a great company but they have been sold to an investment group among Eagle pack and now the quality of their foods have gone down-they have changed the formula and use lower quality ingredients. My dogs don’t have the best digestion on Merrick either. You also should transition to the new food slowly. In my personal experience there are other companies which are better and dogs have better digestion on their foods, which are Fromm, Annaemat and Horizon (Pulsar, Amicus etc.); I would switch to those foods. Their meats are human grade, not pressed with preservatives or not fit for human¬†consumption, expired meats etc. which then gets highly processed. These 3 are very reliable companies and never had a recall. I’m sure they are more, but if you are looking for great digestion I believe these are one of the best.

  • Pawsitivesolutions

    Un fortunately i have an old sticky keyboard and have lots of problems typing so that cant be helped basically what i was saying is you have to feed your dogs what your dogs do well on each dog is different and also may have different issues weather it be purina one or wellness my experiences with dogs ive have over the last 40 years yes im near 60 is mine did well one purina one and those type brands but everyone told me oh wellness is the best or merrick etc i researched same thing and yes i want the best for my babies so i tried all those top of the line brands but for me it caused many of digestive issues and many vet bills of which my own vet said although these foods may be top of the line and some dogs may tolerate them others will have issues do to the richness of these food and can cause gastral upset and other problems

  • Katkcoleman2003

    what happened?  Was it in relation to this food?

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Kbonazzo: I’m sorry to hear about your dogs. To my knowledge there is on recall of Rachel Ray. Have your dogs eaten any other food recently (Nature’s Variety and several brands made by Diamond have had recent recalls)? Have they eaten any new treats – chicken jerky treats or treats made in China? Chicken jerky treats from China are making dogs sick/die. I’d get them to a vet immediately.

  • Kbonazzo

    Hi..please let me know what happened..i have alot of dogs..one by one they are getting sick..my one dog had a seizure..shes never had a seizure ever! Two of my dogs are vomitting..and one has very loose stool. Please contact me [email protected]….i buy the beef & rice.

  • melissa


    Due to your lack of sentence structure and punctuation, its very difficult to read and comprehend what  you are saying.

    However, the gist of it appears to be that you feel higher end food actually causes more issues then mid tier foods. I have to disagree. I have had dogs do wonderful on Purina for many years(one and proplan) but I was not happy with the ingredients and have moved to Acana. I find that my dogs do not have digestive issues on either one and they are thriving on the Acana products to date.

  • Pawsitivesolutions

    This is just my opinion i have done alot of reseach on a lot of foods i have also feed all te top of the line food and between the recalls on the good so called foods like natural balance and the salminalla in the raw diets i feel they are just as risky as the mid grades i would say whatever ur dog does good on is what u should feed them i have had more medical problems and deaths on the high ends foods then on the mid grade ones in the old days before these human grade type foods came out all my dogs lived to be well up into 16 years old with no medical problems either i started giving this so called best food and i lost 3 dogs at age 7 and younger do to medical issues my chow who remained on the mid grade food lived to be 16 years old i have tried this brand and so far its agreed with mine better than the others i think people in the dog food market are trying to gear dog food to much toward people food and arent u told that scraps shouldnt be feed to ur dogs so why make there food like yours ? I wont feed things like old roy or cheap sore brands but i do belive mid grades are the bet ones and what ur dog does well on is what u should feed loose stools and skin problems etc from foods high or low grade is not good read ur dog and if hes good on something thats what to use i switch between a couple of foods my do good on and that way they dont get a build up off too much of one thing too many digestive issues are caused by these more high grade rich foods that are more like human that dog

  • Jill C

    I came here to check out the info on this brand of dog food. I thought I had another bag of my dog’s usual stored away but realized I was wrong. I had a couple of days worth left of his usual lamb and rice food that he has been on for years, since I wasn’t going to make it to the pet store before he ran out, I bought this at the grocery store as a “fill in”. My dog is allergic to corn and possibly chicken. My dog did not have¬†diarrhea¬†after switching him to this, but maybe that is because he was already on lamb and rice? It has been a week with no problems, but I do not plan on continuing to buy this brand just because of the mention of the possibly toxic ingredient. I feel I may have to give Blue Buffalo a chance again, I had used their chicken and rice large breed puppy food for my dog, but he developed hot spots while on that food. Switching to a lamb and brown rice food took care of the hot spots and we have not seen a sign of one in years! But BB does have a lamb and rice formula, so maybe I will try it again.¬†

  • Katermae1

    My 5 year old Yorkie is at the vet’s now, after having seizures from eating this food. I don’t know if she’s going to live or die. We got a sample in the mail and tried it this morning. Within two hours she was seizing. It was the beef and rice. Don’t buy, or try¬†this food!!!!!!

  • Sandra

    I had the trial size and I fed some to my dog. It gave her diarrhea, the same color as the food. I threw away the dog food.

  • Tepot492

    My dog hates this food i dont know why but he just does

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  • Katcolem

    my dogs are on this too. the hair seems to be falling out as well, it’s horrible. I mean Okay yes, dogs shed but good gracious!!!!!!!!!!!!¬†¬†

  • Lindsey

    We have been giving this to our Boston for about 3 months now and we are switching back to blue… His hair is falling out and he has lost a significant amount of weight… Very disappointed

  • did you just feed it to her with her without switching her over? it takes between 1 and 2 weeks to switch a dogs food to avoid vomiting and diarrhea. Otherwise an abrupt change in diet will cause those to happen. So switching when have a good bit left of the old food is essential because you mix the two together.

  • hock

    Having a dog with EPI has made me somewhat of an expert ( not really but I like to think so ) on dog foods.¬† RR food looks like a good selection for the Walmarts of the world to carry.¬† I think they began to realize the other stuff they carry is killing our dogs. I read the ingredients and they look fine. Meat is the #1 ingredient. So many people can’t afford to buy the quality dog foods for their dogs. They have to go to Walmart and buy affordable food.¬† I think it is awesome that Walmart will carry a limited ingredient food that is healthy for dogs.¬† I think vets may find their business decrease as they rely on the crappy dog foods most people feed¬†to pay their bills. Most of the time the reason we run our dogs to and from the vets is a food issue. They suggest we put them on a prescription diet that they sell.¬† Dog gets better and they stay with that prescription food until they go broke. Now there is an alternative to the usual crap that is on the shelves at Walmart and I think that is a very good thing for the dogs of the world.

  • Mamare24

    We ran out of are usual dog food and hated to substitute another brand, but in haste picked up Just 6, it was expensive for a 5lb bag but the no corn,no wheat, no soy, sounded like a plus!
    Needless to say I was not happy with the food, 3 days of diarrhea, and vomiting, ending us at the emergency room at the vets office!
    I’m sticking with “Blue” ! It’s the best by far, I’ll pay the price for that food, and there are no controversial ingredients

  • Andrew N.

    We started our yellow Labrador on Purina Puppy Chow, then moving her to Purina Fit & Trim (recommended to us by the vet). We did this for 5 years, putting up with occasional ear infections and Peaches nibbling at her paws … and all the while the vet is telling us the Fit & Trim is doing great for her weight, so don’t switch her food. More recently we noted frequent upset stomach, and the food dyes staining our carpet if she would vomit, so we dumped the vet and switched her to Nutrish Just 6 (for 3 months now). Ear infections gone. Hasn’t had diarrhea or an upset stomach since. Hasn’t put on any extra weight. I’m not saying this food is a cure all, but if you’re looking for an alternative to higher priced, more natural foods, give this a look as a step in the right direction.

  • Msdorian1

     A 15 pound bag is $15.00 at all the stores Ive seen it.

  • Pointaway

    I just tried the 6, prior to checking out all the ingredients.¬† Some days, it’s just too much – one is assaulted with all the bad and questionable GMO products that make it into all foods.

    Our dog has been having the regular chicken Nutrish in addition to the Eagle Pack brand.  She, too, has a tricky digestive system, and these two created no problems.

    However, the 6 is going back to the store because of the menadione sodium bisulfite, which, unfortunately, is also in the old Nutrish, so that’s that.¬†¬† (And the dog had almost no interest in it – and she has very good food sensibilities).

    Then, there is the problem with the beet pulp.¬† It sounds good, but the beet pulp may well be one of the industrial monopoly food products that we do not wish to support.¬† Eagle uses it, too.¬† It’s a madhouse.

  • Jen_nace

    I have boston terriers and had extreme gas issues with them….since starting this food the gas is gone their coats look better. All around they seem much healthierand they like the food.


    my chihuahua is picky with dog food, she hesitated to eat it & she didn’t seem to enjoy it it was more of a “ooh well” sort of deal. My other Chihuahua loved it, but that one will eat anything >.> so yeah.

  • ilovemydog

    my dog loves this food….and seems a lot more energetic
     since being fed this brand

  • Dot

    I finally received my free sample yesterday, I’d forgotten that I’d sent for it, such a long time ago.¬† Our dog won’t eat dry dog food until he’s really hungry as a rule and I’ve tried a lot of different brands, from IAMS to Eukanuba to Blue, Pedigree, Purina, etc.¬† He usually would gobble any of it the first time, but after that…I was having to put something in it to entice him.¬† He loved the RR.

  • Ree2612

    So.. Is it could to feed Chihuahuas? I have a sample of the Just 6 for the adults. It sounds ok, but I’m worried about other stuff people have said. We are getting a puppy and I’ve been trying to decide on the best dog food for him.

  • Sue

    After a short time of eating Rachael Ray’s dog food, my dog almost died from pancreatitis because her food is loaded with fat.¬†

  • Bob K

    Julie РIts probably a 20lb. bag for $30.00.  You are paying a premium for a 3 star food.  You can do better for less money.  

  • Julie

    Walmart has the 40lb bags (it might even be 50lbs) for  about $30. I just bought a small bag myself today to try it out.

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  • margo

    Just 6 dry dog food has literally been a god-send. I have a German shepherd with severe food allergies (corn, wheat, dairy). My dog loves it, and this has been the only food, that’s also affordable, that has put an end to all the gastrointestinal and skin problems. My only complaint is the small bag size.

  • Pam

    Well this is the first food my dogs went crazy for! They love it and it’s better then grocery store food and they don’t like any of the other expensive foods. It was so funny having them practically chase after me to have more!!

  • Steve


    I had the same problem with my almost 3 y/o Boxer. I know all the flat faced breeds tend to be gassy due to the way they breathe while eating, But Buddys gas is GONE and his stools are very firm which is something no other food at any other price I tried could seem to do. He loves this food. Its the only time ever I had to make sure and keep the bag put away because he is always sniffing at it and giving me the “Stink Eye” And no is a very well fed 82lb solid muscle Boxer. I give him plenty and he will wolf it all down. I am happy as can be with his food.

  • bonnie

    My husband and I for 14 years have adopted Greyhounds. Always have had good luck feeding with Iams. However, with the last female we just adopted in June of this year, we had alot of very soft runny bowel movements. We tried several foods, always mixing so it would not be a drastic change. Nothing worked. We reserched, and tried canned pumpkin, slippery elm bark, and even prscriptions from the vet. One day I was in my local Price chopper, and saw Rachel Rays 6, lamb and brown rice formula. I tried it, and after one feeding, we saw a drastic change. After the second feeding, wow, solid poop. A miracle is what I call it, and both our big male and our female LOVE this food. If we all read all the fine print on everything WE EAT, we would probably stop eating food….I’m not saying it’s the best, but when a so called good natural food does not work, and this does, we will take it. It’s nice to actually pick up poop, and not have to scrape it up like mud……..

  • sandy

    Buddy’s Mom,

    Nutrisource comes in bigger bags. They have a large breed lamb meal and rice and a grain free large breed lamb meal and rice that are not high protein.


  • sandy

    Buddy’s Mon,

    Have you tried Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain? It is also just lamb with some better ingredients.

  • Buddy’s Mom

    I have tried all kinds of pet store foods and this is the only one that has worked!

  • Buddy’s Mom

    My Golden Retriever loves this food!!!! It’s the only one that makes his poop normal instead of soft or loose. Wish it came in bigger bags.

  • Lynn, if they are doing well of this, just think of how they could THRIVE on an even better food… or on a raw diet!

    Hang around and read. ūüôā

  • Lynn Montgomery

    I was giving my dog that crappy Pedigree and she got soo sick.
    I started both of my dogs on Just 6 they love it their digestive systems are great and their coats are very shiny….

  • Shayla

    We got my rottweiler puppy rachel ray dog food, but it was the nutrish kind. SHe loves it to death. We had her eating kirkland, but she wouldn’t eat it untill she was starving. We put this in frontof her, she layed down, shoved her face in her food bowl, and started eating! I was happy to finally find a non expensive dog food that is mostly good for her. The corn in it worries me some, but its better then purina and such. I would recomend it to anyone who needs good dog food and is on a budget.

  • liz seidel

    Heard good things about Racheal Rays dog food, requested a free sample over 3 months ago?

  • Jane, raw is a great idea, but if you are in need of kibble, there are plenty of lamb and rice based kibbles. Natural Balance LID, Nutro Natural Choice, Blue Buffalo, Wellness… They are all 3-4 star foods. But then again, this is a 3-star food, too. So it’s certainly not the worst thing you could be using. However, I certainly am no fan of synthetic vitamin k. The NB LID lamb and rice is every bit as limited as this food, but doesn’t contain menadione.

  • ShamelessRawFoodie

    Jane – I am also a raw feeder and would encourage you to feed a 5* raw food for the best health of your dog. You can start out with cooked; then go raw. Review these pages:

    Kibble is a “dog‚Äôs most unnatural form of food there is”, ditto Gordon. Watch this video –
    Dr. Karen Becker: The Best and Worst Types of Dog Foods

    If you insist on kibble, Sandy points you in the right direction. Another little tidbit is that you might want to avoid Tomato Pomace. I worked for Blue Buffalo for 5 years. Most of their formulas include Tomato Pomace. Not a problem for some dogs; but can be a problem for other dogs.

  • Gordon

    Jane – Have you considered a biologically appropriate raw food? Many issues that explain are said to be resolved with such raw dog foods. When I say said, that it by certain Vets who recommend the dog’s natural and evolutionary diet based upon years of clinical experience. Just a thought. It’s OK if you’re not comfortable with considering raw. Many in the US and parts of Europe are said, not to be. At least, it is something for you to be aware of, should you want to steer away from kibble, the dog’s most unnatural form of food there is.

  • sandy

    The only one I can think of that is meat and rice is Canidae Protein Plus Single Grain formula. But it is not an LID and it has multiple meat sources but just rice.


    Also, theres Natures Variety Instinct LID with Lamb. Very short ingredient list. http://www.naturesvariety.com/Instinct/dog/kibble/LIDlamb

    Are you still using probiotics? Because it could take months for the intestinal tract to heal. Will he tolerate some canned pumpkin for his stools? Or maybe some phsyllium husk sprinkles? This site has a probiotic that is more complete for canines. It has more in it than just the human probiotics.


    Also Natures Select Lamb and Rice (not an LID) but no red flag ingredients. It’s the red bag. http://naturalpetfooddelivery.com/htmls/about_natural_pet_foods.html

    And California Natural Lamb meal and Rice. http://www.californianaturalpet.com/products/1181 Some people don’t like California Natural anymore because it is now owned by Proctor & Gamble.

  • Jane

    I rescued a dog about 6 months ago. His medical hx included years of GI issues, chronic diarrhea, ear and eye infections. I decided it was all food related and have been on a quest to find the right food. I have tried a ton , mostly Blue Buffalo, from grain free, basics, Salmon, Duck and White Fish based and my dog’s issues had not changed. The diarrhea was unbelievable. Like a fire hose. Just once a day, no urgency and no real issues keeping wt on him. We dewormed , did probiotics atc. No luck. We ran out of BB 2 weeks ago and my husband took it upon himself to grab RR Just 6 Lamb and Rice at the grocery store without me knowing it. The diarrhea is GONE! I am not happy with the foods rating and have compared all ingredient lists but can’t figure out why this is the only food not causing diarrhea. Any suggestions of very similar foods that would rate higher?

  • Doreen Brannan

    I just bought this RR food for my Dachshund that has allergies, and the vet said it may be food related. A 14 lb. bag was just under $15 at the grocery store. I’m hoping it gets rid of her rash and hair loss.
    She’s been checked for mange and on steriods and antibiotics. A week or so after the medicine is done, the rash comes back.
    Giving the food change a try.

  • Bobby

    I do have a Tractor Supply where I live. A bulk food store like Costco called BJ’s. I also heard from a co-worker ACE hardware here sells dog food but don’t know which brands. Haven’t been there yet.
    My girlfriends sister said our Price Chopper grocery store sells some Organic dog food but I don’t know which kind yet. I’ll have to see.
    Thanks for the suggestions. I just want my dog to be healthy and like what he’s eating.

  • Michelle

    Hi Bobby, do you have a Tractor Supply store? If so they have a good selection there. 4health, TOTW, Diamond naturals. Costco’s has Kirkland Signature, Nature’s Domain, and some areas have Pelican Bay. Petco has Merrick, and their budget food is Whole Earth Farms. Feed stores usually have a good selection too. If I knew which stores are available to you, it would be easier to give you a list of foods.

  • Bobby

    We make a food called Brothers Complete that is grain and white potato free with digestive enzymes and probiotics that we ship for free anywhere in the country so it’s like you just walked in our store and paid the same price for it. It’s nutritionally dense so for instance if you fed Nutro you’d give only one cup of Brothers for every two cups of Nutro.

    If you want, go on the brotherscomplete.com site and order some free samples.

  • Bobby

    The information about the Menadione is a little disturbing I admit.
    But it’s tough to find high quality Dog foods when the only Pet store in my City sells basically every Nutro product under the Sun, Iams products, and Science Diet which he wouldn’t eat at all.
    If anyone has any suggestions for me please share. I’d like to keep him off of Beef products however because it gives him Diarrhea. Thanks for the info.

  • Michelle

    Bobby, Rachael Ray just 6 dog food contains Menadione sodium bisulfite complex ( source of vitamin k activity) This is a very bad ingredient and should be avoided (that’s why Mike has it highlighted in red). Their are a lot of budget friendly foods that don’t use this ingredient. Costco’s Kirkland Signature is like 12 dollars for a 20lb bag, and is a 4* food. The ones Bob K listed are also budget friendly. Anyway PLEASE read about Menadione, especially the “Why is it bad” section. Also, if you have some time, look around on that site-it is very educational. http://www.dogfoodproject.com/index.php?page=menadione

  • Jonathan

    This is interesting…

    6lb @ 9.99 lb = $1.66/lb for RR (3-star)
    4lb @ 6.99 lb = $1.74/lb for Perf. Nat. (4-star)
    5lb @ 9.99 lb = $1.99/lb for TOTW (5-star)

    What’s interesting is, usually, the price per pound is much higher for the smaller small bags. But, with RR, the price per pound on the 14lb bag is where it gets really bad…

    14lb @ 28.99 = $2.07/lb RR
    15lb @ 20.99 = $1.39/lb Perf. Nat
    15lb @ 24.99 = $1.66/lb TOTW

    Notice how the other brands dropped considerably? I don’t know the price, or if RR has a bigger bag, but just for sake of argument, here are the big bags of Perfectly natural and TOTW…

    30lb @ 37.99 = $1.26/lb Perf Nat
    30lb @ 44.99 = $1.49/lb TOTW

    So, you see, if you are looking at the price per pound, than buying 30 lb of RR in 6lb bags would cost $49.80 which prices it right up there with many 4 and 5 star foods (and well above my comparison foods), and in the 14lb size, an equivalent 30 lbs would be a ridiculous $62.10. That’s more expensive than Eathborn, Blue, Wellness, Natural Balance… heck, there aren’t many decent dog foods that do cost that much!

    So, I think that’s more the point here.

  • BobK

    Bobby – The food is expensive for the nutritional vallue it provides. Read a little and become educated. This is an average food. What Purina food are you comparing this too?

    Please compare the price of this 3 star food to a 4 star food like: Diamond Naturals, Kirkland, Eagle Pack, Premium Edge, Professional to name a few. Or perhaps Authority which is a 3 star food. If you are happy paying a premium for an average food – glad you are off and have money to spare.

  • Bobby

    I bought a 6lb. bag of food for $9.99. A 7lb. bag of Purina One costs a $1 more. This food is not expensive. I don’t know where that’s coming from.
    Saying you’re buying a Chevy and paying for a Caddy is just ridiculous.
    So as far as how it makes me feel Bob K. I feel fine. The food is good, not expensive and my dog likes it.

  • Jonathan

    Bobby, this food is OK… but did you not, as Bob mentions, read the review? Mike explains above that…

    “Bottom line?

    Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Dog Food is a rice-based kibble using only a modest amount of lamb meal as its main source of animal protein… thus earning the brand 3 stars.


    So, sure it’s “recommended”. It’s not awful. But as Bob expressed, you’re paying for a ’11 Lancer Evo and you’re getting an ’89 Escort. I’d recommend an ’89 Escort as fairly reliable transportation… but not for the price of a brand new performance car. Same with Nutro, as a matter of fact, since you mentioned that brand as well… premium price, okay food. If this RR stuff were priced under Pro Pac, like 30lb’s for $25, I’d say nothing to you about it. Heck, if money were really tight, I’d try it out for that price (not really, I’d just buy some Pr Pac, but you know what I mean). But with $25-30 as the price for the 14lb bag, and that’s kind of ridiculous for a bag of Lamb-flavored rice.

  • Bob K

    Bobby – Please read the detailed report of this product above. You are paying a premium for a 3 star dog food that is mostly lamb and rice based. For less money you can get a 4 or perhaps 5 star dog food that is better for your dog and leaves more money in your pocket which is a win for both you and your dog. 3 Stars is average but you are paying a premium for an average food. How does that make you feel? You are getting a Chevy but paying for a Cadillac.

  • Bobby

    I don’t see how this food only receives 3 stars.
    What’s the reason for that? Appears to be quality ingredients. And yes I have been giving this food to my dog and he loves it. Eats it dry by itself without having to add table food or canned food to it.
    Never did that before with Iams or Nutro.
    This is the only Dog Food I’ll be buying from now on.

  • Heather

    My dog HATES this food. She’s a very food-motivated hound who will eat just about anything you put in front of her…but not Just 6. She lets this stuff sit in her bowl for sometimes almost 24 hours until she’s too hungry and has to eat…Then she’ll eat it. All three of my cats have been sneaking some, though. I’ll never buy this food again.

  • Meagan

    Amazon does sell dog food. I have ordered cans off there, but have also looked up many kibbles, just have not ordered kibble. There is free shipping for over $25 if it is eligible for the “FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING.”

  • sandy

    Does Amazon sell dog food? And isn’t there free shipping over a certain $ amount? I don’t know. I’ve never bought dog food through amazon although I have ordered directly from other dog foods.

    Maybe you can check and see if a Natures Select Distributor is in your area. http://www.naturalpetfooddelivery.com. It’s 4 star for the price of 3.

    Or maybe you have a feed store or tractor supply store near you?

  • Bridget

    I’m afraid I’m rather stuck at grocery store brands. Not my fault, since I really have limited control over what my dog eats. If I had it entirely my way I’d be feeding both the dog and the cat on home cooked (or even raw, though I’m a bit intimidated by it). But this is as good as it gets it seems.

    I’m not really happy about it, but despite that, my girl is doing alright on it.

  • Jonathan

    Anna, according to the review above Dr Sagman rated this food 3-stars. That is what I’m referring to. And where is the iron oxide you are talking about?

  • Anna

    Sorry….. Not ‘all their products’ but dry dog foods at least

  • Anna

    All grocery store products have grain as far as I know.

  • Anna

    No probiotics and the menadione in it isn’t what’s so bad here though. One of the very problem points in this situation is their iron oxide. And no: it’s not 3 stars. It’s less than that

  • Jonathan

    Tony, this is a dog food reviewing and discussion website. This in not Rachael Ray’s site… I think she’d give her own product a better review than 3-stars. lol.

    And regarding grains, the second and third ingredient in this food is “brown rice” and “ground rice”. So, yes.

  • Tony Barbara

    Is there grain in your products?

  • Bob K

    Jean – There are many 4 Star Lamb and rice foods available without corn that are less expensive. That means a better more nutritious food for your dog and more money in your pocket, a win for both you and your four legged loved one. You are paying a premium for the RR name on the bag.

  • Jean

    I have been feeding Just 6 Lamb & Rice for about a month, since we noticed hives on our puppy. We switched from the highly-rated Eagle Pack Original to be able to assess whether corn was the culprit. Right away, her GI track calmed down, making life so much easier because she needs to “go” literally half as often. Now the hives are gone.
    So, while I’m not happy to read of the methiodone rating, I am impressed with this food.

  • Meagan

    This is good to see. Of course I hope I never have to go back to “grocery store brands”

  • Jonathan

    Alrighty then! An almost good kibble from RR. At least there is another 3-star option for people that must buy pet food from grocery stores.