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Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Kibbles ‘n Bits Dog Food receives the Advisor’s lowest tier rating of 1 star.

The Kibbles ‘n Bits product line includes 11 dry dog foods.

Each recipe below includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified.

  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Beefy Bits [A]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Small Breed [A]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits American Grill [M]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Light and Tasty [M]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Bistro Small Breed [A]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Homestyle Grilled Beef [A]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Homestyle Roasted Chicken [A]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Bistro Grilled Chicken Flavor [A]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Hearty Harvest Roasted Beef [A]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Bistro Oven Roasted Beef Flavor [A]
  • Kibbles ‘n Bits Original Savory Beef and Chicken Flavors [A]

Kibble ‘n Bits Original Savory Beef and Chicken Flavors was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Kibbles 'n Bits Original Savory Beef and Chicken Flavors

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 23% | Fat = 15% | Carbs = 54%

Ingredients: Corn, soybean meal, beef and bone meal, ground wheat, animal fat (BHA used as preservative), corn syrup, wheat middlings, water sufficient for processing, animal digest (source of chicken flavor), propylene glycol, salt, hydrochloric acid, potassium chloride, caramel color, peas, sorbic acid (used as a preservative), sodium carbonate, minerals (ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide, manganous oxide, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite), vitamins (vitamin E supplement, vitamin A supplement, niacin supplement, d-calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement), choline chloride, calcium sulfate, wheat flour, carrots, green beans, titanium dioxide (color), yellow 5, yellow 6, red 40, BHA (used as a preservative), blue 1, dl-methionine

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 4.9%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis19%12%NA
Dry Matter Basis23%15%54%
Calorie Weighted Basis21%31%48%
Protein = 21% | Fat = 31% | Carbs = 48%

The first ingredient in this dog food is corn. Corn is an inexpensive and controversial cereal grain. And aside from its energy content, this grain is of only modest nutritional value to a dog.

For this reason, we do not consider corn a preferred component in any dog food.

The second ingredient is soybean meal, a by-product of soybean oil production more commonly found in farm animal feeds.

Although soybean meal contains 48% protein, this ingredient would be expected to have a lower biological value than meat.

And less costly plant-based products like this can notably boost the total protein reported on the label — a factor that must be considered when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

The third ingredient includes beef and bone meal, a dry rendered product from (beef) tissues, including bone, exclusive of blood, hair, hoof, horn, hide trimmings, manure, stomach and rumen contents”.1

Beef and bone meal may have a lower biological value than most other meat meals.

Scientists believe this decreased protein quality may be due to the ingredient’s higher ash and lower essential amino acid content.2

On the brighter side, beef and bone meals are meat concentrates and contain nearly 300% more protein than fresh meat.

In any case, beef and bone meal is not considered a better quality dog food ingredient.

The fourth ingredient is wheat. Wheat is another cereal grain and subject to the same issues as corn (previously discussed).

The fifth ingredient is animal fat. Animal fat is a generic by-product of rendering, the same high-temperature process used to make meat meals.

Since there’s no mention of a specific animal, this item could come from almost anywhere: roadkill, spoiled supermarket meat, dead, diseased or dying cattle — even euthanized pets.

For this reason, we do not consider generic animal fat a quality ingredient.

What’s worse, this fat is preserved with BHA, a suspected cancer-causing agent.

The sixth ingredient is corn syrup. Corn syrup is a glucose-rich, high-calorie item of questionable nutritional value to a dog.

The seventh ingredient includes wheat middlings, commonly known as “wheat mill run”. Though it may sound wholesome, wheat mill run is actually an inexpensive by-product of cereal grain processing.

Unfortunately, the variations in nutrient content found in wheat middlings can be a critical issue in determining their suitability for use in any dog food — or even livestock feeds.3

In reality, wheat middlings are nothing more than milling dust and floor sweepings — and an ingredient more typically associated with lower quality pet foods.

The eighth ingredient is water, which adds nothing but moisture to this food. Water is a routine finding in most canned dog foods.

The ninth ingredient is animal digest. Animal digest is a chemically hydrolyzed mixture of animal by-products that is typically sprayed onto the surface of a dry kibble to improve its taste.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With seven notable exceptions

First, this product contains the controversial food moisturizer, propylene glycol. Propylene glycol has been banned by the FDA for use in making cat food.

However, it can still be found in some commercial dog foods.

Next, we’re always disappointed to find artificial coloring in any pet food. That’s because coloring is used to make the product more appealing to humans — not your dog. After all, do you really think your dog cares what color his food is?

This includes titanium dioxide, a white coloring agent. Although most claim the pigment to be a safe food additive, one international agency4 has classified titanium dioxide as a “Group 2B carcinogen” possibly linked to cancer in humans.

This recipe also contains caramel, a natural coloring agent made by caramelizing carbohydrates. It’s used by pet food manufacturers to impart a golden brown tint to the finished product.

However, the concentrated version of this ingredient commonly known as caramel coloring has been more recently considered controversial and found to cause cancer in laboratory animals.5

In addition, we find peas. Peas are a quality source of carbohydrates. And like all legumes, they’re rich in natural fiber.

However, peas contain about 25% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the meat content of this dog food.

Next, we find no mention of probiotics, friendly bacteria applied to the surface of the kibble after processing to help with digestion.

We also note that the minerals listed here do not appear to be chelated. And that can make them more difficult to absorb. Non-chelated minerals are usually associated with lower quality dog foods.

And lastly, this food is preserved with BHA, a suspected cancer-causing agent.

Kibbles ‘n Bits Dog Food
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Kibbles ‘n Bits Dog Food looks like a below-average dry product.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 23%, a fat level of 15% and estimated carbohydrates of about 54%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 24% and a mean fat level of 12%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 56% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 48%.

Below-average protein. Below-average fat. And above-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

When you consider the protein-boosting effect of the soybean meal and peas, this looks like the profile of a dry product containing a limited amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Kibbles ‘n Bits is a plant-based dry dog food using a limited amount of beef-and-bone meal or meat-and-bone meal as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 1 star.

Not recommended.

Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Kibbles ‘n Bits Dog Food
Recall History

The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to this product line. If there are no recalls listed in this section, we have not yet reported any events.

You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. Or view the same list sorted alphabetically by brand.

To learn why our ratings have nothing to do with a product’s recall history, please visit our Dog Food Recalls FAQ page.

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Notes and Updates

09/29/2016 Last Update

  1. Adapted by the Dog Food Advisor and based upon the official definition for beef published by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, 2008 Edition
  2. Shirley RB and Parsons CM, , Effect of Ash Content on Protein Quality of Meat and Bone Meal, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois, Poultry Science, 2001 80: 626-632
  3. Wheat Middlings as defined in an article by Wikipedia
  4. International Agency for Research on Cancer
  5. Consumer Reports February 2014
  • Jennebell

    I love the “(ugh)WalMart”

  • miken72

    Like most humans dogs love junkfood. Of course she is going to love the taste.

  • Chris

    I’ve been feeding my 6 yr old German Shepherd this for 2 years and she loves it! When ever I come outside with her bowl she starts jumping on me trying to get her food lmao. I give it to her dry or mixed with wet gravy train canned dog food, but I always get the same reaction out her. As soon as I put her bowl down she starts eating it like it’s nothing.

  • Nadine Brownsuga Bailey

    I have 3 dogs whom I love dearly. A yr ago when it was only 1 of them I bought blue diamond small breed high energy for him. Even though it was the best food for him he started to loose weight as he wasn’t eating it. A friend of mine lost her dog and she gave me a Bag of Kibbles n Bits. I mixed it in
    with his food n he loved it. Fast forward a year later I now I three dogs who all get a mixture of Blue Diamond mixed with Kibbles n Bits and they eat n are the healthiest. The vet asked me what I did and I told him. They love Kibbles n Bits. I don’t mind then getting it, but because of its lack of nutrients I mix it and the blend is great. I won’t change their diet anytime soon. FYI Publix supermarket have them on BOGO sometimes.

  • Nadine Brownsuga Bailey

    I had to put my precious Dasha to sleep in 2009, I fed her Beneful. Didn’t realize until afterwards that that was the cause.

  • InkedMarie

    I was planning on trying a different food for these two but when I got to the store, Earthborn was on sale. I had a $3 coupon and $10 store coupon so two bags were $67. Different flavors but it’ll be an Earthborn summer LOL.

    Boone is staying on raw forever.

  • HoundMusic

    It’s so hard to find a food they do well on; I’m glad it’s working out and hope they continue to thrive 🙂 Boone is on raw, amirite?

  • Jack

    “Matt – your statement is an outright lie. Kibbles N’ Bits *does* meet AAFCO standards, although the brand does not conduct feeding trials.”

    Yeah, he also lied about the food having recall issues. According to this website Kibbles n Bits has not had a single recall since they started keeping track in 2009. Blue Buffalo and Wellness have an impressive recall history, though. Natura and Merrick too. Evangers supposedly human grade food apparently wasn’t . Oops. In 2017 alone it looks like 99% of the recalls were top rated brands.

  • InkedMarie

    [email protected] Zone!

    Ginger & O’Malley are on Earthborn Primitive Natural; so far so good!

  • HoundMusic

    Ha! I know what you mean. It’s… almost like the Twilight Zone 😀

  • InkedMarie

    I’m not sure if I should “like” your post or not LOL!!

  • HoundMusic

    Honestly, Marie, I never would have seen myself feeding it either 😉

    But, I needed something low fat/protein for an old hound with a liver problem, whose been having seizures and who we honestly thought was circling the drain 🙁 Then I have one that was misdiagnosed with an enlarged prostate (come to find out a few weeks ago it is actually ulcerative colitis – ugh) that also needed low fat/protein to manage the condition, but had no substance to him and couldn’t afford to lose an ounce. So, I thought, how bad could this food be? I’ll just give them a handful as treats in between meals and see if it helps with weight gain.

    I’m a bit slack jawed at their condition, though. I keep looking at the multi-colored pieces of artificial steak, cheese wedges and vegetables, then take a gander at the 11.5 year old dogs with plush, glossy coats and better pigment then they’ve had in a decade stealing my puppy’s blanket, running around the living room with it (wasn’t Bunny lying in a corner and walking hunched a few weeks ago?) and leaping off of furniture to attempt food theft in the kitchen (good Lord, Toby hasn’t done torpedo jumps in years). Then Rusty, with brain damage from the combination of dysfunctional liver/massive seizures, who stopped responding to much more than his name after last year’s cluster seizures, and not even that after the one in January, initiating play, getting excited over me asking if he’s stupid (he is), and frolicking over to the neighbor’s fence because he finally noticed the neighbor has a dog.

    Then I gaze into the bag, look at the Beagles, again look askance at the artificial cheese wedge, and pinch myself.

  • InkedMarie

    Never thought I’d see you feeding this food!

  • HoundMusic

    Would you be interested in offering proof that dogs fed those brands never make it past five years? Oddly enough, while I think genetics plays the greatest role and diet is only incidental, one of the oldest living dogs on record lived for at least half of its 29 years on this brand.

  • HoundMusic

    Matt – your statement is an outright lie. Kibbles N’ Bits *does* meet AAFCO standards, although the brand does not conduct feeding trials. However, if I am not mistaken, all or nearly all of the 5 star foods on this site not only conduct no feeding trials, neither do they have any research behind their formulas, and many, such as Orijen, exceed the daily requirement of mineral levels and protein to a dangerous degree. Due to several recent factors, it has been impossible for me to continue with 100% home cooked for seven dogs, and so I am experimenting with a few different brands. This is one of them, and I am exceedingly happy with the results. Below is a picture proving K n’ B does, in fact, have the AAFCO stamp.

  • HoundMusic

    I’m VERY late to this, but it irks me to no end when I hear that a dog who lived to be 20 could have lived longer, if only if was fed a “premium” food. I call bovine excreta. The holistic type foods have been around for 25-40 years, at least, and we don’t see dogs eating Solid Gold or Orijen – or raw – living to be anywhere near that age.

  • HoundMusic

    Prove it.

  • Jack

    I could not care less how many stars the dog food I feed received on this, or any other website. And pardon me for not believing the positive or negative comments at face value. If some uptight snob on the internet says Kibbles N Bits is The Devil, then surely I must believe it with not an iota of proof at all. I have this crazy notion that results matter, and your 5 star, diamond-studded, 24 carat gold gourmet Dog Caviar blessed by Christ himself means absolutely nothing if the dog does badly on it or if 5 star foods like Orijen cause actual problems like kidney and liver failure from the excessive protein and mineral content.

    What I do see here is only a reinforcement of my suspicion that the Dog Food Nazis have little to no practical experience in canine husbandry, and are merely relying on holistic-type scare tactic sites to source their misinformation. That, and many people here have their noses stuck so high in the air (one even made some derogatory comment about Walmart – you know, that place where those disgusting poor people go) I would not be surprised if they fell over backwards. Good day to you as well. When you cannot respond with reason and logic in lieu of talking points from internet sites, the discussion is over.

    I can see that facts and science are like garlic and holy water to the trendy dog food crowd.

  • Pitlove

    Hi Bebe-

    In the article “The Problem with Dog Food Reviews” Dr. Mike (the creator of this website) states:

    “So, does that mean a one-star dog food is bad for your dog?
    No, probably not. A dog food with a low star rating isn’t necessarily a bad product.
    It’s just that we believe you should always know what you’re paying for. So, dog foods made with by-products and less meat should, of course, cost less, too.”

    Something to consider when using the star ratings to judge a food. Also, you will find posts stating that just about any major pet food has killed dogs or made them extremely sick. Even Orijen which some folks consider “the best” food on the market. Take those comments with a grain of salt. Grieving pet parents need answers and often time blaming the food makes us feel better and have closure.

  • Bebe

    Well Jack, kibbles and bits is given ONE star out of five, lol, and the comments state that it has KILLED dogs, so I’m done talking here.

  • HoundMusic

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m a former dog food snob who found out the hard way those so-called holistic feeds don’t cut if for working or breeding dogs. Ingredients alone mean very little and dogs are not carnivores, but omnivorous scavengers, so it does make sense that some of the supposedly lower grade feeds would be better tolerated.

    I also have a dog battling chronic digestive issues after being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate last year. Even on homecooked, his dietary options are limited, and the sheer number of times he has to “go” in a day make him look a step above skeletal. I’m half afraid of introducing any new foods, but a few of the pack are due to see the Vet soon, so I just might ask his opinion on K&B for weight gain.

  • Jack

    Kibbles & Bits is only 9% fat/19% protein. Compare that to the grain free crap with off the charts mineral contents which science has proven does contribute to liver and kidney disease, and fat levels that range from 16-18+%, then tell me which food is “full of fat”.

  • Jack

    Thank you! Yes, the SkeptVet site was instrumental when I had questions about why the high protein and/or high end foods were giving us issues. He’s a very down to earth, rational person.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    Ps: add a little water to meals and brush the dogs teeth once a day, it makes a big difference (in my experience)

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    Not that I would ever feed Kibbles ‘n Bits, but I am glad that you found something that works.
    If you are interested in science based veterinary medicine, go to skeptvet dot com.
    I have found the site very helpful.

  • Jack

    Over the past 15-16 years, I’ve fed any number of the high dollar designer foods that were supposed to help dogs be healthier and live longer, yet they all lived to at or well below their breed average, some with a plethora of issues that could be directly linked to diet. Even tried raw feeding for almost 3 years, but the dogs looked like crap and had no stamina. The cultist Yahoo raw feeding group accused me of doing it wrong, though I researched extensively and am a chemical technician who would not have the job if I were so mentally deficient as to be unable to formulate a diet for my dogs.

    Now I have a nine year old who got deathly sick on the raw diet; white blood cell count, ALP, BUN and blood creatinine levels all high over a long-term basis. Even cooking his food, which was extremely time consuming, financially draining, and a good, old-fashioned PITA, did not resolve his problems entirely. Always loose stools, in copious amounts, like his digestive system could not get back in some semblance of order.

    When his low weight started getting worrisome on a home prepared diet supplemented with pricey dog vitamins, probiotics, canned pumpkin, etc., ad infinitum, I had come to the end of my tether. His frequent infections often spread from kidney to prostate, and many days, he was in a constant state of pain or discomfort. In a last ditch effort to help him, I started supplementing with small amounts of Kibbles N Bits (a handful between meals) to help with weight gain.

    He not only did gain weight quickly, he loved his new food, and his bowel movements normalized over the course of a week. That was in January, and he has not been plagued by diarrhea, frequent infections, or any sort of digestive discomfort since. His energy is not only improved to such a degree I am able to take him on long walks again, HIS PERSONALITY IS BACK 110%. I had forgotten who this dog was, he spent so long feeling poorly. All because I allowed myself to be duped by marketing gimmicks, hype, unscientific, unfounded claims, and know-it-alls on the internet. Needless to say, I am content with the much maligned Kibbles N Bits, and so, too, is Thor. My other three dogs have since been switched to this from their fancy-schmancy boutique food (Fromm), and are just thriving.

  • MemorieLane1980 .

    I was once the biggest dog food snob going. Can’t tell you how many times I’d lurk around the pet aisles in my local supermarket just to “educate” owners about the dangers of Evil Corn Based foods. This was done out of a genuine concern for the welfare of dogs, because I truly and wholeheartedly believed these foods were not just low quality, but would be responsible for shortening the lifespan of our canine friends, and cause a plethora of health problems along the way.

    But my dogs could never seem to eat these high priced designer foods for more than a few months without breaking down, and we experienced those issues that were supposed to be limited to dogs eating low quality “junk” food. Over the past 16 years I’ve tried Wellness, Innova, Merrick, Fromm, Blue Wilderness, Healthwise, Orijen, Canidae, Evolve,Taste of the Wild and Nutro Ultra/Wild Frontier. I finally gave up on commercial kibble and went over to raw. Two months in, and one (Daschund/terrier mix) started having severe seizures. His blood tests showed elevated ALP, which the Vet thought indicated a liver shunt, but he was 9 years old and that’s usually congenital. I was told high protein diets could sometimes contribute, but I wasn’t buying it. Raw was the ultimate way to feed a carnivore, after all.

    Then my other dog (7 year old Golden Retriever mix) swallowed a chunk of pork neck bone the summer after starting raw. She could not be induced to vomit it up and required surgery. I spent over $3,000 in veterinary bills to save her life. She also had a molar pulled, it was so badly fractured.

    Dog three, a 10 year old Lab/Shepherd mix, had a stroke one evening and had passed away the next afternoon due to a series of strokes and what appeared to be a heart attack. He was 11.5 years old. Cause of death is unknown but speculated to be from a brain tumor or Cushing’s disease.

    In the meantime, my Golden mix could no longer tolerate raw food. Heck, she couldn’t even tolerate cooked food. Boiling chicken and rice still gave her the “squirts”, and protein heavy foods seemed to upset her stomach. Vomiting, diarrhea and eliminating in the house up to a dozen times a day was the name of the game. She was absolutely MISERABLE 100% of the time. My Vet recommended Eukanuba for digestive upsets, and in desperation, I tried it. What do you know, but it actually helped her some. Still, she refused to eat it half the time and looked a step above skeletal. She had no substance, and that worried me more.

    You have to understand by this point, I was both desperate and doubting what I had always been told about what constituted quality kibble. Since starting with these untested “ultra-premium” designer foods, my dogs had lived somewhat below average lifespan for their breed, and 12 was the oldest one had ever gotten to. How could this be, with so many dogs over the course of my life, that none fed these supposedly superior foods did very well or lived very long?

    So when she stopped eating Eukanuba altogether, I tried Pedigree, which STOPPED HER DIARRHEA IN ITS TRACKS. It did what countless medications and OTC holistic treatments could not accomplish. I was so amazed by the remarkable transformation this cheap grocery store food caused, that when she still needed to gain a few pounds, I decided to supplement with Kibbles N Bits for the extra calories. She loved it so much that six months later it’s still her main food.

    She loves to eat. She is no longer suffering from constant pain caused by digestive upsets. Her coat is shiny, thick and I’m always getting comments on what great shape she’s in. Her weight is perfect. Her joie de vivre is back. She can go on walks without losing stamina, like she would when I had her on raw. Speaking of that, right before I took the dogs off raw, I mentioned to my husband that they looked so dingy it was like we were feeding them grocery store food. Well, I take that back. They look better on lowly Kibbles N Bits then they did when I was spending $60+ for a designer marketing gimmick.

  • Cylie Fields

    Thank you for the advice, I am switching my dogs to actrium holistic right now which is much better quality and inexpensive, it has things like chicken meal, chicken, chicken cartilage, fruits and veggies in it. Here is the ingredients list and this food is only available in Canada. Chicken meal, brown rice, oatmeal, potatoes, rye, millet, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E), chicken, chicken cartilage (natural source of glucosamine), natural flavour, tomatoes, salmon meal, salmon oil (a natural source of dha), whole dried egg, flaxseed, kelp, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, dicalcium phosphate, lecithin, sodium chloride, chicory root extract, cranberries, alfalfa, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries, pears, bananas, Vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, niacin, Vitamin C, inositol, d-calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, beta carotene, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, Vitamin K, biotin, Vitamin B12 supplement, zinc proteinate, ferrous sulfate, iron proteinate, zinc oxide, copper proteinate, copper sulfate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, calcium iodate, sodium selenite), probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei, enterococcus faecium, bifidobacterium thermophilum), yucca schidigera extract, dried rosemary, cinnamon, turmeric, capsicum, chamomile, dandelion, paprika, garlic

  • willie harris

    We also feed our dogs kibbles and bits, we had one die when he was a few months away from 22 yrs old. He was golden retriever/basset hound mix. Another one of our dogs that died was a boxer, he was almost 14. That is a long time for a boxer. When we first got him he was 7 nd we was told by lots of boxer owners and researched it ourselves that he would be lucky to make it past 10yrs. I switched from this food cause of all the bad reviews and i did gradually switch like your suppose to but 1 of my dogs completely changed but i just thought it was jealousy over a new dog that we got. I took her to the vet but with no vomiting or anything they didn’t have much to go by. They just told me that with the new dog she might be that way. I recently switched them to kibbled and bits cause none of my dogs were eating well. The very day i started weeding the out food out, she started acting like her old self. I think just like others on here. That it depends on the dog. Just like with humans, two people can eat the same food and 1 person may get sick while the other doesn’t. Same with medication for us.

  • InkedMarie

    Hi Cylie,
    If you are in the US, look into buying grinds from one of the companies out there: Hare Today, Reel Raw, My Pet Carnivore, Raw Feeding Miami. I use grinds from Hare that are meat/bone/organ & some have tripe. Much cheaper than premade but you will need a stand alone freezer.
    Kibbles & Bits is low quality. You may have some upset tummies. I would suggest fasting your dogs for one meal then just dive right in. Even info you dont buy from them, you can email Tracey at Hare Today or Carla at RFM; both are very helpful.

  • Cylie Fields

    I think I may go the pre made raw route as well, I just don’t feel like any dog food is the best for dogs, it will be tight since i have 2 medium/large dogs, and a small dog, but I think I can make it work, even if I can’t afford pre made raw I will still buy way better quality food then what I feed right now (kibbles & bits) I never thought dog food could be so dangerous.

  • shilohboy

    You are so right,I found this out years ago.

  • tbunnyacox

    You know you are supposed to gradually switch pet foods when changing brands, right? I see several people here talking about how their pets started vomiting or had diarrhea and I wonder if that is because of the food or because of the method when changing foods, if you just introduce a new food without mixing it with the old food and gradually tapering down the old food, it can upset their stomach.

  • tbunnyacox

    Beneful causes seizures, I haven’t ever heard of Kibbles & Bits causing them, but there are countless stories online from people whose pets had seizures and even died after eating Beneful brands…

  • circe801

    Beneful is only slightly better than K&B. At least it contains some meat, though it’s still crap, garbage food…

  • circe801

    It might be what he’ll eat and not be sick, but unfortunately, it’s some of the worst quality foods on the market. It isn’t made with any actual real meat (which is what dogs need) and is LOADED with grains (which is the cheapest and worst thing for a dog). Not good at all. Have you tried Pure Balance from (ugh)WalMart? I use it, it’s much more highly rated, has NO corn, wheat or soy–ALL THREE of which the K&B is full of) and the cost is on par with the crap you’re feeding. The K&B might be palatable for your dog, but, long-term, it is just not a good idea…

  • Stephenine Avila

    My dog got deathly I’ll with the Rachel Ray dog food. I coupling find the chef bistro so I had to have it shipped from Kansas to California. This dog food is the best for him. Whatever works for your dog, like people, we are all different

  • Amanda Couch

    So I have used bentiful incredible bites especially from 2014 to 2015 and my Maltese dog started having seizures almost right after going to this brand. We were having them 3 to 6 times a week. Took her to the vet nothing could be done. They felt due to her being 4 lbs that the antiseizure meds would do more harm. We switched to rachel ray dog food. After reading online that this brand Purina was causing seizures in some dogs. I am writing this now because my husband just bought kibbles n bits dog food because we were broke at the time. And my Maltese had a seizure after eating this food. She had completely stopped having them once we switched to rachel ray dog food. And now my English bulldog is throwing up and acting lethargic. I am pissed that this food made both sick. I threw the bag away and went and got rachel ray dog food. Never again will by either products.

  • Jen DeClue

    Well either way… I only switched my babies food for a few feedings due to an rather unforseen reason, only to switch back to their normal food. I will NEVER use Kibbles n Bits dog food ever again. I won’t even feed that garbage to the wild raccoons outside.

  • John

    Better options are sold in better quality pet food stores, like Acana, Kasiks, Nutrisource to name a few. Kibble is not appropriate food for dogs, but what is termed as “better” kibble is not sold at big pet food stores.

  • John

    There are so many better options. Try Nutrisource, Acana, Kasiks, to name a few. I feed pre-made raw. Raw fed dogs have less visits to the vet.

  • theBCnut

    I’m so sorry you had to learn the hard way how bad this food is. All the food dyes, artificial preservatives, and other horrid ingredients can really do a number on poor dogs.

  • Azul

    It’s best to stay away from the cheapest foods if you can.
    Tractor Supply has some good foods that aren’t too expensive.
    Especially for little dogs. Taste of the wild, 4health.

  • Jen DeClue

    I just recently switched to Kibbles and bits Homestyle dog food and at first my started vomiting and 24 hours later my Yorkie started vomiting. I’m taking it back and I will never use Kibbles and bits again.

  • Katie Vance

    Anyone that actually does research or looks at ingredients would know not to buy this food or any of the other low quality cheap filler foods like this. So many people just go and grab whatever and buy the crappiest food. Petsmart and petco barely even carry these crap foods anymore because they know they are bad. Natural foods with no corn, soy, by products etc are the way to go.

  • Pitlove

    Hi Ray-

    Any chance you could afford Purina ONE or Purina Pro Plan? It would be a lot better than Kibbles N Bits for a growing large breed puppy. Both Purina lines make a large breed puppy formula.

  • Ray Caldwell

    I give my GSD American Grill I had no problems whatsoever….so I guess it depends on the dog. Plus my GSD is only 4 moths, but I knew this type of food wasn’t the best and definitely want her on better but its was all could afford at the time and I was going back and fourth on what kinds to get but I ended up giving her PureBalance dry and I mixed the Freshpet Select chicken in with it and she goes crazy!

  • Doxie7

    My dogs have been on Pure Balance since it came out a few years ago..We love it…One had a tummy/gas problem..not anymore…..This is a VERY good dog food 4 out of 5 star and you get it at Walmart..I buy the Dr. Brown bag ..NO grain Salmon/pea also have Turkey no grain

  • Matt

    I work at a Pet food store (not Pet smart) and we do not carry kibbles n’ bits because it doesn’t it doesn’t fully meet Aafco’s minimum requirements.

    While Kibbles n’ bits is cheap/affordable, there are a host of other options. To note a few: Professional, Purina Pro Plan, Holistic Select, Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, Earth born, Merrick, and probably the most expensive but highest quality, Orijen.. Any of those will increase the health and longevity of your animal.

    Feeding your dog kibbles n’bits, even if they love it, is akin to giving your child McDonalds for breakfast and dinner for most of their childhood. While your dog may love it, his/her body certainly does not. Kibbles N’bits does nothing for your dogs joint and brain health overtime. Cognitive decline that one may see in a 10-11 year old dog could onset years earlier with this absolutely pitiful excuses for a dog food.

    Switching to a premium Brand will save you so much in Vet Bills in the long run. The company that sells this brand is interested in money, just look at the amount of recalls this food has had, it’s ludacris.

  • Bebe

    Thank you both for your lists! Good to have.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Sad, but true. 🙁

  • Bebe

    He said flat out that it would kill my little chiyorkie

  • theBCnut

    I agree with your vet about how bad this food is, but the farm dog won’t handle it better. It’s just expected to die of something sooner.

  • mahoraner niall

    i hate when people say “humans eat junk food to” when they are comparing it to dogs.
    sure we have junk as a treat once and a while , but eating junk every day of your life? no wonder why 99% of dog on this food, and beneful, and dog chow etc die within their first 5 years of life

  • Bebe

    My vet told me that kibbles and bits is mostly fats, dyes and sugar that taste good but will destroy my chiyorkies kidneys and liver. He said an old farm dog may be able to handle it better but is a very low grade food

  • Crazy4dogs

    Actually Michelle Cole the table food is probably better for them, even though it’s unbalanced, than feeding them Kibbles and Bits in any form. Why don’t you look for a 3 star food, as InkedMarie suggested or the food Babslynne suggested and get your dogs on a better food. It would be better for them. It does take some transitioning to get them to adjust, but they will be healthier in the long run!

  • Babslynne

    Costco has a vey affordable dry kibble called Kirkland brand that’s rated 4.5 stars for around $13 a bag for the small breed formula, Wal-Mart also has a 4 star brand called “Pure Balance” that’s very affordable. Whatever you end up getting you will probably have to mix it with the table scraps a little bit at a time until they get used to it. You can also try giving them a Tbsp. of PLAIN canned pumpkin (NOT the pie mix) if they will eat it, to keep them from getting Diarrhea.

  • InkedMarie

    First, this is the Dog Food Advisor, not Kibbles & Bits.
    Second, you have smart dogs: this food is very low quality
    Look for a better food. On the left above, click on the reviews. I suggest starting with a 3 star food & be prepared for diarrhea. It happens whe dogs are used to poor food & start eat something better.

  • Michelle Cole

    My two dogs have been eating the old style with bull dog on bag for 9 years,since you have changed the formula they will not touch it,or eat any other,im feeding them table food and know it is not good for them but dont know what to do,been looking on every site hoping to find somebody who is selling old style,im in a panic and wish you would of never changed it.

  • Tony

    so Mr Don you’re saying that it’s OK for the FDA to allow us to slowly get poisoned, it sounds like to me that you need to get an education so you don’t sound like a fool, the United States has the highest cancer rate than any other country in the world, the FDA allows antibiotics & hormones to be fed to our live stock causing us to be immune to the antibiotics and little girls at the age of 8 or 9 to start growing breasts, they also allow as a preservative mercury or lead to be put in our vaccines that they give to our children causing United States to have the highest autism rate in the world, if they can do that, do you really think they care about our dogs, there is also over 6,000 different chemicals that they are not even regulating, the FDA is working for the interests of big companies, there is a lot of countries around the world that won’t even accept or touch our food,eespecially are beef and poultry, so I say go get an education before you start talking that way about these good people that are trying to help us, (you sound like an uneducated fool) so learn what you’re talking about before you talk about it, not everybody that smokes cigarettes dies of cancer or has their limbs cut off either, I also say one of the biggest enemy of the world is stupidity, so grow up and learn something that is

  • Nurse Ratchette

    Just tried the American Grill and my dogs have been vomiting all over the place. DO NOT BUY THIS TRASH!

  • Myles Wood


  • Sherry

    My dogs have been on K & B Small breed for years and years. One just passed a year ago at age 15. one of my others will be 17 in October, I also have a 9 year old and a 7 year old. My 17 year old is very picky and this was what she wanted.

  • Azariia

    Just from personal experience, my dog did almost die from eating Beneful. My mom was feeding her this brand for almost 2 years and as time went on I noticed her health was slowly declining. AND SHE WAS 3 YEARS OLD. She became lethargic by a year and a half and then she started losing her hair. She had literally no desire to do anything anymore. I figured out this garbage that my mom was feeding her and immediately switched to Blue Buffalo. Now I actively use this site – which is literally a life saver – and currently feed Fresh Pet Deli Selects Wet Food. As soon as I switched my dog’s food, within a week I noticed a difference in her activity levels. Soon she regained all her hair and was acting like a 3 year old Italian Greyhound should. I blame Purina for almost killing my dog, and no I did not report it anywhere which is another reason the stastics could be so low for owners that complained. It wasn’t just diarrhea.

    And if you’re going to ask how this contributes to Kibbles n Bits, it is because my sister (who I do not talk to often) is now going through the same thing with her 8 year old Boston terrier who is eating this garbage. And guess what my advice to her is? SWITCH THE FOOD. Literally killing dogs.

  • Dori

    Please read the link. It’s on diet rotation and all it’s benefits for your dog.

  • InkedMarie

    A couple things…..first, both foods are very poor quality but the diarrhea was caused by YOU because you gave her a new food without transitioning to a new food. You could have bought one of the really high quality foods & would have had the same result. I tell people to take a week to transition to a new food but nwhen people have been feeding crappy food, I tell them to literally swap one or two kibbles of new for old. If you want to feed a better food, we can help.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Both are low rated foods with a LOT of red flagged ingredients. You might want to research the 3 star dog foods on this site and slowly transition to a better rated food. Many 3☆ – 4☆ foods cost the same or less and have better ingredients. You usually feed less of the better rated food so the cost may be the same or less.

    Here are the links:

  • DogFoodie

    This is what will happen when your dogs are eating a poor quality food and when they aren’t accustomed to rotation.


    I gave my dogs kibbles last night because publix was out of my beneful. At 2 am I awoke to my dog whimpering incessantly in her cage because she had diarrhea everywhere. This has also happened once before when I bought this brand but she was in heat so I thought maybe she just had a tummy ache from cramping. NEVER buying this food again I’m going out now to get her real food! My poor fur baby 🙁

  • Shannon

    I had a Golden Retriever that ate K&B for years! We then switched her to Beneful which she ate until she passed away at the age of just short of 16 years! She did fine with both! We now have another Golden and a Fox Hound Mix That have been eating Purina Dog Chow all their lives (Golden is 8 and Fox Hound is 6) I went shopping and Publix didnt have their brand that day so I picked up a Bag of K&B and thought well it will be a treat to have a bag of something different and then go back to their usual…The Golden was fine with it! My Fox Hound Mix..NOT so Much! Almost immediatly I noticed loose stools (Which I at first thought was him getting used to the different food) He loved it! Actually would stand by the container almost begging to be fed more! But after the loose stools I noticed he was belching not long after eating and by the end of the first week was actually drooling and foaming at the mouth within 20 minutes of eating and had vomited several times? We of course dumped that food and went back to their Purina! He was not happy with us! Funny that something that clearly didnt agree with him and he was begging for it? So what I learned from this is while it agrees with some dogs…it may not with others! Almost like he had an allergy to it?


    Our dog was 18yrs old when she passed last year and ate this exclusivly all her life without any problems,she wouldn’t touch anything else.

  • losul

    Would it be alright to call you Done now rather than Don?

    LOL, just kidding.

  • Dori

    Your referring to pitlove as silly was okay? I think you were the one not being nice.

  • Don

    Be nice. Let’s not start calling each other names.

  • Don

    I wholeheartedly agree. This was the point I was trying to make. You said it more eloquently than I.

  • losul

    I looked at several MSDA’s from various manufacturers a couple months ago. If I rember right, they were all MSDA’s on food grade products, including the one listed above. The one listed above was much more forthcoming with the warnings and precautions than the others I looked. Seemed like yeah, many of them ARE keeping it under wraps!

  • Shawna

    The argument against this will be that the MSDS is for undiluted and straight PG and Don has mentioned illness, but not death, from acute exposure.

    My concern is that PG is PREVALENT in our air, water supply (and therefore fish, carpeting and so on, per a paper I just read. If there is any chronic or acute issue with it (even in small but frequent exposure) industry is going to do everything it can to keep it under wraps for as long as it can. Just like they’ve done with aspartame (which is GRAS) and fluoride. There were plenty of studies suggesting the lack of issues, and even health implications, with both but in the end the truth came out. That is why I will continue to avoid PG as much as possible.

  • Dori

    Thanks losul for posting regarding chronic use of PG.

  • aquariangt

    it was a bit ago, maybe a month or something. He was defending some food or the other

  • aquariangt

    right-what Shawna said 🙂

  • Shawna

    No, Dori.. The Soylent guy was ThatCoolGuy (or something like that).

  • Shawna

    Interesting about the beef and bone meal question as I posted data from the FDA regarding the contamination of beef and bone meal with pentobarbital and got no response from Don. Maybe the conversation with you happened before I posted that though?

  • Dori

    aquariangt. Oh, that was him about the soylent comments? Huh!?! Well, if so, then I really don’t know why we’re discussing PG or any other ingredient with him.

  • Shawna

    The FDA didn’t “realize the issue” until MANY pets became ill and died. If the ingredients melamine was in had been more widely used, say in the higher quality foods like I feed, there would have been significantly more illnesses and deaths. Melamine slipped through because it wasn’t being tested for. What else is not tested for?

    I’ve also read that the agents inspecting foods coming in are only testing a small number of those foods/ingredients as they are significantly under staffed. Is that not correct?

    Edit — do you up vote all your own posts or just certain ones?

  • LabsRawesome

    And he upvotes all of his own posts. LMAO.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Some people either just like to argue for the sake of arguing or cannot be converted. 🙁

  • pitlove

    ya i realize that now lol i was just trying to stick it to Don, but my point still stands

  • Crazy4dogs

    I agree with you that PG shouldn’t be in food and I think beneful is a poor excuse for dog food, but it would be chronic rather than acute poisoning as a result of the buildup of a toxin over an extended period of time.

  • losul

    Don, if there were health advantages PG mitigating the damages, and i don’t believe there are any, you may have some kind of argument.

    Why do you think they put PG into KB’s ? I think it’s for 2 main reasons, both as a palatibility enhancer, a way to allow the food 2 retain more water without spoilage. K&B has twice the water of any ordinary kibble. So it can help entice the dog to eat otherwise unpalatible ingredients, and they can sell you more water in the process.

    Here’s an MSDA right from a manufacturer of PG, notice some of these items, because you minimize acute poisoning, lets look at some chronic effects;

    “The substance may be
    toxic to central nervous system (CNS). Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage.”

    “Chronic Effects” on Humans: May cause damage to the following organs: central nervous system (CNS).

    “Ingestion: Prolonged or repeated ingestion may cause hyperglycemia and may affect behavior/CNS (symptoms similar to that
    of acute ingestion). “

    Special Remarks on Chronic Effects on Humans:
    May affect genetic material (mutagenic). May cause adverse reproductive effects and birth defects (teratogenic) based on
    animal test data.

  • pitlove

    I do agree with you Shawna. Whether or not it is toxic for me is not my concern. It doesnt show to have any benefits either. And yes, just like you said, even the by-product meal alone is enough reason to not feed this food. I don’t need to be able to prove 100% that PG is the only reason that this food and others are unhealthy. They are unhealthy for so many other reasons.

  • aquariangt

    I agree with this statement. The question I’m awaiting him to answer, is why choose those over a healthier option, and what are the benefits of PG. I agree, it’s unlikely to hit toxicity levels, but why feed it? He’s really just trying to justify a poor feeding choice.

  • Crazy4dogs

    There is such a thing as “chronic”. Just like the mercury in fish. Fish are approvedIn small amounts, it can be tolerated. But when fed daily on a continuous basis, it becomes toxic. The same can be said for PG.
    FDA approved fish list:

    Mercury in fish:

  • Shawna

    Sadly, I don’t think you and the others rallying against PG are going to win this battle. I tried to find the science and I just couldn’t. I don’t think PG is without consequences and I personally wouldn’t eat/feed foods with it (regularly at least) but I am still unable to find anything relevant that would help win this argument.

    That said, there are PLENTY of reasons besides PG to avoid foods like Kibbles n’ Bits, Beneful and the likes. Folks seem to be using the lack of science surrounding PG as an excuse to advocate for these poor quality foods. If we focus on the other reasons they are problematic (like potential contamination with pentobarbital) they will hopefully lose steam. Just my opinion.

  • Dori

    Don, you’re absolutely correct. You’re not going to see another side to this discussion so why continue it. It’s not solely the amount of PG in a dog food it’s that they are consuming PG every single day for their entire lives. Most people that feed inexpensive foods find one food and stick with it therefore they are consuming quite a bit of PG over their lifetime. You know that if you’re willing to use some common sense. But you’re not willing to concede that this side of the topic makes sense. It is common sense you know. I think we should just drop this discussion as it is pointless with you.

  • Shawna

    I think what Dori meant was as their only source of nutrients on a regular basis.

    You are right, we don’t see kids dropping dead from ice cream and soda but we do see disease in these kids — morbid obesity as just one example. Propylene glycol can not be blamed for these illnesses (at least exclusively) but it is an ingredient, in my opinion, utilized in lower quality “foods”.

  • pitlove

    i drink a lot of soda. at least PG isnt in Coke or at least its not on the label 😀 but i also care a lot more about what my dog and my cat ingest than what i do.

  • Dori

    I live in the USA, what country do you live in and what people do you know? I for one don’t drink soda ever. I know very few people that drink soda every single day, two or three times a day every day for their entire lives. You seem to know a seriously unhealthy group of people or, at least, people that are not particularly concerned with their long term health.

  • aquariangt

    As I stated above, I checked 3 coke products that we have in stock (I work in food and beverage, and as I stated, I don’t work with low quality ingredients that use PG) and they didn’t have PG. Perhaps an even lower quality than Coke contains PG, but as Coke is the most commonly drank soft drink brand in the world, I believe it is a solid control group

  • Dori

    pitloves post is no nonsense. That’s not nonsense. That’s the point!!!!!

  • pitlove

    explain to me how that doesnt make sense to you.

    its called OVEREXPOSURE

  • Don

    You’ve diverged into nonsense.

  • Don

    People don’t eat soft drinks daily? What country is this?

  • pitlove

    I think when a dog eats beneful for 10 years for every meal of every day that constitutes as acute propylene glycol poisoning

  • Dori

    People do not eat ice cream, soft drinks, frosting, etc. day in day out as their only foods all day every day for all their lives and nothing else. If they do, then maybe that’s part of the reason why we have so much cancer in this country as compared to others. We eat more garbage and low quality foods than any other country in the world.

  • aquariangt

    Agreed. As I said above, I believe this guy (like the last PG nut we had on here) is just aggressively trying to justify his poor feeding choices.

  • Don

    “in acute propylene glycol poisoning”
    It is not in any normal amount of use.

    Death is also a result of Water Toxicity.

    This discussion is pointless.

  • aquariangt

    That was the only portion of those studies that was even remotely related to my comment, but it still doesn’t truly answer the question

  • pitlove

    Physiological EffectsTopical application to injured skin (as a component of burn creams) or intravenous administration (as an excipient in certain anticonvulsant, antianginal, antibiotic, or other medications) has sometimes been associated with


    lactic acidosis,

    intravascular hemolysis,

    complications of CNS depression,



    hypoglycemia, and

    renal failureCentral Nervous System EffectsCNS depression is the primary manifestation of acute propylene glycol poisoning.

    Sounds nutrious to me

  • aquariangt

    I did, and my comment still stands.

  • Dori

    C4D. I agree with you that it shouldn’t be in anything that we consume but don’t forget that (hopefully) you’re not eating Edy’s ice cream twice a day every day for all your life.

    It’s part of the argument, I think, that people who feed their dogs food with PG don’t seem to understand or don’t want to understand. They may think that because the FDA says it’s okay, it’s not okay when that is the only thing you are eating day in and day out. I doubt highly that anyone on the FDA bothered to give that any thought whatsoever. They typically don’t think things through to the end. That’s why, I believe, they approve as many harmful ingredients that they do approve.

  • Don

    You didn’t read the studies, did you?

    This discussion is pointless.

  • pitlove

    What I find really interesting is that if you read other Purina labels for different lines that they make, they don’t use PG in Purina ONE, ProPlan etc. Why use it in Beneful, but not in the others? Beneful is (at least where I work) their most inexpensive line…I wonder why. While I don’t think of any Purina product as a high quality premium dog food, I just find it curious that as the price goes up for other Purina lines, the PG suddenly doesn’t exist.

  • aquariangt

    As a matter of fact, you haven’t. You’ve provided studies that support PG not being toxic. Could you please provide studies that support the health benefits of including PG in food? Or why it should be used over other healthy, known ingredients?

  • Don

    I’ve provided data, and multiple studies to support my point. All you have offered is your own opinion and hearsay.

  • pitlove

    yes, they do. you are an extremely media driven person. what is please explain to me why i should care what this website says over someone i know who worked for the company and witnessed what gets put in the food.
    here’s a website i found randomly on google that says that cellulose IS wood pulp and other plant fibers

    edit: my question about PG still didnt get answered. why are you pro PG being used in your food and your dogs food?

  • aquariangt

    I wasn’t. You stated the percentages, and how much higher they were than PG or low quality food reaction, and I pointed out the flaw in that-being that you aren’t going to get the same data. The analogy was merely to point out something people do, not everyone gets sick from, but we don’t go around toting that you might as well smoke. That is the same logic you are using for feeding your dog poorly.
    As stated, I do not care a lick if PG is technically toxic. It isn’t healthy, it isn’t a quality ingredient, and I don’t know any quality human or dog foods that use it. you are justifying feeding your dog poorly.

  • Don
  • Don

    There are plenty of scientific studies on Polyproplene glycol.

    The substance is metabolized into something much like citric acid, the Body is able to process the substance in a very easy manner. It is neither embryo-fetotoxic, nor

    There are no known cases of death EVER in humans from the compound.

    Studies overwhelmingly show that toxicity in the blood only happens at extreme concentrations.

    There were a few kids that drank VERY high quantities of it in a pure form (several liters at once) and got sick, and someone else injected themselves with it, but none of them died.

    And, I should state that anything can be toxic when you do either of these two things. In 2007 a woman died in a radio contest from water toxicity, after drinking too much water, in a short period of time.

    You can get them from independent journals:



    I suggest you use Google Scholar for your research:

    Now, if you want to talk about the toxicity of Ethylene Glycol, that’s another story. Highly toxic. Deadly.

    The smoking bit was your own analogy, you chose it… So why do you argue with your own analogy?

  • pitlove

    Ok, on a serious note here I think it’s time for you to stop Don. Your first post was talking about how because YOUR dog loves the taste and texture of K&B (animal digest being the reason: The ninth ingredient is animal digest. Animal digest is a chemically hydrolyzed mixture of animal by-products that is typically sprayed onto the surface of a dry kibble to improve its taste.) and you have had no problems with it, it is a good food that deserves 4 stars, not 1. Then your claiming you did research where because the FDA said it’s ok for toxic chemicals to be consumed in human food and dog food it’s ok for dogs and us to ingest it. Now you’re telling aquriangt that one persons experience is “conjecture” and does not represent the vast majority. You literally make no sense. I’m sorry you still have not figured out that the government is not a perfect system and they allow things to happen that should not be happening, but please I’d really like to know why you are so strongly for PG and other toxic waste being in dog and human food. There is literally no nutritional value in PG. I’d also like to know if your an advocate for McDonald’s using wood pulp as a filler in their burgers. Humans can not digest wood pulp, like how dogs can not digest corn, therefore thats why you are still hungry after eating at McDonald’s. Just because the FDA says something is fit for human consumption is does not mean you should blindly agree with what goes into yours or your dogs body.

  • Shawna

    Awe, but here we get into quality and ingredient list again. Do smokers who smoke brands such as Native American Spirit which contains only tobacco and not all the additives, like formaldehyde and sugar, get lung cancer at that increased rate? Probably not. More likely, it is the smokers that smoke the “lower quality” and highly contaminated cigarettes that have the highest disease rates. JUST like the pets and people that eat the lower quality foods that have all the additives. Will one specific additive make a difference, maybe not. Adding many together though? Nobody knows the synergy of all these low quality nutrients together?

    Edit — afterthought. Dropping dead, vomiting and diarrhea from eating a food are not the only symptoms from eating poor quality ingredients. If you have looked at nutrogenomics you will know that lower quality foods (ingredients) can have an impact on ones genes and the expression of genetic illnesses.

  • aquariangt

    What difference does that make?

    Quote from you:

    “You should know Propylene glycol is used in Ice Cream, Frosting, Soda and a host of other human foods”
    And I am relaying that just like in dog food, Propylene Glycol in human food is in low quality human foods. And while people can eat them, and potentially not have adverse effects, that doesn’t make it something you want to eat.

    If you’d like to compare this to science, please link me research showing a human that ate every meal being low quality ingredients containing propylene glycol and use that as a control group, as opposed to saying it’s contained in human food. Again, do you feed the same dog food every meal, and if so, for how long have you? That’s what you’re comparing this to, not the fact that it is in human food.

    On the note of smoking- you are comparing something that is always going to be on record, as opposed to the dog world, where most certainly many, many cases of dog illness and death could be linked to food but is not. Not only do those problems not get linked to food, many people don’t even get help when their dog is in trouble, because they don’t give them that same consideration that they would themselves. I would say the number of the last note is increased amongst those that feed a low quality, filler laden food

    Edit to separate paragraphs

  • Don

    Um.. almost 10% of smokers get lung cancer.

    You are introducing a lot of conjecture from your own experience which is not likely representative of the larger population…You are positing personal experience and personal preference in place of science and research.

  • Crazy4dogs

    On a similar but different note, I saw the human PG list & Edy’s peppermint ice cream was on it. I had some in my freezer from the holidays (it wasn’t as popular as I thought it would be). Sure enough, PG in the ingredient list. Gone, & never again. So disappointed that I missed that. 🙁

  • aquariangt

    The % of people who smoke that get cancer isn’t honestly that high either, so do we tell people that you might as well? The argument of “Well, most dogs don’t have a problem, so people blow this out of proportion” to me, are akin to smoking. Or even someone who eats mcdonalds or the like day in and day out. Don’t try to tell me it’s “Ok” because it’s “food”.

    While PG may be in SOME lower quality products for human consumption (I saw some because I just looked at 3 different coke products, none of which included PG, and I consider coke to be a low quality soda) It’s not in all ice creams or frostings, none that I use anyway.

    Even were this the case, people that feed low quality food like baneful or kibbles n bits almost always stick to that forever. What child or adult do you know that eats the exact same propylene glycol inclusive product for their entire caloric intake? Because, again, people that usually feed lower quality food, from my experience often don’t feed any toppers or even training treats, they feed their food and then expect their dog to be fine.
    Bottom line, all the Propylene Glycol discussions that have been on DFA in the last few months break down to people attempting to justify their low quality food to others. I’m sincerely glad there hasn’t been a problem for a large % of dogs, but I’m going to continue not feeding this questionable ingredient.

  • Don

    “Pre or post melamine…”

    Pre and post. The FDA was the one who realized the issue with melamine in the food supply and then acted to secure the food supply.

    Regarding nutrigenomics, UC Davis is leading the way in the study of this.

  • Shawna

    “The USDA Animal Care and Food Safety department deals with feed safety and heavily influences policy. FAS Works with foreign governments to ensure the safety of the food supply, additives and chemical safety measures.”

    Curious, was this pre or post melamine?

    Are you familiar with nutrigenomics?

  • Shawna

    Comparing meatloaf to ingredients like beef and bone meal and plant proteins is a big leap in my opinion. Exaggerating a difference in quality? There’s a reason 4D animals aren’t allowed in human foods.

  • pitlove

    I assumed we were having a back and forth adult conversation. I’m not worked up or upset at all. You however, have been extremely irrate at this website and people who frequent it. This website is frequented by people who deeply love and care for their dog(s), for what they are biologically and that is a carnivorous animal. We are not interested in what the FDA says is “ok” or “safe” to put in dog food OR human food. We are interested in what is biologically appropriate for a dog to consume. And so are several dog food companies, who make a point to go above and beyond what the FDA “allows” dog food to contain.

  • Don

    With all due respect, you are really worked up over this. If it gets you this upset, maybe we should conclude this discussion.

    The USDA Animal Care and Food Safety department deals with feed safety and heavily influences policy. FAS Works with foreign governments to ensure the safety of the food supply, additives and chemical safety measures.

    You should know Propylene glycol is used in Ice Cream, Frosting, Soda and a host of other human foods. We don’t see kids dropping dead from ice cream and soda. Just because it happens to be an ingredient in antifreeze does not mean it IS antifreeze. Water is a component of antifreeze too.

    Kibbles is not Purina, not sure why you are lumping a Purina lawsuit into Kibbles. That’s like saying Chevy had a problem with breaks, so don’t buy a Ford.

    With respect to the lawsuit in particular, it references 3,000 who people complained about their dogs getting sick, some of whom died. It does not say thousands of dogs dropped dead. Those 3000 complaints are complaints filed to Beneful, for a variety of reasons, from bad packaging to dogs throwing up the dog food (something my dog does occasionally with any food), to the dogs not liking the dog food, to diarrhea, and yes, at least this one guy who had some dogs that died. I don’t know enough to comment on whether this guy has any basis for his dogs dieing. Maybe he does.

    It would be nice to know how many dogs died, but it was not 3000. Knowing that there are about 1.3 million dogs who eat Beneful daily, this means all the “sick” plus “unknown number of deaths” complaints make up 00.2% of the dogs who eat the product. Not 2.0%, but 0.2% who got sick, and a few allegedly died. That is a very small percentage of dogs getting sick.

    Two other similar lawsuits were brought against Purina in the past. Both of these were thrown out of court by the first judge as being baseless. They were completely unable to make a case that a judge would accept. Maybe this time will be different. We will see what happens.

  • pitlove

    What you are talking about is the same exact reason why Purina is currently standing by Beneful dispite the thousands upon thousands of people who switched their pets to this food for even a few months and have had their pets drop dead. Humans generally eat a wide range of different proteins and carbs etc for each and every meal, as they should. However, for some reason, we prescribe to this belief that a dog never needs to change his diet. If a doctor told you to only eat oatmeal every meal of every day for the rest of your life I would hope you would seriously question his integrity as a doctor. Why don’t we question the integrity of the dog food companies and the vets that tell you “NEVER switch your dogs diet!!”? Now, take Beneful and this lawsuit. Beneful says that it is ok to put the moistining agent propylene glycol in their food because yes it is approved by AAFCO and the FDA for human and animal consumption. And yes it is not harmful at low doses, which is why you do not see tons of humans dropping dead from having salad dressing with propylene glycol in it. But do you and would you eat a salad with that dressing on it day in day out for years and years? No. of course not. But your dog eats Beneful for every meal of every day for 10 years+. Now what you’ve done is taken a low dose of the toxin and turned it into a high lethal dose from overexposure. Same with the hydrocloric acid found in Kibbles and Bits. It’s not this website using scare tacics, it’s the food itself! Those are two terrifying ingredients to see in human or dog food! I appreciate your advanced degree in whatever it might be in (could be Ancient Chinese history who knows) and your work with the USDA and FAS but neither of those institutions (fromor what I saw on their websites, but correct me if I’m wrong) have anything to do with regulations on animal feed. Yes, I did see your post that you have switched to a 4 star quality yet still affordable brand (Rachel Ray’s). And no there is no one “best brand of dog food”, there is only the brand that is right for your dog. And I do see that Rachael Rays’ Zero Grain is far better in quality tham Kibbles (soley judging on the ingredients), however it is still not a food I would feed my dog. Only for the fact that it contains far to many carbs which will aggravate his yeast infection. Be lucky if you don’t have to worry about something like that! It has been a nightmare trying to find him a low carb food. I myself finally settle on Orijen’s Regional Red. Also, I’d really like to stress that this website it geared towards rating and reviewing dog food. So you are going to find very opinioned people on here and people who are going to slam one company (including the all natural ones) and praise another. Like most things, the best dog food brand is personal opinion and experience from people understanding what their dog needs in his/her diet. But I will promise you one thing. Whether the FDA and AAFCO say it’s safe to use, NO dog or human needs propylene gylcol and hydrocloreic acid in their diet.

  • Don

    Yes, it is feed, simply because that is the correct agricultural term used for what animals eat. I have an advanced degree and have consulted for the USDA and Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) on multiple occasions. According to US regulation, Food is anything fed to humans, and Feed is anything fed to animals. There is good reason for this distinction, and there is no way for any of these services to call dog feed, “dog food” because that is not what the law allows them to call it. It has nothing to do with their concern for the animals receiving that feed. There is no reason to call into question the integrity of an agency simply because of the legal term they’ve been given to use.

    Please remember, California has the strictest laws in the nation with respect to carcinogens and suspected carcinogens. Some of the ingredients listed here that people say are causing cancer, are also in human food. If they were any where near cancer causing as what this site leads people to believe, there would be big “WARNING” signs on Human food, as well as dog food in California, stating that the food contained a known carcinogen. That’s obviously not happening.

    There are differences in food quality, but this site would be better if they did not exaggerate the real-life differences, from a scientific standpoint. Filet mignon and a fresh salad is better than a meatloaf and canned beans. If people with nothing better to do want to criticize people feeding meatloaf and canned beans, well, that’s their own problem. But in my opinion, the reviews and comments on this site end up boiling down to a heated, overblown discussion between the two.

    If you would read my other posts, you’d know what I’m currently feeding my dog.

  • pitlove

    “Even the descriptions of the Dog Food above are slighted to make you think the worst about what is going in it.”– I’m assuming you only came to this site to see a review of this particular dog food because you seem to have missed the part where this site reviews every single brand of dog food for the contents of it’s ingredients. If you are aware of what each ingredient actually is and the biological nutrition value it does or does not have you would understand why this food has 1 star. The person reviewing the food is not gaining anything or losing anything by explaining, in a manner of breaking down each ingredient, why a food is 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars etc. For example, by ingredients alone, Natural Balance (thought by many as a great all natural dog food) has 3 stars on this site. And while that is still an above-average food its not as high on the charts as SOME people might assume. There are realities to both human and dog food alike that while you may not want to hear it, are true. For me personally, I care more about what my pitbull eats than what I eat. I simply don’t have it in me to ignore his allergies, his yeast infection and his sensitive stomach and feed him something like Kibbles and Bits. And like others have said here, just because your dog is seemingly healthy, some health issues, like in humans, take years to surface. We understand that you need to justify your reasoning for feeding your dog Kibbles and Bits, but it does not mean that this website it “out to get” Kibbles and Bits and it does not mean that the ratings and reviews on the food have no merrit. After as many hours day in and day out that I have done researching the FDA’s website and researching quality control in dog food I could not in my right mind feed my dog a food like this. You are very wrong about the standards the FDA has for dog food. Reason being, dog food isn’t food to the FDA at all… it’s animal FEED. And that being said, they can get away with including very low-grade ingredients in the food. You came to the wrong website if you are looking for people to pat you on the back about your choice in dog food. Sorry…

  • Don

    She lost interest between one and two weeks. If there was a number of different types of kibble in the food, she would eat one type and leave the rest. It was a flavor issue, and possibly a texture issue. Food was sealed and in fresh containers. Thanks though, hopefully your good advice will help others.

  • Shawna

    I just realized the post I just responded to was written many months ago. Sorry to bring it up now but I still think it is valuable information — maybe the next person that up votes that older post will go on to read mine.

  • Crazy4dogs

    I’m so glad that you found a better food that she likes!
    Just a quick comment on her not finishing the bag. Bags really should be open no longer than a month, and that’s stretching it. It goes stale and can become rancid as the oils go bad. You really should keep the food in the original bag as they tend to go bad faster in containers. If you don’t clean the containers each time you use up the food, the oils and fats in there can make them go rancid as well. You may not do this, but I’m just putting it out there for anyone else that reads this. 🙂

  • Shawna

    The cost of a food often reflects the quality of the ingredients used in that food. Kibbles ‘n Bits is no different.

    I want to focus on three specific ingredients in this food — beef and bone meal, animal fat and animal digest. The FDA has discovered that these ingredients (and meat and bone meal) can all be contaminated with pentobarbital — the euthanasia drug. Here’s data from the FDA’s site. “There appear to be associations between rendered or hydrolyzed ingredients and the presence of pentobarbital in dog food. The ingredients Meat and Bone Meal (MBM), Beef and Bone Meal (BBM), Animal Fat (AF), and Animal Digest (AD) are rendered or hydrolyzed from animal sources that could include euthanized animals.”

    This testing was done in 2001 but it does show the quality of ingredients that the manufacture is willing to use. On this page on the FDA’s site it shows that pento was found in BBM and AD in the tested Kibbles ‘n Bits food.

    It should be noted that the FDA says small amounts of pento in foods is not problematic but the reason testing was done in the first place was because vets were finding that pento wasn’t as effective. I would like to point out that the US Fish and Wildlife Service says euthanized animals should not be recycled into pet food.

    “Rendering is not an acceptable way to dispose of a pentobarbital-tainted carcass. The drug residues are not destroyed in the rendering process, so the tissues and by-products may contain poison and must not be used for animal feed….

    All pentobarbital-euthanized carcasses should be prominently tagged with one or more highly-visible “POISON” warning labels. Bagged animals should have a label affixed to the carcass itself and also attached to the outside of the bag.”

    I agree with Lizzi when she said “It’s not fear mongering; it’s fact.” I disagree with Lizzi when she says “As long as your dog is healthy…..” Disease takes time to develop. Blood work can be good, until it isn’t. At that point you are struggling to regain health and just like the developing of disease, it takes time to regain health; and usually a good deal of money.

  • Don

    Good reply. I agree. If you see my post below, I eventually switched to another food (actually switched a number of times) due to a very picky eater pup. Nearly finishing our first full bag of Rachael Ray’s brand – the first full bag she’s ever finished. Everything else, she refused to eat after finishing half the bag. Ultimately it’s been her choice. 😉 But she has progressively eaten more of each food, as they’ve gone up in stars according to this site.

  • Lizzi

    It’s not fear mongering; it’s fact. This isn’t a good food, but every single dog is different. Just like with people. As long as your dog is healthy, and you are watching to make sure that that doesn’t change, then you are being a responsible pet parent. However, if your dog is constantly itching, gaining or losing a lot of weight, showing signs or ear or yeast infections, or anything else telltale of unhealthy food, then you’re not being a responsible pet parent. But, just because there is success on this food, doesn’t mean that it’s a good food. Again, just like with people. Some people live to be very old having eaten mostly junk, smoking, drinking excessively, etc. But, that doesn’t mean that you would ever recommend that lifestyle to your children, I wold hope. Again, I don’t think this food is responsible for any deaths, and if your dog is doing well on it, then great! But, that doesn’t mean it’s a good food.

  • Lizzi

    That can happen to any food, though. Those little moth things are super attracted to the food, and if it’s an older bag, or just a mishap, then they can get in there. It can happen to Nutro, Natural Balance, Blue, or the lowest quality foods, too. Kibbles n Bits is a bad food, but this isn’t the reason 😛

  • Lizzi

    kibbles n bits has NEVER been a good option to feed dogs, nor has BENEFUL or PEDIGREE.

  • Crazy4dogs

    How long have you been feeding the better grade foods? It does take some time to see the effects.
    As Shawna said the changes are significant in my fosters. In my personal dogs we noticed subtle differences as the food quality was improved.

  • Shawna

    That’s too bad.. I’ve had very different results with the pups I’ve adopted and my foster dogs.

    I don’t think they are overblown, just might not be as noticeable in some cases. I switch fosters from poor quality to some of the best dry foods with raw toppers and the improvements are profoundly noticeable.

    Hopefully the new food will pay off in a longer and healthier life!!!!!

  • Don

    To be honest, I can’t say that I have. Kind of in the same way where I don’t notice any difference in my kid’s hair, face, energy level, etc. either when they eat fresh/organic foods vs processed foods. I have no doubt fresh/organic is better, but I do feel the health benefits are overblown. Regardless I am sticking with the higher grade dog food.

  • Shawna

    I’m curious Don, did you notice any improvements in your pup after the change? Coat, shedding, teeth, energy etc.

  • Crazy4dogs

    And Del Monte makes a lot of dog food too! 🙁

  • Crazy4dogs

    Yes, there are many foods that a have really good rating that cost the same as or less than the really badly rated foods. When you start feeding a good food you notice that your dogs start feeling softer, their coats shine, they get much more active and they smell better. Welcome to feeding your dog better!

  • Don

    Well, the people here should be happy to know my picky dog has herself chosen what she wants to eat… Rachael ray’s nutrish. I get it at a good price at Walmart, and it is 4 stars. So you can get higher quality dog food, according to this site, without spending an arm and a leg. And I’m no longer buying kibbles, simply because she’s picky… I guess she picked one with more meat…

  • Lupen2022 .

    Surviving and thriving are two different things. Yes a dog can live off of this food, and to an old age if they’re lucky. I’ve even heard of dogs living off of a diet of nothing but rice with a few chunks of meat thrown in (hardly balanced.)

    But feed kibbles n bits for a year then switch to a brand like Orijen, Acana, Zignature, Wellness CORE, Ziwipeak… even Merrick’s, Blue Wilderness. Or go with a raw diet. Then see what kind of difference you’ll notice and how your dog will /thrive/.

    I fed my dogs pedigree for years, until I started researching. I quickly switched to a much better brand that is meat based, not corn based, and their fur got fuller & softer, their allergies disappeared, they started to smell better and have more energy… The transformation speaks for itself.

    And Kibbles n bits makes even Pedigree look like a high quality brand (and it’s not.) At least Pedigree has a decent amount of meat. It may be by-products but at least it’s meat, and not just one beef & bone meal amongst a ton of grains.

    Not all healthy brands are expensive, mind you. There are brands out there that are very affordable. Spending an extra $5-10 a month is worth it in the long run. And if you can’t afford even that to make your dog happy and healthy… why commit to a pet in the first place? Animals are a privilege not a right.

    Long story short, it doesn’t matter whether this website has some type of agenda or not, it doesn’t take a nutrition expert to see the difference between a good and bad food and see /why/ it is bad.

  • Babslynne

    Costco has a small dog formula called Kirkland Signature that gets 5 star rating but it costs about the same as kibbles and bits, around $14 for #30 bag, or walmart has a brand called Pure Balance that is also 5 star rating around the same price also

  • Johnny w Autrey

    My dogs has eaten kibbles n bits , original for years but this new cost saving idea that you all have came up with they wont touch it . I cant believe that you would screw up a good product so you could improve your bottom line , some things you just don’t mess with , I am betting that you loose a lot of customers . my dogs are big dogs and not picky at all but they want eat your new food the first day I sad oh they will eat it and I left it in their pans that I wash every day , but no they wont eat it I know a man that has some beagles I will give it to him, and tomorrow I will go l searching for a new brand not the NEW KIBBLES N BITS .

  • Beat Junkie

    Here is a link to there site:

  • Beat Junkie

    Check out BLUE but it’s more expensive.

  • GSDsForever

    Now, let’s say you were to select a food with beef.

    That WOULD be a higher quality ingredient.

    When you select a food with actual beef, should you do so in the future (or anyone else reading do so), then these would be good BASIC guidelines:

    1)Try to avoid using beef (or other named meat) that comes from 4D animals — which means dead, dying, disabled, diseased. These are animals that would be rejected for human food due as poor quality. It may be necessary to email the company to confirm that these are not used, unless the company advertises clearly that they are not used.

    2)Understand that “beef” (or “chicken” or “turkey”) may, and most commonly does, refer to the raw meat with water content (~70%). Ingredients are listed in order by weight, and a named meat’s water content can make a food appear to contain much more meat than other (often plant and cheaper) ingredients listed after it, and more meat than the food actually does.

    These are minimum threshold criteria for assessing quality/safety in a named ingredient. Then cooking temperatures and time, packaging, freshness of the food (from manufacture to purchase & use) affect quality in the bag.

    At increasingly higher levels of quality, customers might choose grass fed/pastured or free range or organic options, prefer certain countries of origin for meats vs. others (i.e. China), etc.

  • GSDsForever

    Yes, the issue is the specific ingredient AAFCO outlines as “beef and bone meal” and the tremendous amount of published evidence showing its poor quality and toxic contamination.

    “Beef and bone meal,” “meat and bone meal,” and “animal fat” specifically — and not beef — are all ingredients that have been shown to be highly contaminated with a variety of toxins. Think of them as on a list of, say a top 5 primary ingredients to scan labels for and avoid. A good veterinary teaching hospital (department treating dogs with diets) book detailing these toxins is DVM Donald Strombeck’s Home Prepared Dog and Cat Diets.

    Second, in addition to contamination with multiple toxins, there is very poor quality and digestibility of the raw ingredient, which is one of the cheapest bulk ingredients a pet food manufacturer can buy. The sheer range of what can be allowed in the mix in theory makes it almost impossible to know quality, except that in practice as a bulk ingredient purchase by massive companies, the lowest price point among suppliers of the ingredient to pet food manufacturers tends to get the sale to maximize profit margins.

  • theBCnut

    Of course, you are so right!

    Border Collies, potato chips, who knew?

  • aquariangt

    it’s actually Beef and Bone meal, which isn’t a quality product, it’s the leftovers, and the protein content and quality of meat would not fall under what I classify as acceptable

  • Don

    OOps, right. Wrong product. My bad.

    Beef is the third.

    Tell me why beef can’t be fed to a dog and I’ll continue.

  • aquariangt

    Sorry, but the first ingredient is Corn.

  • Don

    Okay, first ingredient is Beef. Tell me why Beef shouldn’t be fed to a dog, then I’ll continue.

  • aquariangt

    Read through those ingredients and explain to me why the first 10 should be fed to a dog. Go ahead. I have no problems with “Big Companies” but I do have a problem with companies that’s focus is delivering a subpar product so they can make more money. There are plenty of small companies whose human food, and plenty of small companies whose dog food I wouldn’t touch either.

  • Don

    Woah, any positive comment here is IMMEDIATELY followed by a comment about the BIG companies out to get you. OOOhhhh… Scared. We see through what’s going on here.

  • Don

    You ARE a nut! Have you even looked at the food? These negative comments are totally UNREAL! Someone is making their money off discrediting other brands.

  • aquariangt

    don’t forget the school lunch programs. They respect Del Monte too 🙁

  • theBCnut

    There are widespread complaints. And who respects Del Monte? They are known for mass producing cheap “foodstuff” with questionable ingredients from China. Oh, I know who respects Del Monte, the executives that are getting rich off of all the people who don’t care what they put in their bodies. I want more for my family than that. I wouldn’t feed this to a family member, I wouldn’t even feed it to an animal that I would eat. This food is full of sugar, food coloring, cancer causing preservatives, and 4-D animal parts(precious little of those). There is no real meat anywhere in this food.

  • Don

    I cannot speak to the allogations here in these forms, but our dog ate it and never got sick. It is made by a respected and huge human food company, Del Monte and it’s been on the market for decades. If there was something seriously wrong, i would think there would have been wide spread complaints. My brother uses expensive BilJac, and his dog started getting serious allergies to that food. Just like humans, different dogs react differently to different foods. No matter the price or the rating, pay attention to your dog. No food will be 100% perfect for every pet.

  • stef

    So my lil peanut is safe eating this?
    It wont kill him like so many have said?

  • Dawn Mcintire

    I agree Don!!

  • myomy

    After reading the ingredients why would even consider this food. Dust off the floor? Not a single ingredient that is healthy? You really trust the FDA? The FDA loves money and collecting fines. Don’t put all your trust in them. I worked for a company that dealt with the FDA. If they have so much knowledge we wouldnt have people and pets dying….being poisoned by the richest corps in the world. Monsanto, Purina…money…money makes it okay to say, “if it is in small amounts” but you do realize small amounts on a daily basis build up to large amounts.

  • stef

    So what do you feed your dog?

  • stef

    There is like nothing I can feed my dog ! First benifil. Then petagree. Then Iams .now it’s the bits .

  • Tammy Renee Thomas

    Thank you deborah,ur very kind.i don’t want to see thos ever happen to anyone else it was so violent and sad,i have never felt so helpless in my life.

  • Deborah

    I’m so sorry to hear about your babies Tammy. I have Poms too and am always worried about food, flea products, treats, etc. God Bless them and you. I’ve lost too many of them myself to other things. It hurts. Hugs

  • Tammy Renee Thomas

    It is literally toxic it killed one of my poms and hospitalized two more died from toxic poisoning effects started 15_20 min after eating this poison

  • Tammy Renee Thomas

    It killed my baby a month ago today.and almost two more of mybbabies they were hospitalized for 48 hrs toxic poisoning from kibble and if you think its good for ur baby keep feeding it and go pick out a urn for ur prt

  • Dog_Obsessed

    Ew! I would never feed this food anyway, but that is seriously gross.

  • Sharon Breedlove

    I bought a small bag of Kibbles last week and when I opened the bag it had cob webs and worms in it. I’m returning it to the store. It may be the store had it on the shelf to long.

  • Shawna

    I think the logic is more like — soft drinks and koolaid both contain high fructose corn syrup. I’m not aware of many that would consider water an undesirable ingredient?

    Your second paragraph is as puzzling as your first. Yes, I do feed my family corn on the cob 4 or 5 times a year. I don’t think that can in any way be likened to eating it every day for every meal – especially as the main course.

  • staticoverdub

    Come on man, don’t believe the hype of quality food.

  • staticoverdub

    Hahahaha. You are so ignorant.

  • staticoverdub

    No. It’s like getting diabetes from eating too much McDonalds and saying you’re not going to eat McDonalds, Burger King, or any other excessively cheap options.
    You would think that an ingredients list would speak for itself. In case you haven’t realized it, the reviews on this site are extremely formulaic and based on ingredients, and nutrition content and ratios. This food is crap, probably literally. If you’re fine giving your dog this then more power to you; I know this one guy who lived to 90 eating nothing but Big Macs, so it must be good enough.

  • Don

    Actually, no. My dog stopped eating Kibbles. But the logic people are using on these threads makes no sense. The previous poster had a bad experience with a Nestle food, and therefore condemned all food by DelMonte. They are two different companies and to condemn a Sony TV because of a bad experience with a Samsung, well – that’s just silly.

  • Don

    According to your logic, Softdrinks and Kale juice both contain water. Soft drinks are terrible for you therefore Kale Juice is also terrible for you.

    You are right. Corn is complete junk. I NEVER let my kids eat Corn. They should ban corn from school lunches.

  • Lyd Bin

    Someone works for Del Monte huh?

  • Dori

    Actually Don. I’ve been reading this thread today and have not felt the need to jump in as others were already on it. I’m one of the many people who ask not only where the food is sourced from but also where was it processed and I also attempt to find out what processing and/or canning plant they use. If they won’t tell me all that information then I move right along to the next company. I also find out from them if their vitamins are synthetic and where they are sourced from. Same thing for their minerals, their fruits, veggies and anything else that is listed in their ingredients. If I can’t pronounce an ingredient and can’t find out what it is then I move right along to the next company. There are so very many dog food companies at this point striving to get everyone else’s business that it’s easy to get info. If I can’t, as I said I go on to the next company. If I wouldn’t eat it then sure as hell I’m not feeding it to my dogs. Too many choices to be feeding subpar foods to our companion animals. Best of luck to you. I mean no offense. We should all feed our companion animals what we feel comfortable with and what we feel will be best for our animals in the long run and whatever lets us sleep through the night.

  • LabsRawesome

    I stand by my statement. It’s not very bright to argue with everyone
    that Kibbles n bits is a good dog food. Even the name sounds like candy,
    or junk food. Then one look at the ingredients should confirm that it
    is toxic waste they’re calling food. I mean there’s review that spells
    it all out in bold RED letters. And explains why the food is crap.

  • LabsRawesome

    I think you are just here to stir things up. We get that on this site. Bored people, with nothing better to do than harass people that actually care what their dogs eat.

  • Don

    So chicken can be ‘sourced from america’ then processed anywhere in the world, then repackaged in America, and it is Made in America, with American chicken… No where does the FDA require anyone to list any processing outside the USA… Sourced only tells where the chicken grew up, not where it was processed… so for EVERY dog food, you have to ask, was any of this food processed outside of the USA.. No one asks that “specific” question.

  • LabsRawesome

    Yes I know. And I agree. 🙂 Just trying to explain things to Don. Any food can be made in USA, that doesn’t mean it’s sourced here. But the better brands will list counntry of orgin on their website, or at least answer questions about their food. Unless it’s “propriety” info. lol.

  • LabsRawesome

    I stand by my statement. It’s not very bright to argue with everyone that Kibbles n bits is a good dog food. Even the name sounds like candy, or junk food. Then one look at the ingredients should confirm that it is toxic waste they’re calling food. I mean there’s review that spells it all out in bold RED letters. And explains why the food is crap.

  • Melissaandcrew

    That’s just nasty, Glad I do not buy precooked chicken.

  • Don

    “…if chicken processed in China is repackaged in the United States, it could carry a “Made in USA” label. ”

    ” US Department of Agriculture has given permission for chicken products processed in the People’s Republic of China to be sold in the United States without labeling that would indicate where the chicken products came from.”

  • Cyndi

    Well, you obviously didn’t get how crappy this food is by reading the ingredients alone. Labs was just trying to help. I wasn’t very bright either, when it came to dog food, until I found this site & I fully admit that. Don’t take it as an insult. Take it as a learning experience. We’re all here to help each other. Isn’t that right Labs! 🙂

  • Melissaandcrew

    I don’t know that they could label it as product of the US. However, it does not call for the country of origin to be named since it is processed/cooked.

  • Don

    Your criticism could apply to any dog food on the list – or people food for that matter. There’s no guarantee any ingredient in ANY food (human or canine) doesn’t come from China. THE USFDA just approved: US raised chickens can be shipped to China, processed and shipped back to the States and still be labeled as a US product – no need to label any other country. It could apply to anything that says US Chicken. It doesn’t mean anything anymore.

  • LabsRawesome

    They might be made in USA, but the cheap crappy ingredients could be sourced from China. At the very least, they are floor sweepings, and mill waste.

  • LabsRawesome

    Doritos and cheap kibble are both made of corn. And other junk. That’s where the comparison comes in.

  • Don

    Right… Sorry. You’re right.

  • LabsRawesome

    Sorry, but it’s not real hard to read an ingredient list.

  • Don

    Del Monte Kibbles is not imported from China.

    Get your facts straight.

  • Don

    So now, to prove your point, you have to insult my intelligence?

  • LabsRawesome

    You’re not very bright. One look at the ingredients tells me all I need to know. All junk. Not even one good ingredient. You don’t have to spend $100 a bag. These foods are all between $20 and $25 for 15 to 20 lb bags. 4health TSC, Rachael Ray Zero grain Walmart, Pure Balance Walmart, Kirkland Puppy Costco, Fromm Family Classics, Trader Joe’s dog food. There are many more. All these kibbles are rated 4 stars, so cost is not an excuse. Seriously dude.

  • Tracy

    You’re just trying to make yourself feel better because you feed this crap food. Stop spamming on EVERY post. You only have to post once for people to know where you stand.

    Just because you eat crap imported from China doesn’t mean we do or that we want to feed it to our dogs!

  • Tracy

    It makes perfect sense.

  • Don

    Yeast infections from Dogs are cause from:
    Bacterial infection
    A ruptured eardrum
    Tumor or polyp within the ear canal
    A trapped object
    No, changing diet cannot magically get rid of a yeast infection. Just because two things correlated, doesn’t mean that one caused the other. Correlation does not mean causation. Take your pet to a Vet and talk about various causes of Yeast infections…

  • Don

    Yes! Avoid ANY big name product. They are all OUT TO GET YOU!

  • Don

    HAhaha. Worse than McDonalds. LOL.

  • Don

    Yes! Hershey bars and Kibbles have the same ingredients… Your comparison too a candy bar makes perfect sense.

  • Don

    Don’t believe the hype.

  • Don

    Ever compare the ingredients of Doritos with any dog food? Your comparison makes no sense.

  • Don

    “You got lucky” you are funny.

  • Don

    Purina puppy chow is made by Nestle, Kibbles is made by Del Monte… How can you make a decision not to buy a Del Monte food after having a bad experience with a Nestle food? That makes no sense.

  • Don

    Hilarious. Every review saying something positive about Kibbles is followed by a slew of posts discrediting the positive review. Give me a break. “My dog lived to 15 on Kibbles” — “You must have gotten lucky”… Even the descriptions of the Dog Food above are slighted to make you think the worst about what is going in it. “You’re sending your dog to McDonalds for every meal.” Standards have lowered in the last few years to cut costs…. Give me a break. FDA standards are getting higher all the time.To compare Kibbles to McDonalds is absurd.

    After this article scared me I’d give my dog Cancer by feeding her this food, I did my own research with the FDA… Yes, in excessive amounts BHA causes cancer, but not in small amounts. Basically, too much of anything will kill you. But the writer of this page seems to have their own agenda to discredit Kibbles, for some reason.

    BHA is used in HUMAN food ALL THE TIME.. Its in your breakfast cereal, it’s in your chewing gum, its in your potato chips and drink mixes…

    I’ve tried a lot of dog foods, and my dog loves the texture of Kibbles – (no, it’s not because its a junk food — you scare-mongers). I called the manufacturer, and have done my own research on the ingredients. The food definitely deserves higher than the one star given here. And it is not junk food, as this article seems to say.

    Maybe not a 5 star rating. You can always pay $100 per bag for something else, I just don’t have that kind of income.

    My last parting thought… This food is made by Del-Monte. I eat Del-Monte foods all the time — canned, dry etc… Yes, I could eat higher priced food, but I eat Del Monte. I like it, and no, It’s not junk food. Maybe the writers of this article would say I’m eating McDonald’s quality food and I deserve better… As for me and my pets, Del-Monte is good enough for me. From my research, I give Kibbles 4 stars.

    Don’t be scared by someone trying to hype more expensive brands. They’re just trying to make a living off this site by having something people want to hear. Don’t buy their hype.

  • Chickima Eye

    Hen Chicken ate this stuff when he over spent on booze for the week and was broke! Look what he’s eating now!

  • Tracy

    Try Instinct. Also, Stella & Chewy’s. The Honest Kitchen is a good food, too.

  • Tracy

    Christy, it’s the equivalent of eating Doritos or McDonalds everyday. Junk food. Of course he loves it.

  • Veritas Vincit

    max the terrier ate kibbles and bits his whole life and lived to 29 and 282 days. THink that’s the oldest dog ever. Luck eh.

  • Cyndi

    Nowadays, the big name pet food companies are cutting every corner they can just to make a buck. They are putting alot more crap in their foods. All the ingredients in red up top are bad for your dog. Why would anyone if their right mind feed their dog all that garbage? They also use 4D animals and euthanized dogs and cats in their “food”. I sure as hell don’t want my dog eating that poison!

  • Jeremy

    Sounds like you got lucky, this food is the equivalent for dogs to eating fast food for every meal every day for your kids. Sure some people would be perfectly fine doing that but the majority of people would have some health issues. There is a huge difference between a dog just surviving and actually thriving, and feeding a higher quality food tends to mean you save a pile of money at the vet’s office down the road.

  • Aaron Levy

    Ok. After seeing some of the reviews from people I have to seriously disagree with the negatives that are stated. My dog we fed him kibbles n bits dry and pedigree canned. He lived to the wonderful age of 15. Half German Shepard half chow. Never any problems, no side effects and never any health problems. I think most of you either didn’t take care of your dogs or you didn’t give them a balanced diet.

  • Brenda Davis

    I will not ever feed my shihtzus Purina puppy chow or kibbles and bits ever again.
    I recently bought a bag of puppy chow and I found dead flies and maggots and black bugs in it.
    I really got sick knowing my dogs ate from that.
    I’m so freaked out over it.
    I called my vet to see if they could become I’ll because they ate from that discusting bag of dog food.
    He told me to keep an eye on them.
    I threw that bag of food in the trash.
    I called the company and told them.
    They acted like it was no big deal.
    But did say they will look in to it.
    I switched my shihtzus to 4- health .
    They seem to like it .
    I never thought dog food was made from euthinized pets .
    Well that’s what puppy chow and kibbles and bits is made out of.
    That’s discusting.

  • LabsRawesome

    None of the brands that Bryan recommended are typically sold by Vets. However, he did recommend expensive brands. Some budget friendly kibbles are- Victor, 4health, Pure Balance, Merrick’s Whole Earth Farms. Fromm Family Classics. All are right around $20-$25 for 20lbs.

  • WilliamRLBaker

    Translation of recommended brands: all expensive often recommended by vets because of kick back brands.

  • HappyTails

    Maybe you could gradually increase the quality of food over time and see if that works,since this is a 1 star food,try and switch him to a 2 star food and see if he will eat that,then after a little bit switch to a 3 star and so on until you find a better quality food that you are comfortable with feeding and that he will eat and does well on.Good luck to you and your pup!

  • Shar24

    Foods like Kibbles n Bits and Meow Mix are addicting to pets. They are really salty and sugary (who doesn’t love that combo) and have all kinds of flavor additives in them. Healthy foods can be a tough sell when they are used to eating these. Our last dog was a VERY picky eater, although fortunately he never had the opportunity to get hooked on KnB it could be a real challenge to get him to eat especially in his later years. I found that the cans of Weruva were a real miracle worker when it came to getting him to eat. He loved the “Funk in the Trunk” “Paw lickin Chickin” and “Wok the Dog” varieties.

  • losul

    I don’t know what to tell you, except that a more appropriate name for this junk “food” would be McKibble and FrankenBits, IMO.

    Bad habits die hard, but keep trying……..

  • Christy

    My rescue cocker spanial loves kibble and bits , we have tried the exspensive stuff but he would not touch it , tried both soft and hard and then a raw diet but he would not eat , vet check was great no concern there but under weight , well we picked up a bag of kibble and bits and he devoured it , he’s at a healthy weight and is active and happy . Thus review is concerning and I may try a different food but this one seems to be agreeing with him , nice shiny coat and all , very disappointed in this review , def got me thinking of a change but to what .

  • Riah

    I recently switched both my dogs to Authority and they both love it! One girl is on the grain free formula, and the other on the senior formula. The older girl has always been horribly picky. She’s been on pretty much every junk food there is for dogs. Finally over winter break I was feeding my ACD her food (grain free) and the kelpie actually ate it! Parents bought a small bag and she ate the whole thing. I say buy a smaller sized bag and see if she likes it.

  • Crazy4cats

    I think Authority would be a great choice. It is Petsmart’s house brand. Also many recommend using Nutrisource chicken and rice as a great transitional food. I’m glad you are switching off the Kibbles and bits.

  • Lorie Mason

    Okay, so here is my dilemma. I thought I was doing wonderfully when I tried my baby on KnB and she actually ate it! Loved it, in fact! Until then, she would barely eat any dog food, and me, being the enabler that I am, was feeding her table food. I was able to get her off of table food when she was eating KnB so darn well! However, after reading the ingredients, I see that it is not a good food for her, clearly. My concern is switching her to another food, and it going uneaten. Any suggestions on a healthy, tasty, affordable alternative? There are so many out there! I did have a friend suggest Authority Pet Food.

  • LeahA

    Kibbles ‘n Shits*

  • Petshrink

    If all the other dogs that ate K&B had rotten teeth, you might have a case. Other dogs eat K&B and still have healthy teeth. You are making associations that are unproven. There are other more feasible causes.

  • Petshrink

    Thank you.

  • Kells Bells Earl

    I didn’t realize how bad this food was until just now. We bought a small bag to tide them over until my paycheck comes in. We usually buy solid golds wolf cub because of the breeds we have and because they are so picky. Note to self: buy more dog food every month of the normal stuff we buy…

  • Kip

    Bad skins, bad breath, stinky poo and a host of other issues go hand in hand with feeding this type of food. Vets see it all the time.

  • Kip

    hey it’s your choice to feed garbage, maybe you will be lucky and he will make it to 7

  • Daniel

    Matter of opinion, and one I have never subscribed to. I have fed my dog different foods on a regular basis since he was a pup and this kind of reaction has NEVER happened before. That said, I was and remain more concerned about the ingredients in KnB and the fact that any store especially stores like Target would sell it!

  • KimmyKim

    You shouldn’t change dog foods without transitioning. If you put a dog on the healthiest dog food without a transition period it will make them sick. No comment on how healthy Kibbles and Bits is but it can’t be blamed for your dog’s gastric discomfort.

  • dchassett

    As Shawna has said. We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. It’s miserable but it passes. Just see it as a learning experience. Stores, all stores, are in business to make money, not care for our loved ones. That’s our job. You now know that before you switch to any other food you will check out ingredients. Now that you’re on this site you should try to find two or three other foods that your dog does well on so that if this happens again you know there’s a less expensive food that will not upset your dogs digestive system. But, seriously, it has happened to ALL of us. Or at least most of us. OH, by the way. Take the food back, tell them what’s happened and get your money back. Too many people go through these experiences and are too embarrassed or assume they can’t exchange the food. You can.

  • Shawna

    Hi Daniel,

    Don’t beat yourself up!! Most of us have been in your shoes at one point or another. Good puppy parents make mistakes just like anyone else. The difference is whether one learns from those mistakes and takes action — like you did!! Well done!!!!!

  • Daniel

    What’s in a name? I was a little short this month when I ran out of dog food, so I thought I would try buying a less expensive brand. I went to Target and found Kibbles and Bits to be considerably cheaper than all of the others due in part to it being on sale. And I remembered their ads from TV and it’s Target, which is a store I have trusted for years, so I was thinking Target’s buyers would never put anything on their shelves that could potentially harm a pet.

    And so I buy a bag, take it home, and feed it to my dog. A few hours later, he’s drinking water like mad, vomiting, and suffering through diarrhea throughout the night. Some time between trips taking him out in the snow to relieve himself at 3 or 4 in the morning, I decide to come to this website and investigate. I read your review and the ingredients in K&B which of course I should have done before buying it and feeding it to my dog. And I am completely stunned.

    Could I possibly be that naive and or stupid to think that a store like Target would care enough to look out for their consumers? Yep. I guess I was. Really stupid and angry now too.

  • dchassett

    Good Grief! Have you seriously not read the ingredients? Would you eat foods that had those ingredients in them on a daily basis or even as a one time meal. And by the way isn’t propylene glycol in antifreeze. There is really so much bad in this food it’s difficult to pick out the worst of the worst. For what is being spent on this food there are so many better foods on the market including local grocery stores, Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s, etc. One doesn’t have to buy “fancy” expensive brands to give your dog proper nutrition. Just please read the ingredients before you purchase and before you feed to your dog. If you have children I doubt you would feed this to your child.

  • Hi Denise. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog’s teeth. Although it probably wouldn’t be fair to hold any dog food company responsible for your pet’s oral health, you may wish to contact the company and discuss your complaint with them.

    By the way, if your dog has lost many of her teeth and in the interest of her future comfort, it’s probably a good idea to consider feeding her a softer diet.

    Hope this helps.

  • InkedMarie

    This is the dog food advisor, not the Kibbles & Bits website. Since you said “your food”, I assume that’s what you think. You should email the company. You won’t get anywhere, the conditions of your dogs teeth is not the fault of dog food.

  • LabsRawesome