So…bag of Acana bought today is from the new Kentucky plant…anyone else?++

Dog Food Advisor Forums Dog Food Ingredients So…bag of Acana bought today is from the new Kentucky plant…anyone else?++

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    Jenn H

    Re: Vaccinations
    Years ago when my dog was going through treatments for cancer the vet suggested we do titers instead of straight up vaccinating for everything since he had a compromised immune system.
    Ever since once then we have been doing titers and giving only the necessary vaccinations.
    I also spread out vaccinations. I don’t give them combo shots when possible (there’s 1 that’s unavoidable). This way if there is a reaction we’ll know what caused it.

    I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but I am anti- overvaccinating.

    Re: Acana
    It is very disappointing that the high quality of their products has gone down the drain. It was the best food for my big guy and I didn’t have to feed him a ton of it. Now he’s getting hot spots. I’ve tried every formula and the fish has been causing him the most trouble. I thought the oils may have helped. I would only buy the small bags knowing that it was very oily and people were complaining. I keep it in its original bag too so it doesn’t make the bin rancid. And shake the bag to hopefully disperse the oils.
    We’re looking into other brands now. Too bad. I really loved Champion.

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    Aaron m

    I created a profile just to post this and I apologize in advance if it’s a little too much TMI.

    I have been feeding My cat Orijen Regional Red for about two years now and she has always loved it. She always seemed really active for an indoor cat and loved to play. i noticed early on when Inwould clean her litter box that her “movements” were very small and almost resembled that of a rabbit. I was later told by my vet that it was because the food was so high in protein and contained very little fillers.

    Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and Imnoticed that A.) My cat’s “movements” smelled much stronger and B.) I immediately noticed that they were much bigger and fuller- resembled what I would expect from a small puppy. I immediately went to the bag to check it and turns out it is a bag from the Kentucky plant.

    I had noticed a couple of weeks ago that she was a little more lethargic and this on top of the changes in her litter box is enough to have me go get a newmfood tomorrow which is really sad because she truly loved the Canadian version.

    Think I’m going to give The Honest Kithen a try as I am reading really good reviews for it.

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    Donna M

    I noticed the same thing with my dogs, messier stools and smelly. I no longer feed either the Orijen or Acana now.

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    heather s

    i purchased a 25 pound bag of orijen original from chewys last month after reading about heavy metal contamination i then discovered posts about hair in the food. today i closely examined the food and found at least 15 hairs baked in and loose in a 1/2 c scoo.p i called orijen they claim the hair is part of a biologically appropriate diet, but that they have contacted the supplier to stop leaving so much hair and hide in the product they deliver. when asked about heavy metal contamination they claim they test their foods and they meet nrc regulations which tie in according to the woman with fda standards and the fda does not have standards for heavy metals in dog food they do for animal feed but not dog food, fda only gets concerned if heavy metal contamination is from additions to the food ie adulterants not heavy metals contained in meats and vegetables used in the dog food. from what i can tell fish oil is not good high in mercury and turkey is the lowest for heavy metal contamination i think im going to try canidae turkey canned food has anyone tried that?

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    C C

    It has been about 6 months now from our original posts here and since we lost our Sheltie, and the complaints just keep coming. It is so disgusting that they are still making excuses for anything and everything from this Kentucky manufacturing plant and blaming anyone and everyone else. It is absolutely an abomination. Lesson learned. I am so very thankful that I cook my own fresh meat and vegetables now for my new Sheltie puppy, adding it to Honest Kitchen, and she is doing great. No chemicals, no “hair”, no metal contamination, no pieces of plastic wrapping, road kill, or “slime” from being rancid, etc. It is amazing to me that the dog food industry is interested purely in profit and not animal lives. Once upon a time canned dog food used to be human grade as a regular product, but no more. So very sad, and I have not heard back from my report to the FDA either.

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    Tracy A A

    My local pet store recommended KIND dog food. It comes out of Canada and she says the head cook for the food worked at Arcana plant in Canada. I also found a non GMO food from Italy N&D by Farmina. I hope this helps solve the finding a new food for our 4 legged children.

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    heather s

    orijen told me that hairs are part of a biologically appropriate diet

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    What??? Gross. (My response regarding the hair issue…)

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    C C

    Right, so is rancid fish oil, soggy shipping bags, very sick dogs, and more…You can’t fix a problem until you’re at least out of denial and all you get from them is excuses. They will never be able to justify how they are affecting pets and it appears until more die they are continuing to accept the unacceptable, as are many other dog food companies who even justify using road kill and expired meat, wrapping and all!

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    Svan D

    As other reviews state, Acana moved its manufacturing plant from Canada to KY. That’s not all they changed. The Pacifica product was made from higher quality salmon in cleaner waters to what is now lower quality herring and redfish that live in more contaminated waters. I’m a toxicologist and noticed the change immediately when first opening the new bag. My dog, who is such an avid eater that he has a ‘slow feed’ bowl, obviously noticed too and was hesitant to eat it. So researching a new dog food, I read DogFoodAdvisor and Clean Label Project (nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization of vets and MDs ). I was horrified to see that this product is rated in the “Bottom Ten: Out of 299 dry dog foods tested, the bottom ten, on average, contain the highest amount of harmful environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins.” Orijen isn’t any better.

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    S P


    A sincere thanks for posting the information pertaining to contamination, however, one “caveat” needs to be mentioned: The majority of the report’s top rated brands are some of the worst foods that you can possibly feed to a dog! What a dilemma….

    As a side-note, if interested in a fish diet for your pooch, I have been satisfied with a Canadian brand called ‘Holistic Blend/My Healthy Pet/Marine Fish 5 Fish/Grain Free’ (I “ditched” Champion/ACANA/Orijen months ago). This exact brand wasn’t included in the ‘Clean Label’ review, but I have been very satisfied with the results achieved so far (white Pitbull 70lbs – easy weight maintenance, small stool, no skin allergies or itching, no oily residue, and the food doesn’t smell bad, which is usually the case with other fish-based diets. Chewy is one of the few retailers. Try the 7.5lb. bag. -SP

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