Milk and Dairy Products — Are They Safe for Your Dog?


Dog Enjoying Milk Product

Some dogs have no problems digesting milk and dairy products. Yet others experience acute intestinal distress — like gas, diarrhea or vomiting — whenever they consume these kinds of foods.

It all comes down to how your dog handles a specific nutrient found in milk — a nutrient known as lactose.

So, what exactly is lactose?

Well, lactose is a kind of sugar. Not just one single sugar, but two sugar molecules chemically linked together.

In order for a dog to digest milk, the lactose must first be broken apart into its two basic, easy-to-absorb sugars.

And in order to do that, a dog’s body must be able to produce a special lactose-splitting enzyme known as lactase.

And that’s one thing most dogs can’t reliably do.

Like Humans — Dogs Can Suffer
from Lactose Intolerance

Without lactase, a dog simply cannot digest dairy products. And acute intestinal symptoms nearly always arise. 

Now, this inability to digest milk is infamously known as lactose intolerance. And it’s the same lactose intolerance so many humans suffer from every day.

So, if you’ve ever noticed your dog tends to develop gas or loose stools after having milk, there’s a good chance your pet may be suffering from this condition.

Knowing a Food’s Lactose
Content Can Help

Now to be fair, and in rare cases, a dog can be allergic to the protein in milk1.

However, milk shouldn’t be considered toxic for a dog. Yet for dogs that are lactose intolerant (as so many actually are), dairy products can present a real problem.

Yet for those pets, there’s still hope.

That’s because a dog’s reaction to lactose can be directly related to the “dose”. The higher the lactose content, the greater the likely response.

Thankfully, not all dairy products contain the same amount of lactose. Many kinds of cheese and yogurt contain considerably less lactose than milk.

Take a look at this table. Notice how some milk products contain only a minimal amount of lactose per serving.

Lactose Content of Common Dairy Foods

For example, notice how most cheeses contain very little lactose. About a gram per serving. Sometimes less. Now, compare that quantity to whole milk, which clocks in at a whopping 11 grams.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell…

The lower the lactose content of any dairy product, the more likely it will be for your dog to tolerate consuming them without distress

So, depending on the food, it may be OK to offer low-lactose dairy products to your dog. In fact, almost any cheese can make a great natural treat for any pet.


  1. Wills J, Harvey R, Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, “Diagnosis and management of food allergy and intolerance in dogs and cats”, Australian Veterinary Journal, 1994 Oct; 71(10):322-6
  • Nishtha Singh

    what about lactose in curd?

  • JBWilliams1991

    Lactose is not an ingredient added to milk, it’s a naturally occurring sugar. It exists in all cow’s milk. Some dogs tolerate milk just fine. Other dogs get diarrhoea and gas. Either way, milk is not a necessary component of dogs’ diets but if you want to give your dog milk and see what the reaction is there won’t be much harm. It’s not toxic.

  • Robert Szucs

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  • theBCnut

    Maybe nothing, maybe diarrhea. It won’t hurt a dog to fast for a day.

  • edison papa

    Take a picture of your dog’s mouth and show it to your ‘loving’ mom. All that sugar must have done tremendous damage to your dog’s teeth.

  • edison papa

    It depends on the cereal. if it’s loaded with sugar you should brush his teeth immediately.

    Without knowing the ingredients we have no clue how this will impact your dog.

  • Susan

    Hi gee what is his skin & coat like ?? eating human cooked food is OK as long as its healthy meals with meat, fish, potato, carrots broccoli, veggies etc….
    Can you buy some tin sardines in spring water or a couple of big cans of Tuna in Spring water or olive oil & some potatoes? peel & boil some cut up potatoes when potatoes are soft empty water & cool potatoes then add a big tin of the tuna first drain the spring water or oil then mix thru the tuna & mashed potatoes this is a cheap meal & he’s getting a protein & a carb add any boiled veggies you have on hand as well, but no onions, then leave in the fridge it will last 3 days so if there’s a heap left over freeze sectioned meals..
    I would ask your mum, do you love what ever his name is, if she say Yes, then I would say well he wont live long eating all that crap especially the sugar in the tea, does he smell bad & is he real itchy with yeasty skin……make the Tuna & potato & show your mum, how easy it is to make give him some for dinner every night till its finished then see if his poos firms up & show your mum look he’s doing firm poos, then tell her if he keeps have sloppy dirrahea he’ll end up with real bad scaring of the bowel & need to be put to sleep in the end…….
    even if you get a few tins of the sardines in spring water & give him a few sardines a day as a treat, he’ll be getting his omega 3 & 6, vitamin D & vitamins & minerals from the sardines, Sardines are packed with heaps of good things for dogs, Adlis sell them real cheap don’t buy the sardines in tomato sauce…also if you can buy him a couple tins of dog food & kibble & put it in the kitchen, even a bag of the cheap kibble has to be better then eating cheese….. Cheese would give my boy bad diarrhea, his bowel will get real bad scaring if he has tooo much diarrhea, also worms has he been wormed ? Can you steal him & re home him somewhere else like your boy friend or husbands parents place…..

  • Annabelle

    What happens when my dog eats cereal for dinner because we ran out of dog food

  • Crazy4dogs

    Hi Amanda,

    Thank you so much for taking your family Lab’s welfare into consideration. It’s a difficult, but wonderful thing you’re trying to do. I have Labs myself and am a sucker for them.

    As you probably know, Labs (and most dogs) will pretty much eat anything, even if it makes them sick. I can’t stress enough that not only is your Mom feeding unhealthy food, but if this is all the dog is eating, it’s a completely unbalanced diet which will lead to health problems in the future and possibly a shorter life span. Are your parents concerned that the dogs stools are so terribly loose?

    One option that would cost less than cheese and microwavable pot pies and would be a healthy alternative is to feed some decently rated, less expensive canned dog food. There are many available for less than $1 a can and would make the dry food interesting.

    Will your parents read articles on the internet or this website if I post some links? If not, would the family veterinarian get on board to help your parents get the dog onto a healthier diet? Let me know, I’d be happy to help.

  • Amanda Shoemaker

    Thank you, no unfortunately I am not in a position to assume responsibility for him. I am about to have a baby and wouldn’t be able to take him where I am moving, also my family would never allow me to take him. It doesn’t look like there is much I can do about it expect educate myself on the subject and spread that knowledge to them. I know my family loves this dog, they just can’t seem to see that this is the opposite of showing a dog love.

  • DogFoodie

    Hi Amanda,

    Your concern for your dog’s health and welfare is admirable. The good news is, it’s never to let you improve your diet.

    Are you in a position to offer to assume responsibility for your family pet’s nutrition?

  • Amanda Shoemaker

    My family and I have a black lab who just turned 4 years old. My mom has always fed him whatever she ate from dinner food down to candy. She now even gives him his own bowl full of sugary tea…he hardly eats dog food, it is so bad to the point where she makes him something to eat everyday, such as grilled cheese or microwaveable pot pies filled with preservatives and GMOs. But before every meal she serves to the dog, she “starts him off” with american cheese. Nowadays our dog is ingesting almost a pound of cheese every 3 to 4 days. Our dog has only had a couple normal healthy looking stools within the past 3 years. I wish I could make my family see how bad these habbits are. Everyday I am heartbroken watching them slowly kill this dog I love so dearly. I haven’t been able to get through to my family I’ve only watched it get worse as I have no say or control over this situation…but believe me I do try everyday. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get through to these people, whether it’s the scientific aspect of it or if it’s just any type of advice…please get back to me. Any help is greatly appreciated. What I see them doing to my dog everyday is literally haunting my mind. Thanks for reading.

  • Sylvera Lapai

    Hye puppy named lulu and she is 2mnth old..can she drink milk like MariGold brand which is fullcream??i have read the ingredient but none lactose..

  • Shirley E O’Donnell

    Babslynne is correct.

  • Shirley E O’Donnell

    Go to ur vet and ask if they can give u recommendations to bottle feed him.

  • Babslynne
  • Hi Frank,

    On behalf of all dog lovers, thanks for adopting this innocent and deserving little puppy.

    You are correct. Separating a puppy its mother’s milk too soon can be dangerous.

    I’m sure one of the experienced breeders on our website will soon reply to your question with some helpful suggestions.

  • Frank Peter Olaco

    Hi I have a labrador puppy i got from a friend it’s mother died and he is only 1 and a half month old. i read that a puppy must be re-homed only after 8 weeks. I can’t return it to it’s owner, I want to know how to solve this situation. what should i give him? to sustain the nutrition he can no longer acquire from his mother? I need your help guys. please I already love him ….

  • Frank Peter Olaco

    Hi I have a labrador puppy i got from a friend it’s mother died and he is only 1 and a half month old. i read that a puppy must be re-homed only after 8 weeks. I can’t return it to it’s owner, I want to know how to solve this situation. what should i give him? to sustain the nutrition he can no longer acquire from his mother? I need your help guys. please I already love him .

  • Dave Garry

    I would say feeding your dog Purina kibble to a good way to pay for your vet’s new Corvette.

  • theBCnut

    Healthy dogs do not usually have problems with the bacteria found in raw milk, but they can benefit from the probiotics they supply.

  • ChierDuChien

    Feeding your dog raw milk is a good way to help pay for your vet’s new Corvette.

  • Richard

    I recently was told that a molecule in milk, casein, was available in pill form that would calm my American pit bull terrier. He lost his companion, Moly,in July, and since then he has eaten through 4 doors in the basement whenever I leave for work. I was wondering if anyone knows if I give him milk,would that have the same effect as giving him this pill. Thanks

  • samdgood82

    since others have mentioned foods other than milk i wanted to say i researched which foods would be good snacks and apples was one. my dog loves them but if you want to give an apple to your dog the article said the skin is too hard to digest and the seeds are poison to a dog. otherwise, it is a good snack.

  • samdgood82


  • Dori

    Yep! I’ve got one of those also. She’s taught me well. Wish she’d give me some treats though.

  • samdgood82

    too smart, i tried to teach her to fetch but she brings the ball to me then throws it and stares at me til i go get it!

  • Dori

    Now that’s what I call training. Hahaha! I guess you’re a quick learner. We all are aren’t we. Can’t help but give in to them at times. She sounds incredibly smart too!

  • Sandra Goodman

    i had that problem and always thought she felt guilty and wanted to get rid of it before i saw it. i solved the problem by getting a doggie door. now she always goes outside and no more eating.

  • Sandra Goodman

    my dog brought in a leaf and was chewing it so i took it away and gave her a biscuit. so, guess what? now she brings in leaves and sits and looks at me like, “well?” she has me trained i guess lol

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