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    Cathy F

    Not helpful anon101. I’m well aware of my dog’s lifespan and medical conditions. Also, please disclose your identity. You seem to be a Fromm affiliate.

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    Cathy F

    My problem with Fromm isn’t grain free vs with grain formula. It’s that THEY CHANGED THEIR FORMULAS WITHOUT TELLING CUSTOMERS. I fed Surf and Turf for a decade (die hard fan of Fromm) and all of a sudden my dogs didn’t want the new bag and both were barfing. I contacted Fromm and they told me they reformulated all the 4 star recipes. That info coming after the fact didn’t do a damn thing to help me as my senior dog couldn’t handle the issues the change caused and in 36 hours he was dead. 14 years and 5 months together ended in 36 horrible hours and with $1500 in vet bills. I’m still devastated 2 months later.

    I will never use Fromm again. They violated my trust. They ended my beloved Pip’s life prematurely and in an awful way. They made my Ollie sick. No second chances when this is how you do business. I have subsequently learned another dog in my circle also got sick and the owner talked to Fromm and was told this was the first they heard of any issue. That was a month after my dog died and my correspondence with Fromm about what happened. I have the entire email exchange to back up what I was told and what happened to me and my dogs.

    So, feed Fromm, but you’ve been warned.

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    Cathy F

    Regarding Fromm, folks may want to consider the following, which is the text of an email to me dated May 14, 2019:

    Thank you for contacting Fromm Family Foods.

    Over the past few months , we have updated the Four-Star formulations to support the longevity of our foods. Each recipe is formulated with consistent, quality proteins and ingredients. A meticulous attention to detail and hands-on approach to manufacturing ensure safety and consistency with every bag.

    To verify if you received a new formulation bag, the new recipe will have salmon, fish broth and chicken as its first 3 ingredients.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions,

    Kind Regards,

    Fromm Customer Service Team
    Fromm FAMILY FOODS | Mequon Office
    13145 Green Bay Road
    Mequon, WI 53097
    Phone 800-325-6331

    I am sharing this because I fed Fromm for more than 10 years because my picky, sensitive tummy little dog loved it and when I got him a brother he loved it too. 10 days ago I bought a new bag of Surf & Turf. Neither of my dogs wanted to eat it and both got sick, so I contacted Fromm and got the above response. Last night I had to euthanize my 14 year old dog due to complications brought about from getting sick on the Fromm. It’s been the worst experience of my life. Fromm has made no notice of these food changes and my local store told me today they only learned of it when customers started complaining their dogs were getting sick. I was the biggest fan of Fromm and I will never, ever trust them again.

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