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    As the CEO of Pooper Scooping at my house, I’ve done almost as much research on “waste management” as I’ve done on dog food.

    Before I got Sam, I used a Litter Locker: http://www.amazon.com/Angelcare-LitterLocker-II/dp/B0061PQCRI/ref=sr_1_4?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1355278436&sr=1-4&keywords=litter+locker+ii. It’s meant for cats, but with only Arabella (my Cavalier) at the time, it was perfect. I kept it in the shed and it didn’t smell a bit. I’ve also read where people with one little dog flush their dog’s poop down the “commode.”

    I’ve looked at the classic alternative waste disposal, the Doogie Dooley. Unfortunately, it gets too cold here in the Winter and I’d still have to find an alternate method of disposal for the colder months. Plus, I’ve heard they tend to get a little stinky in the Summer.

    Then, there’s the amazing Doggie Doo Drain: http://www.amazon.com/Doggie-Doo-Drain-Waste-Attachment/dp/B0020N940C/ref=sr_1_21?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1355278735&sr=1-21&keywords=Poop+dog+disposal. I found this one remarkably fascinating. You attach it to your sewer clean out and “flush” your dog stuff down with the garden hose. Unfortunately, my clean out is in the front yard in a fairly conspicuous location and I I didn’t want to haul poop and the hose around to the front yard, especially in the Winter.

    I thought abut vermicomposting, tumbler composting, etc. All of those ideas seemed a little labor intensive.

    So, I’ve ended up with a heavy gauge stainless steel six gallon bucket that I line with a garbage bag, fill ‘er up and then pitch into the garbage on garbage day. The only problem is, the garbage can stinks even though the bag is only in it overnight.

    So, my question for you guys is, what clever ways (hopefully environmentally-friendly ways) have yu come up to dispose of your doggy’s doo?

    ; )

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    Between dog food, cat food, and cat litter, I always have plenty of good sized, heavy duty, lined bags laying around. I scoop into the bag regularly but I leave the bag open so the contents continue to dry out. On garbage day, I roll down the top and make a deposit of my own in the trash can;-)

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    Is your dog poop too big for the toilet?? I scoop the doo in 2 plastic grocery sacks. So half a bag full, it gets tied up and put by the side of the house where the garbage cans are and then they go out with the trash. The cans don’t smell like poop.

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    Hi Sandy, I had contemplated flushing, but envisioned myself stumbling through the kitchen on the way to the bathroom and well, you know… ; )

    And hi Patty, so you leave the bag open, hmmm. I might try that. My only problem is that since the time change, I’m never home before dark (leaving very little time for pooper scoopering ~ primarily Saturday and Sunday when I do a major poop patrol) and I have very little time in the morning as I’m have to get both of us and the dogs ready to head out the door by 7:15.

    I’m hoping we get a good snowfall soon and I don’t have to worry about it at all for a while! ; )

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    We scoop in the kennel & yard with a spoon and put it into a grocery store plastic bag. During the cold weather, we leave a bag out for a day but in hot weather, right into the trash can it goes. When we walk, it goes in a poop bag that we buy, with handles. It goes home into the trash.

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    I had this friend from college that married a woman with a great white Pyrenees. They taught me this wonderful method. The dog was trained to go in the ivy bed. The ivy covered the piles and being nitogen trapping ate up the poo. You couldn’t smell it standing right next to it. I have changed up the ground cover, as we’ve lived in different climates. Cosmos, are bright and colorful, make an excellent “poo blind” and are nitrigen trapping. I’ve also used ageum. Any ground cover plant that grows to at least 4-6″ And substantial enough to stand some wear. Allysum is too delicate. The dogs don’t like marigolds or chrysanthemums, so skip stuff like that. It should be something that requires little tending. 🙂 but stay away from mint, it gets out of control… The same reason I stay away from ivy.

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    We have bajillions of dung beetles so if I don’t scoop immediately, there is nothing to scoop.

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